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  1. Gotta love the pace of these games. 1 hour commitment.
  2. Christian Winborne had SLU interest and committed to St. Joe's today. Big get for them - he's a solid 3-star, ranked #126 by Prep Hoops, and had plenty of power conference offers. I'm preserving his bio here for reference. Christian Winborne - PG, 6-3, 175 - Baltimore, MD (Gilman) - AAU: Team Thrill (Under Armour Association) - Twitter: @Polothedon__ Offers: VCU, Massachusetts, St. Joseph's, Xavier, Seton Hall, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Nebraska, Northwestern, Kansas State, LSU, Harvard, Yale, Penn, Southeast Missouri, Mercer, Loyola-Maryland, UMBC, Bryant, Mount St. Mary's, Howard, Delaware State, Morgan State. Interest: Saint Louis, Richmond, George Washington, George Mason, Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall, Butler, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Boston College, Michigan, Maryland, Illinois, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Georgia, Stanford, Cincinnati, Temple, Tulsa, East Carolina, Utah State, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, SIU-Carbondale, Florida Atlantic, East Tennessee State, Holy Cross, Lehigh, Towson, William & Mary, James Madison, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, Georgia State, South Alabama, Southeastern Louisiana, Stetson, Liberty. Latest News: Winborne took official visits to Penn, Northwestern, and St. Joe's and unofficial visits to Harvard and Rutgers. (7/2/21) Scouting Report: Winborne is a point guard with a well-rounded skill set. He makes plays for his teammates and knows how to use ball screens. He can hit threes consistently off the dribble or catch. He's a smart player who sees the floor and passes well. Prep Hoops - 126, 247Sports Composite - 212.
  3. Thames did some work in the second quarter. Fought a crowd for an offensive rebound to get a second chance bucket. Put some pressure on the ball handler all the way down the floor to eventually force a turnover. Got his own rebound after a contested missed layup. Drew a foul on a shot fake. Effort stuff all over the floor. Up to 6 rebounds now. Kramer grabbed a couple more, too, and BBE is up 34-21 at half.
  4. Kramer had 5 points and 2 rebounds in the first quarter. 2-4 from the field, 1-3 from 3. He hit his first one, then Thames fed him for a second attempt that missed, and he had to fade to his left a little on his final attempt at the first quarter buzzer. Thames had 2, 2, and 1 in the first quarter. Missed a 3PA off a Kramer pass - good look from the corner. Got a nice rebound and drove full court to draw the foul. He was just starting to get out of control with it, so the foul was well timed.
  5. Bumping this to remind people to take a live look at Kramer and Thames.
  6. Lisch is pretty much everything you heard he was off the court. He couldn't have been more gracious with his time and what really struck me was his perspective on certain aspects of his experience. I was genuinely surprised by some of his answers, or at least his take on certain things that differed from what I would've expected. We're working on scheduling the second part now. I will admit to being a bit nervous about releasing the first half before the second is in the can, but based on our interactions with him so far, I'm still pretty confident we'll get that second part. I guess the advantage is that if any of you think we missed something, got something wrong, etc., let us know and maybe we can touch on it in the second part, which will mostly be focused on his pro career, national team experience, and life after SLU.
  7. BBE plays at 11:30 STL time today in their first Peach Jam game. Stream it here. Thames' play illustrates just how valuable it is to watch them live instead of relying on box scores and write-ups.
  8. This is exactly my impression of him, or at least how he plays on this BBE squad. I actually think he's a little too unselfish for them, giving up quite a few open looks to feed his teammates. He does a lot of little, unglamorous things that go a long way and his numbers don't show his value. I'm interested to see him play for Pattonville this season because even though he's got a good supporting cast, he's the top player there. It's a totally different dynamic and he puts up big numbers for his HS team. Regardless, he's got smarts and skill and length that should all translate. He's lean and is going to need to add to his frame, but no doubt he'll be able to do that.
  9. He certainly has the roster to do that, but he generally hasn't gone that deep historically so it'd be new for him.
  10. They normally shift the classes over to the left in August, so that still might happen. The COVID year makes everything a mess for now. Lamin played as a freshman this past season, so I guess JUCO transfers also get a COVID year? I'm not sure why he has four full seasons left, otherwise.
  11. Reed would be the starting 5 on BBE. He has a relationship with the MOKAN coach - who is bringing him to Link Year Prep - and wants to play in that program. So Turnbull starts for BBE and Robert Lewis (Ritter) backs him up. Martin was basically bumped by Fears. He'd be the backup PG on BBE and had previously gotten bigger minutes with this age group. So he's at MOKAN now and gets a little more run than he would at BBE. No one would start over Nick Smith or Brandon Miller at BBE, and they've been with the program for a few years. Hughes, Mayo, Thames, Kramer would all be playing roles behind those two Thames and Kramer opted to stay in those roles at BBE, and the other two jumped to MOKAN, where the minutes have been a bit more balanced at guard/wing. Fears and Stacker have been the other BBE starters, with Banks, Jones, Thames, and Kramer backing them up. MOKAN is set with Reed and Okpara and Shaw in the 3-5 spots and it's basically even between the other guys playing in the mid-high teens range for MPG. BBE hasn't been as balanced, with Smith, Miller, and Fears eating up the most minutes so far and the other guys playing low-mid-teens MPG. BBE has been the better team, too. Small sample size and a lot can change, that's just how things have played out so far. I'm hoping to see more of Thames and Kramer, but even as the game got lopsided yesterday, only Thames got in during the last minute or so and Kramer didn't play the fourth quarter.
  12. JUCO/Transfer names to watch: Tyree Corbett - Alcorn State - Junior Omar Nur - Highland College - Freshman Fallou Diagne - Northwest Florida - Freshman Dario Domingos - New Mexico JC - Freshman Quincy McGriff - Salt Lake CC - Sophomore (only guard on the list) Will add others if I see anything.
  13. So the STL kids get the most minutes on the KC-based team and the non-STL kids (Miller, Smith, Fears, Banks) get the most minutes on the STL-based team. AAU is a strange beast.
  14. He very well might be. He and Thatch have the physicality, and although I wouldn't necessarily form a lineup with him guarding a forward, Nesbitt wouldn't be giving up much size, either. I honestly don't think we leaned into the whole bully ball thing as much as we could've last season. It wound up being that way sometimes, but I would have gone physically harder on certain opponents than we did. We're losing some rebounding, no question. Goodwin's rebounding from the guard position is literally irreplaceable. No other guard does what he does in that department. However, French didn't have a great season and Okoro is taller and longer. Bell and Linssen both have another year under their belts. Nesbitt has great size for his position. We'll be a good rebounding team, just not like the last couple years. Ford isn't a system guy. He molds his style to his roster. We lose rebounding and strength but we should be a more effective team offensively.
  15. This is an idea I've been wrestling with since Ford hinted a couple weeks ago they might take another big for this season. We have 3 guys who are true centers - albeit different from one another - and we don't have anyone resembling a true power forward. Not that basketball has stayed in a conventional 1-2-3-4-5 mode, but I just don't see us running two of Okoro, Bell, and Linssen for long stretches. Forwards have gotten so much faster and more athletic, we're going to struggle to guard opposing players who are in between a wing and a post. Which brings us to Strickland and Lorentsson, the tallest guys on the roster after Bell, Linssen, and Okoro. They're guys who could guard a 4 just based on their length, but they're both slender and need both physical and skill development (unless either had a huge offseason that we don't know about). I would like to see Strickland in particular unleashed more this season. Just don't know if the minutes are there yet now, given our guard stockpile.
  16. Two Jones-related threads tied together in Twitter: Basically this gives us depth and versatility in the backcourt. We still don't know if Williams will be given a waiver but we're deep either way. We can play a lot of different ways, give opposing defenses a lot of different looks. We'll be able to defend.
  17. Jayden Epps committed to Illinois yesterday. Originally committed to Providence, reopened, then called it for Illinois. SLU was an early offer but not a factor down the stretch. Also, Treyvon Lewis committed to Loyola yesterday. SLU was interested but didn't offer. Pasting his bio below in case I need it later (offers get saved, but I let interests disappear and should probably keep them to make them searchable). Treyvon Lewis - SG, 6-5, 185 - Ferndale, MI (Ferndale) - AAU: The Family (Nike EYBL) - Twitter: @Elite_kid5 Offers: VCU, Loyola-Chicago, Toledo, Kent State, Siena. Interest: Saint Louis, Dayton, Duquesne, Xavier, Butler, Marquette, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa State, Kansas State, Florida, Missouri, Cincinnati, Temple, Tulsa, East Carolina, Boise State, Air Force, Belmont, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Miami-Ohio, Bowling Green, Cleveland State, Milwaukee, Youngstown State, IUPUI, UNC-Wilmington, Iona, LIU-Brooklyn, Liberty. Latest News: Lewis visited Michigan State. (7/2/21) Scouting Report: Lewis is a big guard with high-level scoring ability. He can create his own shot and is comfortable off the catch or dribble, has an easy stroke, and range well beyond the NBA 3-point line. He has good length, creates mismatches at both ends, and handles the ball well for his size.
  18. The league isn't coming back to STL for a third round. There are several other markets that would be more attractive for either expansion or relocation. STL is one of the largest non-NFL markets left but it isn't growing, has a bad relationship with the league, and building and sustaining enthusiasm for a team that wouldn't be good for a while would be tough. Those later Rams seasons had very little energy or support. We just need to let it go.
  19. Quincy McGriff (Salt Lake CC) and Paul Otieno (Kilgore College) are two names from this past weekend's JUCO Advocate 48 that may be worth monitoring.
  20. Given that the City and County are named as plaintiffs, a settlement wouldn't all be going to the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority. Would there really be terms on how the funds have to be used? Why would they have to be used collectively, and why would the state have say over their usage? I wish it could go to just basic city services. The silver bullet projects have never really paid off. It would be better to improve everyone's day-to-day lives. It takes like 20 minutes for an ambulance/cop to show up now. Trash pickups are being missed. City residents have always relied on a bizarre unofficial system of having to call and complain to their alderperson instead of being able to go through the services themselves.
  21. I loved the play BBE ran to start the game. Turnbull won the tip, got it to Smith, rushed up court unguarded, and Smith hit him with a long pass all the way to the basket. He missed it and probably had enough time to square up and dunk it, but it was a brilliant way to start the game and they'd clearly worked on it. Turnbull isn't going to be a factor in the Big East right away but should get better every year. Hoping to get a better sense for both Thames and Kramer tomorrow - or at least over the course of the next six games (I should be able to catch half of them). Like Turnbull, they're both guys who might take some time but I think the pieces are there.
  22. Christian Jones from East St. Louis, the Mizzou commit. Robert Lewis and Braxton Stacker from Ritter. I think that's it. Miller is from Nashville (5-star, one-and-done type, has a SLU offer), Smith is from Arkansas, Tavion Banks is from KC, Fears from Chicago.
  23. Jeremy Fears from Chicago. Live stats are available with player numbers - super helpful. Kudos to the EYBL for making this so easy.
  24. Kramer and Thames are on with BBE right now against Drive Nation in the first EYBL game of their season. They didn't put much on the stat sheet in the first quarter but they've been solid.
  25. Tyler Bilodeau - PF, 6-8, 190 - Kennewick, WA (Kamiakin) - AAU: Washington Supreme (Under Armour Association) - Twitter: @TylerBilodeau34 Offers: Saint Louis, Boise State. Interest: Stanford, Utah, Washington State, Colorado State, Loyola-Chicago, Drake, Lafayette, South Alabama, Louisiana-Monroe, UC-Davis, Montana, Montana State, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Idaho State, Liberty, Seattle. Latest News: Bilodeau received an offer from SLU. (7/12/21) Scouting Report: Bilodeau is a stretch four who runs the floor like a guard. He can shoot it from beyond the three-point line, beat defenders off the dribble, and is effective with his back to the basket. He has great hands and good length, and rebounds well at both ends. He is the son of former NHL first-round draft pick Brent Bilodeau and WNBA player Cass Bauer, and his cousin is 2021 NFL first round draft pick Payton Turner.
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