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  1. You stop Crutcher, you stop Dayton. We haven’t stopped him at any point. If I’m game planning Dayton, I focus the defense on him and let Bell and Has’ take turns onToppin. There’s no one else on that team good enough to beat us if our bigs do their job on Toppin and we clamp down on Crutcher. Hope JGood or TJ is up to the task while avoiding unnecessary fouls.
  2. slu72, it turns out that, aside from meeting Rammer and Earl, there was one other highlight to attending the Davidson game. We were there for Perkins' coming out party. He went from an unknown quantity as a D-1 player to a future pro making bank, and it started on 1-22-20. Pretty cool.
  3. It's the only thing we know. The rest of it is just a committee crapshoot. Plus, it will give us something to complain about in the off-season should we lose to Dayton in the semis and not get an at-large. The P5+1 has rigged the scheduling and selection to keep the cash in their conferences so the system they've set up deserves all the criticism it gets.
  4. Neither Valpo, Tulane, or Tulsa came through. Gonna have to go to Brooklyn, kick butt, and take names.
  5. That diving play was excellent and helped continue the run that broke the game open. Too bad he barely missed 3-4 threes as if those go in he has a monster game.
  6. Watching the replay and it's easy to get excited about what next season could bring. This team has improved so much especially since the UMass collapse. It looks like they really understand the offense, and the offense looks like it has a purpose on each possession. I think it was after the BC game that I said Perkins and Jacobs would the keys to the season and Perkins has far exceeded my expectations. I'll own up to being wrong about Jacobs but he did provide some timely buckets and good defense. I was completely wrong when I took the under on whether Perkins would average 11 or more poi
  7. NBC Sports Network covers the Friday games, CBS Sports Network has the semis, and the finals are on CBS.
  8. Game replay link: https://watchstadium.com/videos/st-bonaventure-at-saint-louis-mens-basketball-3-7-2020/
  9. Especially if Weaver's threes rattle in rather than out.
  10. If we play Dayton, you know Toppin will get his. The question becomes, "Will we ever be able to stop Crutcher?" That guy is just an assassin.
  11. Prophetic question there. The answer turned out to be no without a win over Dayton. So close.
  12. With the exception of Utah State and Oklahoma, yesterday went about as good as it could for the Billikens. Even K-State finally won.
  13. Excellent job by the coaching staff in getting this team to 23-8. My preseason prediction was 19-12 (11-7) so to exceed both totals with two key players down is terrific. I don’t like to post overly optimistic stuff about future games to keep any disappointment to a minimum, but there does seem to be a possibility that more wins are coming.
  14. What other fan board has such great pre-game and post-game analysis as this one? Thanks The Wiz for your work on this. With one or two odd exceptions, I think the greatest majority of us really appreciate it.
  15. We’re up to 68 in Sagarin which is quite an improvement from the 103 or so we dipped to following the UMass debacle. It’s pretty clear we would be squarely on the bubble had Crutcher missed. Even with that loss, would we be just as squarely on the bubble if we take care of business at UMass?
  16. Wiscy beats Indiana 60-56. Auburn takes down Tennessee 85-63. Every little bit helps.
  17. Once correction, Year Two: 17-16 (9-9). Otherwise, despite some occasional doubts, I'm happy we have Coach Ford.
  18. I was 5'9 in 8th grade and was sure I'd wind up over 6'. My dad was 6'2 but my mom only 5'1 so I wound up the tallest between me and my three brothers. My dad had this spot where I would get him to measure me from the time I was in third grade and I was crushed when despite numerous remeasures, I never made it to a legit 6'. After two back surgeries and more years than I want to count, I've shrunk to 5'10.
  19. In 8th grade, I was about the only one who could score on our team, so shot 144 free throws in 18 games. I missed the last one I shot that year which took my season percentage to 69.4%. After riding the bench for the next three years, I had some success my Senior year, and once again, missed the last FT I shot which again took my percentage one made FT below 70%. So, I'll say I am a 69.4% FT shooter. It's like being 1/8" short of being of 6'0. That and not being a legit 70% FT shooter are some personal disappointments that have bugged me ever since.
  20. I find it really something that a small school in a nothing town with a nothing campus can compete at all at the D-1 level. Props to the Bonnies for doing what seems nearly impossible.
  21. I haven’t seen that in a while and forgot how funny it is.
  22. I have to laugh at the Richmond fans who wanted to fire Mooney. They forget they’re just Richmond and lucky to have him. Mooney can coach.
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