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  1. Good info Wiz. I've been worried about this game with UTPA... worried about a game with UTPA, WTF? At any rate, I see that they're a little better than their usual awful selves and now know to look for the Joesaar guy. I also know he'll light us up because every player you say we have to stop lights us up.
  2. Bills don't lose!!! Bills don't lose!!! Bills don't lose!!!
  3. Bartley with the very ill advised three. What was he thinking?
  4. Our defense is a sieve. Lateral quickness is poor. Embarrassing performance on the defensive end.
  5. Not sure what Roby brings to the floor that MB and MR don't. He seems to be lost out there. SIUe lighting up from the arc.
  6. Milik Yarbrough sightings in the second half. Terrific block, can't wait to see how good he can be. Could wind up better than Dwayne.
  7. It's a walk in the park when a driver enters the lane against our bigs. No intimidation factor, no shot blockers, not much athleticism. I'm sure this team will get better but might not be 'til next year.
  8. Nice move to the hole by Crawford at the end of the clock. Up three with 4 to go.
  9. Wow, we suck. Defensive breakdowns, turnovers, Roby playing terribly and Reggie can't make point blank shots.
  10. Go_Bills, thanks again. I used the highest def link last night and the feed was perfect. To those of you who struggle loading it, it's not quite as easy as figuring out how to post here, but after ~ 5 more tries last night, I've got it down. The step I struggled with was forgetting to right click the streaming link, 3964K, then left clicking "copy link location." Not sure if that will work for everyone but that's what I was missing.
  11. Seems to me we don't any production from the five spot or anyone who can give production this year. Always thought the expectations for JM were too high among posters here. Regardless of what RM said about him becoming an All-Conference type of player, there's a reason why he was a lightly recruited 2 star. I never saw what many of you saw in him. Sadly, he's regressed from what little he showed in the past and brings nothing to the offensive end. Jolly and Gillmann are stretch fours at this point, not fives at all. Both are too skinny and weak to be a force in the lane. A year in the weight
  12. Probably need to revise the prediction on 18 wins this year. 10 will be an accomplishment.
  13. 60-25, 15-0 run to start the half.
  14. This is like high school vs. NBA.
  15. Sure you wanna know? 50-25 bad guys.
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