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  1. I'm still bitter about the Germans attacking Pearl Harbor.
  2. I've had more fun having dental work than I am watching this dumpster fire.
  3. Unfortunately, teams have been trying to stop Kendall Anthony for 4 years with little success.
  4. Because you've lost touch with reality? There are help lines you can call for that.
  5. Just two more ugly blowouts and this season will be put out of its misery. There is no way we'll be competitive with the Spiders.
  6. billikenbill's mesage to the team: Stop sucking.
  7. Believe Manning was a freshman during the Canada trip so it'd be time to do another one, next year.
  8. We fittingly end the game by missing two FTs. Just 80 more minutes of this train wreck. Crews should apologize, then resign. He sucks.
  9. Can you imagine how bad this rout would be if Bona was playing worth a damn.
  10. My God, we just had a player make 2 FTs in a row. You can do that?
  11. Better if you're a bona fan though. This is the worst college team I've ever seen.
  12. Turnovers on 8 of 23 possessions. That's not good.
  13. Scintillating offense continues. Already up to 7 points in the first nine minutes.
  14. Just wanted to get it started early and put it in the proper format, ie, GDT. Plus, I like the Bonawelding moniker for the Bonnies, aka, Brown Indians. Maybe the Bills have one more win in them before this train wreck of a season is over.
  15. Not much of a drop off from this year's starting lineup.
  16. 5 team fouls on Mason in the first 2:30 of the second half.
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