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  1. Lol big difference between that and a torn ACL.
  2. He can't survive on injuries, something has to give.
  3. I don't enjoy being tagged in everything. I'm watching damn game, you should too.
  4. I mean I guess we could give him more latitude since he just joined the team this year, but he's making similar mistakes.
  5. Unfortunately our other regular big isn't any better.
  6. Didn't we have insane defense last year?
  7. Maybe my 3 years of lurking prior to joining should have informed me of that, but I...still don't get it.
  8. Look man, I'm not here to pick a fight, but you're instigating.
  9. What? I've never seen him say anything positive. And I shouldn't have to "take people seriously" or not if they don't have blue font.
  10. What even is the point of this guy being on the board? He never has anything constructive to say. And I'm critical myself. And what the heck is he backhanding ricans for?
  11. Carol Burnett doppelganger in the front on the UMass side.
  12. Two road wins to open conference play would be big.
  13. Guess I'll have to listen to the new one lol
  14. By the other individual metrics, you'd think we're one of the better defensive teams in the country, which we might be, but we only have one offensive powerhouse.
  15. Classist yokel *shakes fist* (lol)
  16. Perry is a treasure. The dude can play anything and looks cool as hell doing it. Yes, this has been part of the tension the past few years. More and more of the gameday has been scripted as the years have gone on. The band used to be able to reactively play situationally appropriate music depending on what happened in the game. Now it's Final Countdown at the under 4 Every. Fouking. Game.
  17. I've always thought having the band play this for a tip off intro would be [email protected]$$
  18. Not to mention the physical toll it would take.
  19. I thought it was materials stolen from an inner city Philadelphia middle school production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but they didn't bother to take any of the interesting colors.
  20. Maybe they're just pressing a button the whole time and all they have to do is wear the suit?
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