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  1. I have given you trouble when I thought you wre not funny. So, now I need to give you props for this post.
  2. I don't think anybody has threatened to ban you about your post. Maybe you should try posting something about hoops every now and then. But, that would require you to stop taking shots at everyone you don't agree with on politics.
  3. Floyd is connected to SLU basketball if we like it or not. The players he has coached that have attended SLU and those that the Bills might have interest in. So how everything ends up going down with Floyd has a possible impact on SLU bball. The anchorwoman post you refer to also ask questions about Billiken basketball. No defense of the Warren Buffet post. I think alot a people come here to get away from the politics and all the other crap. The main reason sports are so popular, is that they are escapism.
  4. The thing that has me worried was the ability to adjust in certian games to the style we were facing( ie st joes, ud). I think that it was a result of some stubborness on brad's part(I am a brad backer) and running the offense thru two freshmen guards. Hopefully the experience from last your will help both.
  5. I forgot about the Monmouth game. Your right. They were playing ugly. But a win is a win. I will take 20 of against teams when they are slumping if it gets us into the tournament. Sorry, I forgot just how bad SIU was playing then.
  6. That loss was on Anchrage home court, after traveling, and in enviroment that those kids had never witnessed before(AK in the winter). Wouldndn't call it a horrible loss. It has happened to good teams in the past.
  7. So that sort of disproves your point about the only way a kid can get noticed is AAU ball. Looks like that all those guys at hs might be there because of skill level, not lack of "promotion".
  8. I just can't belive with your stellar acedemic record, athelitic accomplishments, and position in student government that you are not one of your classes 21 Ivy leaguers.
  9. I pretty sure that Drejaj didnt play in the Bonner league this summer because he was was already in Europe or getting ready to head there. The other years I believe he played some summer league ball back in NJ, and not that many here V. How many HS players are getting paid to play in Europe?
  10. See V this is what I mean. Drejaj would dominate at HS. He would have ended up with every scoring record and assist record at the school and he would have been the teams best defensive player. If you dont realize that then you have know clue how much the game varies between high school and college; then varies from the different levels in college. The skill level and depth of the teams is just night and day.
  11. Roy, I think he knows a good high school player. I think it is now obvious he has no clue how their game will translate on the next level. I will give him this thou, I totally agree with him about Powell's game. Cant wait to figure out V's next alias.
  12. Nobody listens to Vtime cause it is really clear you have no clue when it comes to hoops.
  13. Makes you want to out and get those MU season tikets. LOL
  14. My bad I thought they were D-3. But still this should be game where we should be able to play alot of the bench. The bills should win by double digits and the score will not really reflect the true nature of the game. Much like the Quincy-IL tilt last year.
  15. They me be a fine D-3 program, but there is no excuse for SLU not to hand them there lunch. The talent level between a D-1 program like SLU and even a D-3 national champ is night and day.
  16. "While Harris-Stowe is not one of the superior NAIA teams right now, there are several NAIA programs that could beat SLU and other D1 programs if given the opportunity." You got to be kidding me. Name one that could beat SLU and try to back it up. Hey V stop writing in under an alias trying to back up your points. It is funny how the only time stlfinest post is when you say something really dumb and he attempts to back you up. I am really starting to believe you have no clue when it comes to what it takes to compete at different levels of basketball.
  17. Maybe if the coach can stay sober for couple hours a day, they can finish higher. Hell, they have more than enough talent.
  18. Then the player doesn't have to take an insane amount of hours in the spring semester.
  19. He doesn't need to take the classes to get in school. He is just getting a jump start on his education.
  20. Marvin Neals taking over would make Floyd go postal. So I for him taking over.
  21. High quality women's hoop can be pretty enjoyable. It is definitly a different type of game. The program was a mess when Shimmy took over. Looks like she might have the program going in the right direction.
  22. Great, now we are going to hear V ***** about all the gals from the area SLU has not offered.
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