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  1. 17 turnovers in 43 possessions. 6 buckets all night.
  2. WTF is going on? These guys are on scholarship?
  3. Has there ever been a game where we had more turnovers than field goal attempts?
  4. 1st 2 second half possessions, turnovers.
  5. The Wiz needs to recalibrate his system.
  6. Down 21-20 at the half. 11 turnovers, under 25% shooting.
  7. Tied with these meatballs at the 2 min mark.
  8. 5-19 from the floor, getting outrebounded, just a miserable performance so far.
  9. I agree. Like the look of all of them. Hard to keep a six man class together for four years so will be interesting to see if they all finish their careers at SLU.
  10. Where's the best looting going on? I want to get some Christmas "shopping" done!
  11. Pitino had this in the bag for us until he decided to go with "four white guys and an Egyptian." His words not mine.
  12. Link to TAM-CC broadcast here: http://www.iheart.com/live/newsradio-1360-kktx-5270/
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