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Lets Finish This

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Isabell and Bess clearly don't want to be done playing.  These 2 guys have been inspiring the last few days. I know there are threads and posts out there obviously, but since I am so limited I made a new one here.  DJ  has also been an unsung hero with his dirty work all around the paint.  I still think Travis gets outcoached at times, but his 1-3-1 trap zone is a thing of beauty when its working.  Tomorrow we play a team that heavily relies on 3 freshman, and of course Stockard who will be hungry after a bad game and want to stick it to STL.  I really don't like the matchup..it scare me because we never can beat this stupid tiny school.  But this time, if we are not tired, I think we can do it. I told people this morning that Davidson was soft and we could pound them into submission, and we did. The Bonnies are not soft, but we have to get Ossuni into foul trouble again and Bess needs to make that freshman pg Lofton panic and make bad decisions. And treat Welch like Frampton today, no open looks.

I hope they have it in them. I want this tourney bid for these young men who have worked so hard and been through so much junk, most of which was not their fault. I hope the basketball gods will be smiling on the billikens tomorrow. Ford has to be smart and not get outcoached by Schmitt. Our experience needs to crack those freshman. Its not like they are NBA one and done players, they shouldn't be this good....



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