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  1. It does appear that the athletic department doesn't understand how to separate internal team/culture building from external marketing.
  2. Newsome just spent $105,000 in Florida and a lesser amount in Texas for an ad buy. It is pretty hypocritical of him to force the a university not to spend money in a "bad" state for the university's benefit when he will spend money in a "bad" state for his own benefit.
  3. That ban has been in place for five years. It hasn't stopped sports teams from traveling to states on California's no go list. As long as the money that pays for the travel isn't appropriated by the state legislature, the teams can travel to those states. When UCLA is receiving $100 million a year from the Big 10, there is no need to hit up the state to fund the travel.
  4. The NCAA, as a non profit, is legally required to file a 990. The 990 contains that information. Here is the link to their most recent 990. https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/440567264
  5. There is a difference between suffering years straight of $20 million plus operating losses (UCLA) and having debt to pay off from the construction of athletic facilities (Big 10 programs). UCLA is running up credit cards to cover living expenses. The Big 10 programs are paying off home mortgages.
  6. Those items are listed in the 990.
  7. Scratch that. SLU isn’t listing all of the higher salaries in the 990. May and Tate aren’t listed and the are both making more than $150,000. So Bailey might have been (probably was?) making more than that previously. Bailey didn’t get an additional or better title at USC.
  8. Just more money. His base salary paid by SLU had to be under $150,000 because it is not listed on the 990. His base salary paid by South Carolina was $241,000.
  9. The reason why the NCAA is inept is because they always lose in court. Everything people want them to do to get control of college sports, the courts have told them they can't do it. This goes all the way back to NCAA v. Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma in 1984, when the NCAA lost control of the broadcasting rights to football. The NCAA makes a nice punching bag for people's frustrations, but they don't deserve the blame. The courts and our lawmakers deserve the blame.
  10. The NCAA is doing this because they fear an anti-trust suit. Conferences are free to make their own transfer rules.
  11. No surprise that the assistant basketball coach job listing has been removed from the SLU careers page. The player development position is still listed.
  12. If Apple is going to be investing in sports heavily (which the MLS deal hints), they are either going to buy a media company that has a strong linear platform or they are going to partner with one. Apple isn't going to want to lose money on their sports media rights purchases. The only way to make money off those deals currently and at least through the next decade is with a share of that content distributed live through linear components.
  13. Apple would have multiple ways to buy a couple Netflix valued companies without taking on any debt. To be honest, Apple would actually be better off buying Disney. They get a better library and inventory of current programming/live sports. They then could sell/spin off a bunch a extremely valuable assets Apple has no use for. I am thinking the TV stations, parks, resorts, cruise line, time share company, real estate, book publishing houses, etc. It would dramatically lower the ultimate purchase cost and create another income stream for Apple by licensing Disney IP to many of the divisions they would sell.
  14. This is so true. Even after nine years of buying back shares, Apple still has $51.5 billion in cash/liquid current marketable securities on hand. They, also, have $141 billion in non-current marketable securities that mature over the next 1 to 5 years.
  15. Well they limit themselves by sticking to the traditional 1 and 2 for a backcourt. That wasn't even really what an offensive backcourt was even 30-40 years ago. If you are going to that, I understand why they picked the two they did. It should be, at a minimum the point/combo and two wings. Even that now isn't perfect with so most teams now playing a ton of four out. To make the best judgement, it should include everyone that would be getting minutes at those positions.
  16. Texas A&M is a less attractive program than Texas and that is coming from someone that hates the Horns. Florida is a far more attractive program than any program they would potentially want to veto and Florida has a expanding Big 10 as an option. It isn't the same situation.
  17. It doesn't mean much when it comes to most schools. It means a lot when it comes to Florida. If the other SEC members and ESPN piss off Florida, the Gators can pack their bags and join the Big 10/Fox today. Any member of the SEC is free to leave the SEC at anytime at no cost. Florida is more important to SEC and ESPN than any potential members that Florida would want to veto. Miami isn't getting in the SEC unless ESPN cuts a huge side deal that drops a ton of money into Florida's lap.
  18. That is the position beside assistant coach SLU has had listed for several weeks. I assume that means Nunez has moved up to DBO position that Wilson left.
  19. Justin NDjock-Tadjore. 4 points on a jump shot and two free throws.
  20. I really think the fact that Gibson Jimerson was a second team Academic All-American should be getting much more attention.
  21. Franz Wagner and Corey Krispert were First Team Academic All-Americans.
  22. The Bonnies might be setting some kind of record here.
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