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  1. I think that the Pac 12 will pick up Baylor, Tech, TCU, and Oklahoma st to make a 16 team conference with two divisions. North/West - Oregon, Oregon St, Washington, Washington St, Stanford, Cal, USC, UCLA | South/East - Arizona, ASU, Utah, Colorado, Tech, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma St... I think this would actually be a helluva conference for both basketball and football
  2. I think it's all going to be chaos. There are going to be 4 16-team ish conferences... I see Big 12 going to Pac-12, Big 10, and ACC (outside of Texas and OU). I also think that there will be some shakeup in the basketball schools.......
  3. Probably right but nowadays it seems like an annual tradition of TCU beating UT in football I think this whole thing is just OU and UT getting ahead of the chaos that's going to ensue over the next 3 years. In 2024 the college athletics landscape/conferences are going to be completely different, and I am honestly excited about it.
  4. gonna be chaos... OU and UT are just getting ahead on their plans for 2024. Pretty crazy that if they joined today and there was a 16 team SEC, UT would be 1st in revenue and OU 5th... UT swings a big stick.
  5. He has a lot of Goodwin grit in him and maybe more athleticism... Kid's got bounce. I would love a southern assault pipeline to go with BBE... That would bring us top tier talent every single year.
  6. As I said earlier, Forte gonna get us a Texas player. I can't wait.
  7. I expect Forte to snag a kid from the DFW area for this class too... I would welcome it. Those dudes know how to play physical basketball.
  8. Now time for a big... Great get by Travis. I really like the roster he's building. Go team blue!
  9. if that jumper stresses you out, idk how you've watched the bills post ellis/loe
  10. it's either that or they don't think Williams is a legit PG back up - more of a shooter imo. We need someone to take some pressure of Yuri.
  11. I bet we get that central ark kid.. Then I think we need a big and I am happy about the roster and depth going into the year.
  12. I anticipate prep school too
  13. We get Thames - that's what Travis does. He gets his dudes.
  14. I think he's a lessor Jevonte Perkins. Obviously would take a scorer for competition the very least, but I would prefer more of a PF/C.
  15. There are some JuCo bigs out there
  16. I could easily see Hughes Jr. going the prep school route. Kid has great potential but needs to add some size.
  17. No TBT team? I thought there was one in the works
  18. French probably has to do what Alie-Cox did, try to make a practice squad during the year and keep grinding. As a football fan, the videos of him were underwhelming other than his size. He needs more than a few months of training esp. on his footwork. That being said, he's a freak and a season of practice and training could get him on the field someday.
  19. would be an absolute godsent gift.... I would love for it to happen for him. Given draft has already occurred - his best chance is getting invited to preseason.
  20. Antonio Gates who played basketball at Kent State? He's the poster child of this jump from college basketball to NFL stardom (Future Pro Football HOFer - 8x pro bowler 5x all pro). Alie-Cox just signed a 1 year $3.4m contract, which I would assume is more than most people would expect in a solid career overseas. Would love to see a Billiken playing in the NBA, but I'll take NFL as a nice consolation prize any day.
  21. French will be a beast if he's fine taking and giving a beating. The tight end position in the NFL is just about as hard as it gets physically... Maybe only second to middle linebackers and fullbacks.
  22. Is this going to be the summer of building for slu athletics? Hope there is more to come, but this is very welcomed! Hope it'll keep bringing in talent for both men's and women's programs.
  23. pretty average tournament... Colorado and Creighton would be a great play but I am so incredibly fine not playing northeastern, brown, bradley, csu, or SIUC...
  24. I think there is going to be a ton of transfers this summer/early fall... This chaos aint done. There are plenty of talented guys at programs that brought in big transfers that will take their time. Many players won't realize their PT is gone/depleted until they start practicing over the summer and will be gunning to leave. I would hold onto our two until that time.
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