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  1. Virginia bangs down a three, and their down 2 with 7 to go. Watching all these teams who can knock down threes. Envious.
  2. Ohio turnover and it's a 3 pt. game with 13.3 to go.
  3. Looks like UVa is going down, Ohio U up 5 with 44.6 to go.
  4. This season was a complete failure for the Billikens and the entire ECBL.
  5. JGood misses the three, still not the shot we needed.
  6. Can't we get a better shot there than a Goodwin three?
  7. There was no contact on the foul that led to two FTs.
  8. It probably wasn't a turnover, but Has' has to be smarter than that.
  9. So much for MSU not being a good three pt. shooting team.
  10. Steal, score, and they have to call a timeout!! Down one.
  11. French cleared the backboard!! To shoot two and he makes one. Down 3.
  12. 2 pt. game!!! We look like a basketball team again.
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