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  1. Where is the tremendous depth this team was supposed to possess? No 2nd half minutes for Thatch, Bell or Hargrove. Right now, it looks like Ford only trusts 7 guys with Jacobs and Gibson sharing a spot and Linssen spelling French.
  2. They did seem to get tired, they had some horrendous defensive possessions where the effort wasn't there but you take your opponents how you find them.
  3. #21 Duke playing at Notre Dame. Up 10 now with about 7 mins left in the first half. Wonder if they would drop out of the top 25 if they lost this game.
  4. Richmond with a sloppy start to the 2nd half, lead has been cut to 11.
  5. It's already been a long year, they have 1 win so far and that was against a bottom feeder MEAC team. Their 5 loses are to teams in the MEAC, America East, CAA (twice) and Patriot League. They are almost certain to lose their next game against Charlotte and if they don't beat Fordham on Dec 30 it's highly likely they will not win a game until the end of January when they play Fordham again. The final play was set up to be an alley-oop to Nelson Jr. who inbounded the ball ran to the other side of the court and then back cut hard to the basket, you could tell by Nelson Jr's body language w
  6. It certainty has been, Marquette is playing well, may pull off the upset.
  7. GW loses to William & Mary 85-84 in OT. It's the first since 1967 that WM has beaten GW.
  8. GW up 1 on CAA squad William & Mary with 1 minute left in OT.
  9. I wouldn't say they were exposed as soft, they were exposed as small and lacking interior defense. Still a solid team but with obvious weaknesses, perhaps not top 25. WV took advantage of favorable matchups, posting up their small guards etc.
  10. LOL, I know, as soon as I posted Richmond started having all kinds of problems with WVs pressure defense. They played really poorly that last 5 minutes.
  11. I'm not so sure that a loss today on the road against #11 will drop Richmond out of the top 25, especially if it's close.
  12. Yeah, I didn't have a problem with the foul either, should have waved off the bucket and called it a common foul but since they missed it and Cockburn scored, they called it a flagrant.
  13. The University of....is playing Illinois tough, up 8 at the half.
  14. I really like Crutcher's skill set, but there is a big difference between being a good or even very good player and carrying a team. At this point he either can't do it or hasn't figured out how to do it yet. I agree with you, I see them finishing in the middle of the pack.
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