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6 hours ago, Old guy said:

Rachel, no need to fear if you are at the EDC.  Some basic precautions should hopefully help get you through the game with minimal issues. One of the ways full term pregnant ladies wishing to go into labor use is to engage in activity around the house. Vacuuming is a favorite. Relax and take it easy before the game. Excitement and noise also increases the chances for labor. I remember as a student (these were the days before deliveries were induced regularly, they were expected to happen when they happened) being on call overnight on July 4th in the delivery ward of DC General Hospital. When the fireworks and explosions started a number of the ladies in labor went active and delivered at roughly the same time. It might be a good idea if you could sit as far from the band as you can while maintaining an easy exit route. Have your husband with you and ready to get you to the hospital if labor starts. Please try to restrain yourself during the game, try to stay sitting down, no jumping, and please do not come to the game if the water breaks before the game. It might not be a bad idea to bring a bag with extra clothing with you in case the water does break. The child will probably be very active with all the noise and the hoopla, that will be normal. Just be ready to head to the hospital if the water decides to break. Drive carefully, avoid accidents, the baby will not come out right away specially if this is the first one. Get away from the noise and excitement, do not worry about the mess you leave behind, they will clean it. You can change the wet clothes at the hospital. Enjoy the game. Go Bills!

old guy mansplaining, unacceptable behavior in 2019

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30 minutes ago, moytoy12 said:

the lack of a towel got you into this mess to begin with. 

Hell if I'd have known that when I was young, I'd have just kept a towel in the back seat of my car. I thought there was more to it than bringing a towel

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16 hours ago, rgbilliken said:

FYI I’m aware the game is tomorrow. Pregnancy brain is real folks

Rachel, so impressed with you! Bring home a winner and a healthy mom and baby! Best of luck!
I feel like I’m really dedicated going to games at 5 months ( with a 1 and 3 year old)  Lol. 

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wouldnt you think that the whole scenario of rachel being due any minute and ford and chaifetz stepping up to find her a top seat at the game is a scenario that makes the perfect story with a billiken victory?  gotta believe karma on our side on this one.  

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17 hours ago, rgbilliken said:

Wait what’s the ziploc bag for?? My birth plan is all wrong......

I’m just hoping there’s an opportunity here somewhere for a “towel me” joke. 

Ideal scenario: Billikens victory witnessed firshand by rgbilliken, followed by a quick birth to a healthy baby, followed by a team visit to the hospital, followed by celebratory placenta soup for team on their plane ride back to STL!

Wish I was in KC tonight. Let's bring home a double digit victory.

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