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Brian Haenchen calls out Biondi

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You can't provide a link or recall the specific details? Do you not see the irony in your poorly sourced argument?

All that aside, your refusal to even read the opinion of some young journalist in his early 20s because of some previous indiscretion is quite obtuse.

None of Haenchen's critics have addressed the content of this piece. That's because he's on point like a mother-fuoker.

I just provided you specific details of why I don't want to read this editorial piece. It was a response to a question you posed to a statement I made. I'm not a journalist or someone claiming to be a journalist. I don't want to provide a link or go any further than paraphrasing a few lines from his last "article" regarding Coach Crews.

I might be a little harsh, but like AlumniFan, I don't care to read another opinion piece about Father Biondi. He's not fulfilling some journalistic burden to point out "the emperor has no clothes" because it's already been done for years.

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