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  1. 59-50 Bills, Dwayne asserting himself on the glass. 6:46 left.
  2. 7:55, Cody draws the charge, Bills up 6 with ball.
  3. Jam time Dwayne and KM with the coast to coast drive, Bills up 6. Need to put the pedal to the metal.
  4. 9:15 our ball, up two, we're ice cold from the arc and seem to have no desire or ability to feed the post.
  5. 10:20 CE hits two and we're up 4. UIS has 8 team fouls, we have 3.
  6. No inside game today. We're stymied on the perimeter and cold from the arc. Looks like it'll be nip and tuck to the end.
  7. Can't agree. UIS is quicker and has good players. They're hitting tough shots and playing with confidence.
  8. 15:51, down 2, our ball. Not sure what the refs are talking about in regard to the UIS foul.
  9. Down 4 at 16:29. All the tough shots they're hitting are the shots we're missing.
  10. 35-33 bad guys at the half. Teams with quickness are hurting us. UIS looked like a great team that half. Hard to understand how or why but they did.
  11. 1.2 to go, down 35-33. Timeout to see if we can something.
  12. Conklin hits two and we trail by one, 33-32 at the 1:06.
  13. McCall goes one on five, jacks up a bad three and misses badly. McCall a disappointment so far.
  14. 2:38 down three. The good news is if we lose it doesn't count against us.
  15. Good thing at least one Bill, Cody, showed up today. He'd probably like some help. This game is exposing our lack of quickness on D. 31-30 bad guys. Who are these guys? 3:42 to go. They're having a block party today.
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