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  1. Yeah... let's hope he can play immediately. I would rather not watch him in sweats on the bench for a year.
  2. Perkins Okoro both dominate and TJ will average around 9 ppg... I think those will be our three stars offensively. I also hope for Yuri to keep getting better and get healthy.
  3. My heart is broken... I can't imagine the pain of his family and the pain of the team. Ford is and always will be a cornerstone of Team Blue, but, more than that, he is a son, husband, and father. Prayers to the Stuens.
  4. I am a spiteful sports fan so here we go... You will notice not much love and lots of hate Love (College Basketball): Billikens Hate (College Basketball): Dayton, St. Bonaventure, Butler, Creighton, Davidson, Duke, Kansas, VCU, Richmond, Duquesne, Gonzaga, Mizzou, Mizzou, Mizzou Love (College Football): Certain coaches - Mac Brown, Gary Patterson, Matt Campbell, David Shaw, Mike Leach Hate (College Football): Mizzou, Baylor (their scandal was atrocious and somehow forgotten) Coaches - Dabo, Jimbo, Jim Harbaugh (I will take this take to my grave - Jim Harbaugh is and has always been the most overrated/overhyped coach in any sport... Has only won an NFC title but until recently was always discussed in the upper echelon of all coaches)
  5. Zero reason we should be going after high school kids. I assume prep schools are licking their chops and they'll get a chance to prove themselves there. Also, the JUCO pipeline will grow. The solid players will find their place in the end as they always do.
  6. He's going to dominate... Excited to see some sports center top plays from Demarius going baseline to dunk on a MAC big. Happy for him.
  7. The free throw rule is not going to be implemented...
  8. I agree with this plus we've had no issue with Richmond in recent years due to exactly what you've said. I also think bringing back guys that have nearly maxed potential won't move their needle much higher but simply maintain consistency. For example, if French came back I think it would answer questions for us but not necessarily make us better.
  9. He's beating the chair off the dribble... not much different than the defense that some teams in the A10 like to play (outside of the bonnies and VCU)
  10. TJ is going to have a breakout year. He's going to shoot high volume 37%+ from 3 and will average 9-10+ ppg... Calling my shot right now. He's one of my favorite billiken's already just from his antics on the bench cheering his teammates on. I can't wait to see what fun stuff he'll do on the court.
  11. Well NCAA just extended Emmert, so who knows what logical lapses can happen
  12. I also think Yuri plays through more injuries than possibly any Bill i can remember. Seems like every game he gets more taped up on his hands from sprained wrists, thumbs, etc... I think Yuri will improve his shot over this summer, and I expect him to improve to above 30% from 3 this coming year.
  13. I think we might have an issue with Williams... I think Cook, if he comes, should be fine. Grad transfers have transferred in the past immediately even if they've transferred before. I have no idea though...
  14. Also curious if this impacts Rashad Williams. Obviously not a grad transfer, but he has transferred once before. Is he eligible for the immediate transfer?
  15. Oh no not at all - not the starting five. But just imagining those players on the court running and gunning.
  16. If Cook comes to be our backup PG i will be so thrilled. Bringing in a guy from the Lou that played in a natty and has started >60 games.... Im already getting riled up.
  17. I think that is 100% true and is going to happen. I can't wait to see Yuri, TJ, and Nesbitt run an offense... Then put Okoro down low and Perkins doing his thang. We will be able to run unlike we ever have before.
  18. Plus he probably doesn't just want garbage time minutes like he did with Gonzaga when he racked up minutes to inflate his minutes (for the most part, did play well against Iowa early in the year). Averaged 11 minutes in the NCAA tournament but he got 21 against Norfolk St (43 pt victory). Take out Norfolk and he averaged 9 in the tourney. I think we could give him at least double that every night.
  19. The coaches will be straight with him. If he comes to slu, he isn't expecting to be the starter.
  20. I haven't heard that Cook wants to be a starting point guard. He started at SIU and left to Gonzaga knowing he wouldn't start... Doesn't seem like starting matters too much to him imo.
  21. give me suggs and timme, i am fine without kispert (i know that is an unpopular opinion)
  22. Didn't play too much but I am all in on taking a one-year guy from that program. No doubt the kid learned some things that could greatly help team blue.
  23. I think the pundits we realize this next year that we should be favored every year... We are losing two very special players, but with what we got coming in and returning - I don't think we will miss a beat. If anything, our offense will be much better with shooters and a big man that can match up against anyone.
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