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  1. Goodwin misses three in a row and gets a fourth attempt. Makes it!! Don't think I've ever seen two lane violations on the same FT sequence. JGood's form looks good enough to make FTs. What the heck is the problem?
  2. Perkins continues his George Gervin imitation. Bills up 31-21.
  3. Gibson for three!! 27-16 at the under 8. 10 turnovers for UCA.
  4. Did you see Thatch elevate for that rebound? There's your 46" vertical.
  5. JP with the patented slash down the left side of the lane for the lay up. Beautiful to watch.
  6. JGood traveled on the dunk. He did the same thing against UAPB and it wasn't called.
  7. Bills have forced 6 turnovers on the first 8 possessions but are cold from the floor, 2-8 and 0-2 from the arc.
  8. UCA starts 3 seniors, a grad transfer, and a junior. Players to watch are PG DeAndre Jones and swingman Rylan Bergersen.
  9. Sorry, Cowboy, I watched most of their game with Little Rock. Lost by three to a team that took care of Duquesne. That Duquesne team has many of the same players that beat us by 13 twice last year. I’m just saying be prepared for a team that, on their best day, could make things interesting.
  10. I could see us hitting the spread but I can also see that C. Ark is not a pushover. Very quick PG with three point range, some decent bigs, and Bergersen who can score. Comparing scores, C. Ark. lost to Little Rock by three. That’s the same Little Rock team that beat Duquesne by 10. I think they create some matchup problems for us and our guys better show up.
  11. Little Rock pulls out a 86-83 win over UCA. UCA is a pretty decent team, much better than SIUE. French should be able to dominate their bigs but with their shifty point guard, I could see them making a game of it for a while. Still expect a 10-20 pt. win though.
  12. Watching Central Arkansas play Little Rock on ESPN plus. 66-63 Little Rock with 8 mins. to go. UCA has an excellent point 5'11 point guard, every bit as shifty as Yuri and can hit the three. They go 6'6, 6'7, 6'7, 6'9 across the front. Decently skilled players but no wide bodies and none especially quick. I can see why they were leading Memphis 42-40 at the half, but can also see why they wore down in the second.
  13. Agree with that but sometimes late in the clock, Yuri has the ball with nothing developing so he needs to develop that 15' shot out to the arc. He hit several late in the clock threes last year, I especially remember a turn around three against George Mason he drilled. The only other thing I think would be helpful is TJ developing his game where he can score off the bounce. He's so athletic and looks like a potential 80/40 guy from the FT line and arc. If he could shot fake and take it to the rack, he'd be unstoppable. Looks to me like Strickland already has the TJ skillset and can be great cr
  14. A little more detail on ppp. Over the first 50 possessions, which was the point where the last starter left the game for good, the Bills ppp was 1.78. The subs had 20 possessions over the final 11:57 and scored 18 pts, which lowered the game ppp to 1.4. Also, over those first 50 possessions, the Bills committed only 5 turnovers, for a turnover rate of 10%. My benchmark is to keep turnovers under 20% so in a 70 possession game that means keeping turnovers to a max of 13. Do that and you've had a successful game in terms of taking care of the ball. The Wiz might disagree but in looking at m
  15. Agree, just happy to see our guys play.
  16. JGood moves to 20th in career scoring.
  17. What are we going to do about the FT shooting? Only 64.3% :sarcasm 73.5% from the floor, 75% arc, only 4 turnovers on 39 possessions. About as good a half of basketball as a team can have.
  18. You can't stop Martin Linssen, you can only hope to contain him.
  19. I would like to see Has' get through one season without having to deal with "big man discrimination" from the refs. Normally, when a driving player runs into a defender, the defender falls down and gets the call. When a driver runs into Has', he remains upright, the offensive player hits the deck, and they call the foul on Has'. Someone needs to wise up the refs that just because a guy is built like a house and is strong as an ox doesn't mean that they're the one committing the foul.
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