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  1. Frasor did have 12 assist. He really didn't need to shoot that much. So don't act like Kevin shut him down. He created offense the whole second half.
  2. I felt they judged the Shaw and Grimes situation wrong. But, just about everybody did the same. Painter would have done the samething if he thought he had a chance with Kalen. I wouldn't have offered Grimes at all. I never thought he was serious about SLU as a choice. I think they made a mistake on Shaw and Tatum both. I dont think the samething on Ahearn or Stremler. I think Stremler became like the last girl left at a bar. He looked alot better to everybody at the time becuase he was the last person still there. I think it worked out for us in the end with Dixon. I think the staff failed to look deep enough in the Tatum case. It was the staff's job to find out what kind of person Tatum really was. They didn't do the proper job of finding out if it was a one time out of character thing. It is now clear that it was a one time mistake. Something that alot of young kids do, make mistakes. I also wonder sometimes if the incedent is just used as an excuse and people don't want to admit is was a mistake. Tatum should have been offered. I haved let you know my feelings on Ahearn before.
  3. 1. Who would you make the top targets for the available spots? 2. Would you offer for all three spots? 3. Would you hold open a spot for next year's loaded class? 4. Would you hold open a spot for a juco? 5. Would you hold a spot for a guy who could become available late or for a transfer? My answers: 1. Powell and Pullen. 2. Only fill two of the three spots. 3, 4, and 5.You hold one. If you find a guy that blows you away as juco, late, or transfer, sign him. Hold it for next year if that doesn't happen.
  4. Thank you for the info. Suggs would be a good get.
  5. Hardball what would you have done different on Shaw? If you say that you would have took him if he accepted first, then you got to promise that you will not complain if the top 50 player says he would have came if the offer wasn't pulled. Who would you make the top targets for the avalible spots? Would you offer for all three spots? Would you hold open a spot for next year's loaded class? Would you hold open a spot for a juco? Would you hold a spot for a guy who could become avalible late or for a transfer? You seem to have all the answers. So please, answer these questions for me.
  6. We offered Shaw. We waited a while but we did offer Shaw. Funny, we waited on offering Shaw to see if Grimes would accept. Hball, you know Grimes. He was one of those top 50 players you ***** about us never getting. You can't have it both ways. You can't complain about not getting Shaw and not going after the top rated players. One of the reasons we didn't get Shaw is that we waited on a so called top 50 player. What do you want Hball?
  7. I knew I probaly shouldn't have given him any credit. Nice to see he is posting under one of his aliases in another thread.
  8. Does that backfiring apply to Crean and MU too?
  9. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2594245 Gammons coming back.
  10. This will hurt everyone's RPI in the A-10. Day Date Opponent Location TV Outcome/Time Fri 11/10/06 Boston University Boston, MA 7:00 PM Tue 11/14/06 Dartmouth Washington, DC 7:30 PM Fri 11/17/06 Longwood Washington, DC 7:30 PM Tue 11/21/06 Kennesaw State Washington, DC 7:30 PM Sun 11/26/06 Providence Providence, RI 1:00 PM Sun 12/03/06 Virginia Tech Washington, DC - Verizon Center 4:00 PM Tue 12/05/06 Maryland Eastern Shore Washington, DC 7:30 PM Sat 12/09/06 USC Anaheim, CA WGN, HDNet 5:00 PM Tue 12/12/06 UMBC Washington, DC 7:30 PM Thu 12/28/06 Air Force Santa Clara, CA 11:00 PM Fri 12/29/06 Colgate or Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA 9:00 PM Wed 01/03/07 Fordham Washington, DC 7:30 PM Sat 01/06/07 Marshall Washington, DC CSTV 7:00 PM Wed 01/10/07 Massachusetts Amherst, MA 7:00 PM Sat 01/13/07 St. Bonaventure Washington, DC 2:00 PM Wed 01/17/07 Richmond Richmond, VA 7:00 PM Sat 01/20/07 Charlotte Washington, DC CSTV 3:00 PM Wed 01/24/07 Saint Joseph's Washington, DC 7:30 PM Sat 01/27/07 Rhode Island Kingston, RI 2:00 PM Wed 01/31/07 Dayton Dayton, OH 7:00 PM Sat 02/03/07 Saint Louis St. Louis, MO 2:00 PM Sat 02/10/07 Xavier Washington, DC ESPN2 2:00 PM Wed 02/14/07 Saint Joseph's Philadelphia, PA 7:00 PM Sat 02/17/07 Temple Washington, DC 2:00 PM Wed 02/21/07 Richmond Washington, DC 7:30 PM Sat 02/24/07 La Salle Philadelphia, PA TBA Thu 03/01/07 Charlotte Charlotte, NC ESPN2 7:00 PM Sat 03/03/07 Duquesne Washington, DC 2:00 PM Wed 03/07/07 A-10 Tournament Opening Rd. Atlantic City, NJ TBA Thu 03/08/07 A-10 Tournament Quarterfinal Rd. Atlantic City, NJ TBA Fri 03/09/07 A-10 Tournament Semifinal Rd. Atlantic City, NJ TBA Sat 03/10/07 A-10 Tournament Final Atlantic City, NJ TBA
  11. I would like to announce my plans to continue my basketball career at SLU. Even thou I have no eligibility left, not in playing shape, and have bum shoulder; I can have the same impact that Josh Harrelson would have on the team. ZERO. There you go Hardball. SLU now has a commitment. Now you can calm down.
  12. http://www.collegehoopsnet.com/preview/int...6seanmiller.htm It sounds like they have a tough schedule. That should help with our RPI. Now if the rest of the conference would get their act together.
  13. I don't know how good of a team DT will have at Western, but it is sure to be Vtime's favorite area team.
  14. I tell you all right now, Polk is the coaching staff's first option for the third guard spot. That said, if he shoots the ball like he did last year he will find himself stuggling for minutes.
  15. I think DP shot is a huge key. If DP can hit it will allow them to play the more up-tempo style that everyone on here seems to want them to play. He is clearly the best option for this style of play. Luke and Dustin are not the best suited for this style play. DP is a much better athelete, defender, ball distirbutor, and ball handler than Maquire and Meyer. He is a better ball handler and a better defender than DB. Having him on the floor will also allow Tommie to do alot more on the offensive end. He and Tommie both can run the offense. He can set-up Tommie. DP's play will be the difference from this team being a bubble team and being a clear choice for the tournament. I think it is funny how after one bad year everyone is ready to throw DP under the bus. Everyone should remember that the rise in the level of play from year two to year three is historically huge. I think we can look forward for good things from DP, LM, and DB.
  16. Billsboy, that is pretty sad. A Saturday night in LA, after a USC victory, and all you have to do is come check out this board. Wow, I thought a former d-1 athelete and coach could find something maybe a little more intresting to do. Now that you are back in town, you can spend Saturday nights with your mommy again.
  17. God Finally Gives Shout-Out Back To All His Niggaz September 5, 2001 | Issue 37•31 SOUTH BRONX, NY—The Lord Almighty finally responded to nearly two decades of praise in hip-hop album liner notes Monday, when He gave a shout-out back to all His loyal niggaz. Rappers Method Man and Redman give big ups to God (inset). "Right about now, I want to send a shout-out to each and every ****** who's shown Me love through the years," said the Lord, His booming voice descending from Heaven. "I got mad love for each and every one of you niggaz. Y'all real niggaz out there, you know who you are. Y'all was there for me, and it's about time I'm-a give some love back to God's true crew." "All y'all niggaz, y'all be My niggaz," the Lord added. As of press time, God has thanked nearly 7,000 of His niggaz, including those in New York's Bad Boy and Ruff Ryders posses, the No Limit soldiers and Cash Money Millionaires holdin' it down in New Orleans, Nelly and the whole St. Lunatics crew, Busta and the rest of the Flipmode Squad, His peeps from back in the day, and all the real ruffneck niggaz in lockdown. He also sent shout-outs to everybody in the Old School, as well as to Lil' Bow Wow and all the other new niggaz just coming up. "Mad props to P. Diddy, Jay-Z, DMX, Lil' Kim, Mystikal, Eve, Ja Rule, Jadakiss, Trick Daddy, and Xzibit. And one love to Meth, RZA, GZA, Ghostface, and the rest of My real niggaz in the Wu-Tang Clan," the deity said. "These My beloved niggaz, with whom I be well-pleased." Now nearing the 48-hour mark, the Lord's first-ever reciprocal shout-out shows little sign of slowing down. Based on estimates of the number of rappers who have thanked Him in liner notes over the past 20 years, hip-hop experts say the historic shout-out is likely to continue through early next week. A pair of shout-out tablets handed down by the Lord. In addition to rap's current stars, God offered shout-outs to the original hip-hop heads, including such pioneers of the art form as Grandmaster Flash, Busy Bee, Melle Mel, Jazzy Jay, Kool Moe Dee, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Red Alert, the Cold Crush Brothers, Fab 5 Freddy, Kurtis Blow, Kool Herc, and the Funky 4+1. God also offered shout-outs to the many DJs, record labels, magazines, TV shows, and radio stations that have tirelessly supported hip-hop over the years. Among them are Def Jam, Tommy Boy, Jive, Roc-A-Fella, Rap Pages, The Source, Right On!, The Box, Funkmaster Flex, Ed Lover and Dr. Dre, WBLS 107.5, KISS-FM, and Hot 97. "For supporting the many artists who have supported Me so faithfully, I say thank you," God said. "All praise to Devante Harrell, Wanda Simmons, LaShell Thomas, and everybody else at Uptown/MCA for making this possible." As a further sign of His love for the hip-hop community, God assured the nation's rappers that He is taking good care of all their peers currently with Him in heaven. "Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Eazy-E, Scott LaRock—some of y'all niggaz are already up in this *****," the Lord said. "For those of you who were left behind, know that the Lord has got your dead homies' backs. Faith [Evans], I promise I'm taking real good care of your Biggie. He resting in crazy peace, no doubt." Thus far, God has not played favorites, thanking such fallen-off acts as Hammer and Vanilla Ice in the same breath as vital artists whose careers are still going strong. The Lord has also seen fit to thank the little-known likes of Baby Tragic, DJ Phreek Malik, and Da Ill Collector—MCs so obscure that virtually no one within the hip-hop community has heard of them. All rappers, God explained, are equal in His sight, and none are too small to escape His notice. "God sees even the smallest sparrow fall," said Dr. Cornel West, Harvard University professor of African-American studies and philosophy of religion. "The same is true of MCs: Whether a major superstar or a complete unknown, all rappers are His children, and He loves them all." The sheer volume of names notwithstanding, the nation's rappers are deeply touched by God's gesture of tribute and appreciation, with many stating that they "feelin' Him." "God is the Original," Brooklyn-based rapper Mos Def said. "The world is ruled by the wealthy and the wicked, but all respect due to the Creator who made this world and who will one day bring justice to the wicked and righteous alike." Despite the overwhelmingly positive response among rappers, the Lord is drawing fire in certain circles for His use of the word "******." On Monday's Larry King Live, conservative activist Rev. Calvin Butts, a longtime ally of the Lord, blasted Him for His "shocking, unexpected use of the racially loaded N-word." Some concerned parties, including decency crusader C. Delores Tucker, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and members of the San Francisco-based What About The Children? Foundation, are calling for a boycott of church services until God issues an apology. Reacting to the controversy, many in the hip-hop community are rushing to the Lord's defense. "The word '******' means different things depending on how it's used and who's saying it," rap legend and Public Enemy frontman Chuck D said. "Judging from context, God obviously wasn't being derogatory. He was using '******' as a blanket term of affection for all His true supporters on the rap scene. At one point, He said, 'I wanna give a shout-out to Ad-Rock, MC Serch, and my man Dan The Automator—all y'all is real niggaz in My all-benevolent sight.' Considering the fact that Ad-Rock and Serch are Jewish, and the Automator is Asian-American, it's clear God isn't talking about race here. He's just paying respect to all those who have paid respect to Him." "God's the ultimate playa, so naturally He's going to have some haters," rapper Ice Cube said. "But these haters need to realize that if you mess with the man upstairs, you will get your ass smote. True dat."
  18. I was refering to what people would have said about Altman before he took over at CU. He was run out of KSU after a few less than stellar seasons. If SLU would have hired him then, the ABC would have had a heart attack.
  19. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/si_blogs/basketball/ncaa/
  20. V, do you have any idea who is putting this list together? Just seems like a site any grade school kid could have put together.
  21. I maybe wrong on this. But, the way the rule has always been explained to me is that the school could not make an announcement till the player was enrolled and ATTENDING classes.
  22. I do not want Tommie being responsible for creating offense for Ahearn. Blake would have trouble creating his own shot in my Y league. Blake has always been a Blake first player. He had problems with his hs coach with his attitude. He is a lousy ball handler, terrible defender, and gives nothing on the boards. He couldn't be on the floor late in close games, his ball handling and his defense would allow it. His free-throw shooting doesn't help you if his man lights him up or if he turns it over. Look, I would like to have him on the team, but he would be coming off the bench. If you have watched him play at all over the past three years, you would know he has major holes in his game. This is the reason why he has been in and out of the starting line-up for MSU all three years he has been there.
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