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  1. He undoubtedly gets a superstar whistle. Hell of a game tonight!
  2. Dude. That's not very nice. It's the off season and the Tatum's performance in the NBA playoffs is topical. If you engaged in debate instead of just blindly accusing people on the internet with different opinions of being trolls, the internet would be a much more fun place. I'll help you out. You could say: "Tatum almost recorded a double double tonight!" Now you try.
  3. Haha. Fair. I've decided hating Tatum is going to be my shtick on this board, so get used to it.
  4. The most impressive thing about Jason Tatum's game is his ability to push off with his off arm every time he drives to the basket and never get called for it.
  5. Lovely. Of course that stung! A big part of it is I'm not from St. Louis. The only thing that ties me to the city is Saint Louis University. Um yeah... If I was as talented as Jayson, and I kept telling everyone how much I love SLU and the city, I would have put my money where my mouth was and become a damn legend.
  6. Quite frankly, I'd love to talk more about how he puts up empty stats and refuses to play team ball. I've already stated that I'm not perfect and I think I stated public personality flaws. Those are fine too, but I've had enough of ESPN and Doris Burke telling me how perfect he is while all of the clear flaws are public knowledge. Also, you're right. I don't post often. I see how people with differing opinions are treated on this message board and I've always been weary of being alienated from a board I spend a lot of time on. I went for it last night, and, well the results were pred
  7. Right. I think that's what bugs me the most. He was close to the community and said "see ya" but I still love you. Actions speak louder than words. It's just fundamental mindset differences I guess.
  8. It makes no sense to not feel any connection to a kid who danced around playing ball for my alma mater, but chose another school? Is that really that crazy? You should see how Badger fans feel about Tyler Herro.
  9. Oh. I don't know, I was watching the ECF and the way he plays ball bugs me. I've followed him for a long time because of our recruitment of him. I wanted to talk about him so I came here and shot something out into the internet. I could have went to reddit or an NBA board but I wanted to see what fellow Billikens thought.
  10. All I'm saying is I don't feel for him the way Marquette feels for Dwyane wade, Jimmy Butter, Jae Crowder, or Wesley Matthews; the way Murray State alum feel for Ja Morant; or the way Memphis fans feel for Derrick Rose. I don't understand SLU fans that do. He didn't pick us. I don't really blame him, but also he would have been a first round pick no matter where he went. He didn't love the hometown team THAT much. I don't expect him to DO anything. I just don't understand the unconditional love for a guy who has shown so many public personality flaws. Does "Blocked!" mean you blocked
  11. He cheers for the program from afar in a token way the same way LeBron supports Ohio state. He's not a Billiken.
  12. Alright, fair enough. I would like to know when this was taken. After SLU won the A10 tournament?
  13. Once again, he's 120% NOT a representative of Saint Louis University or the basketball program. You can say he is all you want, but show me how he has been a representative of Saint Louis University.
  14. What?! I get it, he's from St. Louis. As a native St. Louisan, you probably get some good feelings seeing one of your own making it it big. However, St. Louis and Saint Louis University are two very separate things. He reps St. Louis not SLU. Do you really think Jayson Tatum is telling Larry Hughes Jr. to play for SLU? LeBron James reps Akron, OH an awful lot. Have the Zips landed any high profile recruits because of it? Tatum doesn't give a about the Billikens. If he did, there would be a Billiken on his hat. He loves the city he's from, but if given the opportunity to funnel a pla
  15. It's a good thing for the Billikens? Why the hell do we let this punk into our gym? HE DIDN'T PLAY FOR US! That's like letting the girl who dumped you for another guy come over once a month for a massage. I've never seen him wearing SLU gear in a post game interview. I do see a lot of Duke stuff though.
  16. Those are a lot of cherry picked empty stats from ESPN that further prove my point that he's an unjustified media darling. The youngest player to record 28 points and 12 rebounds in a Game 7? What an important and informative factoid. A casual observer can see Jayson desperately wants to be a superstar. Jayson kills the Celtics offense because he doesn't want to give up the ball. He wants to fill the box score and be the hero more than he actually wants to win. He should have passed the ball at the end of regulation in Game 1 to the open man. You can see Brad Stevens screaming at him to p
  17. Sure. Right up there with James Harden who is also insufferable.
  18. Ehh. To me, he seems like the type of guy that goes out of his way to make himself appear like a stand up guy. Plays ball like an entitled brat.
  19. As I watch the Eastern Conference Finals, I'm really starting to dislike Jayson Tatum. Between spurning the Billikens, the constant whining, and the fact that he's the the new ESPN golden boy without accomplishing anything, I really hope he and the Celtics get swept by the Heat in the most heartbreaking way possible. That's all. Go Billikens!
  20. Yes. It accomplishes a lot. We need to be social distancing right now to slow the spread and allow the healthcare system to be able to handle critical cases.
  21. We're going to have to beat St. Bonnie before we worry about Dayton.
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