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  1. What a tip in by Fred. He looks like he's shaking the rust off. Minn. can't miss from the stripe.
  2. Couple of crucial Minn. blocks keeps their lead at 6.
  3. Perkins coming up short all night. Down 9.
  4. 4 steps and a double dribble but apparently no problem.
  5. JGood shooting it great. Gibby not doing much on either end so far.
  6. What a follow by JGood, but they score 4 straight.
  7. Don't know if we'll pull this out but we're good.
  8. Has' showed up tonight, and Minn. can't miss.
  9. Perkins wasn't fouled there? How good is Illinois if they beat this team by 27?
  10. How could they call that a travel on JGood? Terrible call.
  11. Another foul on the three point shooter. Really?
  12. Demarius, bang, and it's tied!! Jacobs giving us a big lift. They're overpowering Javonte. Got to find a way to get him some shots. Linssen plays excellent post defense. Always in the right place.
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