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  1. LOL at that post. That's nonsense. It wasn't played last year and the death toll was less than 10 when it was called. It's no better than 50-50 the tournament will be played or the regular season even completed.
  2. I like that possibility, home or away, doesn't matter to me. Bradley was 23-11 last year with 2 wins over SIU and some other good wins. They're off to a strong start this year. Schedule this game or any other. We want to see our team play regardless of opponent. Doubtful there will be an NCAA Tourney this season anyway so schedule some games.
  3. No Sleeves, No Aces, No Game. Time to set up a game with SIU and a rematch with SIUE.
  4. I was just coming on here to suggest maybe we set up a game with SIU to fill in for the one they're looking for. The Salukis had a good win over Murray State last night and are 3-0 on the year. Looks to me like something the Bills should consider to at least make up for the game we just lost.
  5. Back in the early 60s, my older brother’s junior high team played in sleeved jerseys. He was six years ahead of me and the school decided to buy new unis without the sleeves for our 9th grade team. I’d been looking forward to wearing my brother’s jersey and they ditched them just as I had the chance.
  6. Thanks, The Wiz. Excellent work as usual!!
  7. That defensive stop by Fred made one of Rammer and Earl's three plays of the game. That was as perfect as defense gets.
  8. Coach: "Yuri was the difference in the game. 9 assists and no turnovers. Without Yuri, we struggle to win this game. His defense was spectacular, incredible."
  9. All right, Fred looks good hitting 2 FTs and knocks down a J. Bills up 19.
  10. JGood is everywhere. The best game of his career IMHO. Doing everything and doing it well.
  11. Would like to see Fred knock down some shots. Bills up 16.
  12. Double double for JGood. All-star performance tonight.
  13. 11-0 run stretches the lead to 16. Yuri is terrific tonight.
  14. JGood playing great!!! Bills on a 9-0 run. Up 14 at the under 16. JGood with 13, 8, and 4 steals.
  15. Gibson with the triple, and JGood steal and score!! Bills up 12. JGood the all-time leader in steals with 193.
  16. Demarius bangs down the three off the great pass from Yuri!!
  17. JGood coast to coast pushes the lead to 36-24. Linssen doing work on the glass.
  18. Has' 0-5 from the floor. We need to make some shots.
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