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  1. I will, I didn't miss a second of the five broadcasts. Fun ride. Thanks Billikens for your inspired play, and Rammer and Earl for your great broadcasts. Success occurs when preparation meets perspiration. Give it all you've got this offseason. Can't wait 'til next year.
  2. Rammer said something like 5200 in attendance tonight. Anyone else get the exact number?
  3. Looks like Billikenbill was all over this VCU offensive output.
  4. :34 to go. First FT missed. Second good, down five. We miss, VCU will shoot two. VCU will win. Great effort guys.
  5. Skeen scores again. The Wake Forest transfer never played this well for the Deacons. VCU up four.
  6. KM misses. VCU ball. Skeen scores and VCU up two. 63-61. 1:45 to go. Another clock violation on us. 1:22 to go. Might be getting away from us with the fatigue problem.
  7. CS fouled and he'll shoot two. Set up by a steal from Cory. CS makes first, tie game, 3:04 to go. Misses second, tie game.
  8. KM misses, Cory boards and it's our ball after the media timeout. 3:44 remains.
  9. Foul on Conklin. Crowd unhappy. Skeen to shoot two. 4:01 to go. Hopefully, Willie and KM can get back in soon.
  10. Skeen with the follow, VCU up one. CS to shoot one and one. 4:18 to go. First good, second no good. Tied.
  11. Steal Kyle, under 6 remains. Turnover us. VCU scores. KM hurting. 5 to go. CS misses, Willie Jam time!! Up one. Willie out, KM out both with cramps.
  12. VCU hits a trey at the end of the clock, we're down one. We need to get Willie some touches. Remekun follows and we're up one.
  13. KM misses a drive. Skeen will shoot two, 3rd foul on Willie. First no good, second good. We're up 2
  14. Rozzell again for two. We're up one. KM for a deuce. Up 3, under nine to go.
  15. One and the bonus for Conk. First good, second good, up 3.
  16. Rozzell scores again. Tie game. 21 for Rozzell. CS for a trey, VCU scores. 51-50 us. Cody misses a short jumper. Foul on CS. one and the bonus for VCU. Misses first.
  17. Misses first, makes second, 45-43. KM back in. Cody to shoot two. Four on Sanders.
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