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  1. I think the twelve offers are out there and the first four to commit will get them. Let us pray that four commit.
  2. I have posted those facts multiple times. I even started a topic with those facts.
  3. How is Penn State doing this year? Out of curiosity, what year did you graduate from Penn State?
  4. According to rivals.com SLU did want. They offered him.
  5. Nate if he wanted to come to SLU he would have. According to rivals.com SLU offered him. Don't know how bad he wanted to come here if he turned down a sholarship offer.
  6. I am not the first person to accuse him of that on here. You must have better faith in the people involved in AAU ball than anyone else out there. By the way he was flat out uninformed or lying in his earlier post. He didn't question the validity of his top four right now, but basically called it made up. That is a lie and he has no way of knowing his top four right now. It leads me to believe his intrest maybe compromised.
  7. Spoon or Romar that Buchanan and Brooks had SLU as their #1 choice?
  8. Your honesty and non-biased look out on the recruiting process is greatly appreciated. Your son is lucky to have you to guide him thru this process. No matter what the decision made, best of luck to your family. Tyler is one hell of a player and is going to make any program happy.
  9. You have a problem with people posting negative things about Carbondale and SIU-C, but you had no problem with people posting negative things about Duke and it fans in this post : http://www.billikens.com/cgi-bin/dcforum/d...orum=DCForumID3
  10. He will be eligble for the team discount for legal services if he should ever need them.
  11. If he wants to confuse Tatum he should ask him about birth control.
  12. He is running away from the rest of the feild.
  13. Bills by 4. Ian redeems himself for his last game against X finishes with a team high 18 points and 10 boards.
  14. Roundtree has had trouble staying academically eligible. That leads me to question if he will have the necessary credits to be eligible. I don't mean to question Pdiddy (who always seems to be on top of these things), but isn't the ACT score needed directly related to your GPA? So do we really know if that score will get him cleared with his GPA? It doesn't help us at all if we are holding one of those 9 scholarships for someone that will never play for us. SIU has much more depth than we have and can take this kind of chance. SLU could not take the chance of guaranteeing a spot now.
  15. I think a lot of people are really under estimating the Bills chances with this kid. I believe that there are really only four schools that have a legitimate shot at this kid. They are UW, Mizzou, Illinois, and SLU. I don't believe that any other schools right now have a legitimate chance. I think Brad has the inside track right now and I will leave it at that.
  16. You think it is wise for this program to offer someone who hasn't cleared academically yet? This team has lost too many players already over the past decade that couldn't end up getting in school or staying in school. I think the Brooks comparison maybe stretching it a bit. He may one day end up getting to that level or he may end up being the next Kern. .
  17. I think you are going to be wrong on Suggs. As for as the others, it is a lot harder to say.
  18. Does anyone have confirmation that this happened?
  19. There is on big difference between Tommie and Blake. When TL is not scoring he tends to find other ways to help his team. When Ahearn is not scoring he tends to be a detriment to his team.
  20. SLU didn't have to provide another home game. There is no rule that said they did. They could have simply chose not to play another home game. I don't have a problem with what they did, but don't make it look like they were trying to do the fans a favor. They played that game to have an additional home game to generate revenue. If you are going to do that it is far better to do it against a Quincy, than a team that will hurt your RPI. Point one: They didn't have to provide another home date. Point two: They didn't do it for the fans. Point three: It was done to generate money for the program. Point four: I am cool with that.
  21. Roy let's be honest the Quincy game had more to do with getting to charge the season ticket holders for an addittional home game, than it had to do with giving anything to the fans.
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