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  1. It's all we've had so far, that and 2 threes from Gibson.
  2. Perkins needs to get it going. This FT shooting, yuck.
  3. Ugly. 6 turnovers, bad shooting, State's defense is good.
  4. FT shooting. Never seen a team make one of two so often. Down 9-8.
  5. Wow, we aren't good so far. We're 2-12 from the floor. Fortunately, they're 2-9. JGood makes 1 of 2 as usual, and we're down 6-5.
  6. Evan's the Asian kid who did the math homework for the basketball players. OK, it's an unfair stereotype, but seems to apply when you're using chain rule derivatives to analyze basketball stats.
  7. I think going to Grambling would count as at least a second transfer so he still won't be eligible this year. This is 4th school in 3 years, must be a dubious record of some kind.
  8. Excellent. Glad he's off to a good start and hope it continues.
  9. FT - 6-7 2pt. FG - 7-10 3pt. FG - 2-5 Turnovers - 0 So, 3 possessions wound up with free throws. You're probably referring to the 3pt. shooter getting fouled. Touch the shooter's fingers after the ball is released, the shooter falls down, some refs fall for it. It's like they look for that call for the drama of it.
  10. Rewatched the game and noted that the Bills scored 28 points over the final 17 possessions on 12-13 FG shooting, 3-4 from the arc (all JGood) with 4 turnovers. It's a good thing we finished strong as ISU never stopped going hard as over the same 17 possessions, they scored 26. Despite those 4 late turnovers, we only had 12 on the game for a good rate of 18.75%. Also, Coach was upset with the last 6 mins of the first half, but we really didn't play that poorly. We got good shots but they didn't go down. It happens. There were three turnovers, 1 by Javonte where he slipped on the drive
  11. Linssen 13 mins. 5-6 FG, 4 boards, 1 assist, 1 steal. Solid player. You just don't expect a 6'8 transfer from UNCW to be that good.
  12. Martin Frickin' Linnsen, will dominate the A-10.
  13. Terrific drive and finish by Jacobs. 74-55.
  14. ISU hitting some tough shots. Lead at 12.
  15. C'mon Fred, don't foul the three pt. shooter.
  16. Terrible call against Fred. 61-47 w/ six to go.
  17. JGood, back to back triples!!! Playing great tonight.
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