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  1. With JJ's 5-5 night from the stripe, he's made 19 of his last 24 FT attempts and has crossed the 60% barrier for the season. He just keeps getting better and better.
  2. Here's what Rammer said, "They're going to call a cheap foul on Evans and I'll tell you what.. I'm on the air right now, stay away from me... The official tried to get in our broadcast, we won't have it, we're not gonna have it... we're not gonna have it here, this is 101's broadcast." Looks like it wasn't at the point where he said, "That's a horrible call!" as I thought. Occurred at the 1:53 mark of the second half where Troy Daniels made two FTs.
  3. It might have the foul on Evans at the 4:14 mark.
  4. I figured it had to be the ref responding to the "horrible call" blast. As I said earlier, Rammer says his trademark gripes so loud that I wondered if the refs ever hear him. I don't see how they can miss it. Now that we know they do hear him, I think it says something good about the refs since they generally don't respond to it.
  5. Yes it was. Rammer said something like, "No we won't have that here, I'm doing a job." I thought it was hilarious. Someone has to dig up a tape of that. Now that I've seen the pic it's even funnier to think about.
  6. I was listening online and Rammer said with emphasis "That's a horrible call" and obviously the ref heard him. I've often wondered if the refs can hear him when goes off on the "horrible call" and "that's the worst call I've ever seen" blasts. Guess some of them do.
  7. 3:59 53-43, Dwayne turns it over after lots of contact. Looking tentative on offense.
  8. 53-43 at 5:07 after 2 straight Valpo threes.
  9. JJ the jet plane drives and scores, 47-33.
  10. 11:58 Bills up 45-31. JJ with 7 assists. Dwayne dominating the paint.
  11. Dwayne with the steal and one. Bills up 12.
  12. Bills playing well defensively but have 12 turnovers in only 40 possessions.
  13. Jake with a triple, 40-31, 14:04.
  14. Bad start to the first half. three turns in first four possessions. 33-29 17:16 to go.
  15. Half 31-24. JJ with 6 assists.
  16. 49.4, our ball, Bills up 31-24, Bills D has been stifling forcing two shotclock violations lately.
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