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GDT: Austin McBroom Bowl 2019

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10 minutes ago, Littlebill said:

Do these guys really have the Spokane skyline in their jerseys?

I think it's their campus. I had the same thought and did an image search for the Spokane Skyline and it doesn't look like that.

I'm glad that's not the case because EWU is in Cheney, about 17 miles away. Maryville University is about 17 miles from the Arch, for reference.

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2 minutes ago, slu72 said:

No more knocking Yurimania. Great pass to French! 

My bad but he played better after my post.

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Nice flurry of points and defensive stand to end the half.

We have a deep team Travis found some combinations.  Weaver and Perkins are the next guys up.

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The two things I see in Perkins are:

1. He's got a scorer's mentality. When he gets the ball, he's going to shoot.

2. He looks panicked when he gets the ball, like he doesn't quite know where he needs to be or what else he can do besides shoot.

He needs to settle down, get more acclimated to the system, and get some confidence in his all-around game. He's made some shots in stretches this season but he's not taking particularly good shots and he's taking them way too quickly. I feel like he could really fill it up if he figures it out.

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