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  1. I think a post about an interview with the head coach of the SLU Women's Soccer team and encouraging all posters to attend the upcoming game against ND, most certainly belongs in the SLU Women's Soccer thread. In fact, I can't think of a more appropriate place for it. You would have to be a narcissistic troll and probably on the spectrum to believe otherwise.
  2. Iowa worries me the most and it isn't because they are the BIG 10 school in group. The kid seems really intelligent about the recruiting process and that if he has the talent to play in the NBA it won't matter if he is in the Big 10, Big East or the A10. What scares me about Iowa is the Keegan Murray comp Nzeh brought up. If Nzeh sees himself as a Keegan Murray (which honestly is a good comp based on body and skillset coming out of high school), the pull to go to the school where Murray arrived as a 3 star prospect and left as the 4th overall pick in the NBA draft could be strong.
  3. Final Jeopardy Category: Movies Answer: "Old Guy, Bernard Schwartz and Lucille LeSueur” Question: "Who are 3 people who've never been in my kitchen?"
  4. God forbid that two guys that have contributed to this site for years (one who has given up massive amounts of time putting together recruiting summaries) get to interview Katie Shields. How could Katie do this to courtside? Maybe courtside and others should write Katie a strongly worded letter to inform her about the sacredness of courtside’s soccer thread. Maybe let Katie know how you feel about it in a reply to her on Twitter and then click the like button to your own reply.
  5. Mad respect for the Gaffney’s drop.
  6. I think it is far more likely we see him with Murray St. this season than on our bench.
  7. I would rather help out a HBCU NAIA program with a buy game check while possibly giving us boost in our attempt to recruit Dallas, instead of writing that check USC Upstate. Like others have said, this is a 19th home game. I think when we see something like this it is pretty clear this was a back up plan put together when a plan for a bigger name program didn’t work out. This date was most likely being saved for a home and home starting on the road against top 75 program or a neutral site game. It didn’t work out and the staff tried to make the best out of late situation they didn’t plan on being in.
  8. Playing Paul Quinn is a Dallas recruiting move. The coach of Paul Quinn runs Jermaine O'Neal's Drive Nation AAU program.
  9. Yes, I can't remember the last player from that program we signed.
  10. Who was the player from the Jets that SLU signed out of high school?
  11. I hope I don't offend anyone by posting in this thread, but since no one brought it up yet........... The Billikens kick of their season tonight at 7 with an exhibition against Lindenwood. Game is free for anyone who would like to go. No streaming tonight. https://slubillikens.com/news/2022/8/9/womens-soccer-billikens-host-lindenwood-in-wednesday-night-exhibition.aspx
  12. But is he using the chicken or the egg as the bait?
  13. Fair enough. I always enjoy our exchanges even when we disagree.
  14. Everything can be negotiated and Comcast Spectacor has financial interest in keeping SLU happy. Chaifetz is among the most attended venues it's size for concert's and another non SLU events. Comcast Spectacor wants to keep operating the venue beyond their current deal. If SLU wanted to, they could get Comcast Spectacor to address the concession prices for SLU basketball games. Both the men's and the women's. It isn't like they have to manually change the price boards between events.
  15. I don't mean to be a dick, but you said no one is dropping concession prices. I gave two examples from the past twelve months (one that just happened today) and then you try to move the goal posts. I can give you multiple other examples that have happened in the past 12 months. I can give you even more examples if you would like to extend the timeline out to the last three years. Multiple sports programs both college and pro have dropped concession prices over the last several years. But you can always keep changing the parameters of what you want to discuss if you want to be able to make excuses for not acting to address declining attendance.
  16. These concession price reductions were announced by the Houston Texans just today. https://www.sportsbusinessjournal.com/Daily/Issues/2022/08/09/Facilities/Texans-reduce-popular-concessions-prices.aspx
  17. Georgia cut concession prices on many items almost 50% last season. $2 Bottled water, $2.50 bottled soda, $2.50 hot dogs, $2 candy, $2 for a small popcorn and $5 for a large popcorn bucket.
  18. I won't forgive Finley Bizjack for choosing not to become a Billiken. Vice good, Bizjack bad.
  19. This is a kid the staff has been on for almost a year. I like this commit. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/high-school/2022/07/04/tssaa-basketball-what-brock-vice-learned-houston-state-championship-season/7661249001/
  20. The Cardinals are averaging more fans per game this season with every home game broadcast in one manner or another than they did in the early 2000's in a bigger stadium without every home game broadcast.
  21. SLU addressed this somewhat inadvertently by having to reduce the arena's capacity because they forgot about the practice facility. Also, TV is a double edge sword. It might keep some people home, but it exposes your product to a large amount of potential costumers. The key is marketing the product correctly to give those people a reason to sample the product in person and then delivering a product that makes them willing to pay again after they attend in person. Plenty of pro and college programs have been successful in doing it.
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