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  1. Also, he's from Puerto Rico. Maybe that will get Yadi to some home Billiken games.
  2. I actually don't mind having one more guy in the mix that can sub in as a big.
  3. Here's a question for the board based on recent posts. Do football schools have an advantage in basketball recruiting, because they can bring basketball recruits to football games on official visits? I honestly don't know how I feel about it. Obviously, there's a lot of pageantry involved in a football game where there's a big crowd and a recruit can get swept up in the emotion of it all. On the flip side, the recruit and his family might wonder if football gets prioritized at the school over basketball.
  4. Not changing the narrative. I have no issue with the idea that he can be a competent backup to Yuri for 5-7 minutes per game. We don't disagree about that. Also, I'm not all that upset that they didn't use the last scholarship for a backup PG. I trust the coaches. Even if they had brought in a grad transfer PG with one year of eligibility left, I would still prefer that Thames get those minutes if he can handle it. My issue was with comments like Thames is dominating (based on highlights on Twitter) or Thames is what we were hoping Nesbitt would be. Stop trying to read something into what I said that is not there.
  5. One more thing about Thames. There will come a game this season, or maybe a stretch of games, where Thames looks every bit like a freshmen prone to turning the ball over, lost on defense, taking bad shots. When this happens, and many on the board are down on him and questioning why Ford gave him such high praise, I will be saying the exact same thing I am saying now. Give him time to develop. He's a freshmen.
  6. First of all, MBM is just a funny term that applies to all of us. It is not used just to those we disagree with at any given moment. Secondly, if you meant that Thames has the potential to be a solid back up at the point for Yuri and that this could happen as early as this year, then you and I agree. You didn't word it that way, but I'm fine with fine tuning things that were said to reach common ground.
  7. You don't own the SLU Women's Soccer thread. Why do you act like you do? Sometimes I come to this thread to read your content, sometimes I come to read other peoples content (maybe I shouldn't since I'm sure they're all stealing it from you, right?), and sometimes I like to know if a Billiken related podcast is doing something related to Billiken women's soccer. That is valuable information to me as someone who is a women's soccer team fan. Perhaps I read about the podcast and it causes me to listen to said podcast. Where exactly is the harm in that? I enjoy reading some of your content and insight, but you have now completely lost me with this. You now go on ignore.
  8. The last part of your post is completely unfair and has nothing to do with the point I was making. My point is that, just like with several Billiken freshmen over the years, most of which did not pan out, this board is hitting the replay button on tagging a kid as the next coming. I hope he does turn into a very good and productive player for us, but here are the quotes that I took directly from this thread: "Thames dominating" "He's a highlight waiting to happen" "Thames is what we were hoping Nesbitt would be" "It's abundantly clear that he'll be able to hold his own when Yuri sits" As far as I can tell, no one has video from the European trip. That means that the above opinions are based on seeing highlights posted on Twitter and Instagram. Seriously, cut the kid a break and let him just develop into a good player in time. Let's give him a year or two and hope that he turns into the scrappy, coach on the floor, game manager that we hope he can become just like Yuri and Kwamain were. If he turns into that, we will have a really good point guard on our hands.
  9. Agree, about everything you said. I think his defense will be ahead of his ball protection and distribution skills. I definitely don't want people thinking I am not excited about Thames. Perhaps my liking what I see is what leads to me wanting to be protective of him against the pendulum of emotions that happens on this board, especially as it relates to unproven freshmen who show flashes of brilliance that get MBMs salivating.
  10. I'm sorry, but it is not "abundantly clear." He has played in 3 games on a Europe trip against weak competition and all the MBMs could see was highlights. How does that qualify, in any way, shape, or form as "abundantly clear." I am very excited about Thames' upside. I am also willing to admit that there is an outside chance that he may be ready to take over a role right now. However, I am very worried that this board is turning this young man into the next in a long line of kids that are anchored with unreasonable expectations before he plays a single minute of collegiate ball. Let's let freshmen be freshmen and let's let the coaching staff do what they need to do to properly guide a kid's development before we anoint him as any contributor before the season starts.
  11. I don't think I could be more excited about the upcoming season.
  12. Totally agree about the ABA. He sounds like someone who would have played alongside the great Jackie Moon.
  13. Might be good to get a challenging game on this trip
  14. Wow. Box has to like this one. Great name.
  15. The standout for me on this video is Cisse's passing. Check out the one at the 16 second mark. There are a few more. He has the vision to already know who's open before he gets the ball. Love seeing that. Vision of the court and where his teammates are from a freshmen big is not common.
  16. The biggest thing that surprised me about the article is that there is insurance for this sort of thing. The article said that VCU recovered most of the money it lost from insurance. Really? A university can insure its employees against stupidity?
  17. Does anyone know if "at Iona" means at their gym or at a bigger location in the NYC area? I thought I had heard someone say that our return trip to play them would be at one of the NYC arenas.
  18. I'm glad area recruits got to see the difference between what we have at SLU and what new D1 program Lindenwood has to offer. Not sure that any decent local recruits saw Lindenwood as an option, but if they did, hopefully, this gave them a dose of reality.
  19. I like everything that I have seen of Vice with the exception of his foot speed. He has offensive skills around the basket. He can shoot. He appears to be able to defend on the block. However, if he can't stay with someone he's defending or get up and down the court at a college level pace, he may struggle. We have seen it many times before out of young bigs. It's the quickness, or lack thereof, that makes or breaks them.
  20. https://phenomhoopreport.com/recruitment-picking-up-for-2023-610-brock-vice-houston-hs/ Here is an article with an interview with him from last October. Apparently, the interview was done right after we offered him.
  21. I think all of the factors mentioned have hurt attendance, but the primary way to bring back attendance is not pricing or game experience. That's not to say these issues can't be improved. The best way to pack the place is winning. The evidence for this is the fact that big games get big attendance. The Auburn and Dayton games last year were packed and the crowd was electric. There is a market in St. Louis for folks to attend those sorts of game. If we build a better winning tradition, casual fans won't be able to get tickets to those games as easily. Then folks that want to attend those matchups now have to decide what is the next best option. They end up going to VCU, Davidson, or Loyola games. Once we make those tickets too hard to get, folks start opting to pack the Richmond, Bonaventure, Rhode Island games, etc. etc.
  22. I think Pitckett is a starter. Thatch is sometimes starter if Perkins isn’t ready, but gets a ton of minutes. Collins Jimerson Perkins/Thatch Pickett Okoro
  23. I hope Thames sticks like glue to That h for the next two years and learns everything about how he plays the game. Thames’ natural talents combined with Thatch’s preparation, effort, and smarts would make a pretty amazing player.
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