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  1. 34 minutes ago, Randy said:

    Let's say the Billikens' starting 5 is as follows: Yuri, Goodwin, French, Bell Jr. & DJ

    Now take those 5 away from the Billikens.

    Where does the team rank in the A-10 this year with: Perkins, Thatch, Jimerson, Linssen, THJ, Strickland, Russell, Hightower & Lorentsson as the main contributors? 

    Upper half maybe upper third. 

  2. 3 hours ago, slu72 said:

    Indy’s their HQ is all I know. Not sure what items make up their revenue stream, ie dues, tv rev from tournaments, licensing fees, etc., but they must have a cash flow problem laying off 800 staffers. 

    Don’t have numbers but I believe March Madness is where most of their revenue come from. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Reinert310 said:

    Agree to disagree. Even if he’s starting, he’s maybe the 3rd or 4th option at Kentucky. He’s the 1st option at SLU who could very realistically make just as deep of a run at SLU as Kentucky would. If we keep winning, keep recruiting like we have been, there will be no reason to leave. It will effect more middling schools who happen across a diamond in the rough than it will SLU.

    People leave because the grass can always be greener. Kentucky has bluegrass. Why did Blackshere leave Virginia Tech as a grad transfer for Florida? He was already the top dog. 

  4. 14 minutes ago, Reinert310 said:

    If Goodwin wanted to leave after his freshman year, he would’ve left. I have no doubt that other schools reached out to him. Will mid-majors lose some big time players to Power-6 poaching? Of course. But a lot of players will stay for the sane reasons they committed to a mid-major over power-6 schools in the 1st place. Fit. Comfort and trust with coaches. Ect.

    I understand what you guys are saying and maybe he is a bad example but if a Kentucky came calling and said you are our final piece to a national championship he may be tempted especially if there were incentives involved. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, Pistol said:


    Again, I don't see the balance of power changing at all. We have just as much ability to bring guys in on short notice to fill a hole, we're in a major market that produces a lot of talent and will be an attractive place to finish a college career (keep an eye on the STL guys going to power conference programs right now), and we have a staff that has shown an ability to keep guys together and happy, for the most part.

    Ford and Stuen have both said it in recent interviews - Recruiting never stops. They're now recruiting players from HS, prep school, JUCO, D-I, and their own program. This makes their job harder but also seems to play into their skill sets.

    Everyone has 13 scholarships. For every guy a big program grabs, they have to let someone go. We've benefited from this dynamic more than we've lost from it in recent history. We've mostly lost guys due to coaching changes, off-court stuff, and lack of playing time. How many guys have we lost jumping upward for power program glory? A lot less than we've gained from both higher- and lower-level programs.

    I agree that in shortening the transfer cycle, there is less disincentive for outgoing players and more incentive for coaches to seek quick term fixes outside of grad transfers. We may see more roster turnover in general, and that's in an era of about 1000 transfers a season already. I just think you guys are more worried about it than you need to be. 1000 transfers for 353 programs works out to a little under 3 transfers per team already. That covers an outbound grad transfer and 1-2 disgruntled guys chasing more minutes. That's about right. The new rule only gives a one-time waiver, too; I think players transferring a second or third time would be subject to sit-out rules.

    SLU will be fine.

    I know the official SLU line is that it may even be good for us as people want to play for us, but I'm with 72.  What is keeping a high major stopping from trying to poach a Jordan or Has for a specific need. They would go for a best or most promising player. There may even be a suitcase involved. The major washout is not going to be as good as the player being poached. Who would we get as a transfer who would be as good as say Perkins. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Taj79 said:

    Thanks to all for the insights.  I guess I'm just the Sheldon Cooper of the Billikenboard in that I believe that an institution devoid of rules and regulations or lax in the same, is doing no one a favor.  So much so that why be in existence?  

    I understand Pistol's take in terms of dealing with fewer complaints but so what, isn't that your job?  Isn't that why you get the big bucks in your take off the CBS tournament dollars?  I completely understand getting closer to home in terms of the pandemic and I am glad Levi Stockard made it back to Richmond, Virginia.  Ditto all the Rhode Island kids from DC and NYC.  I understand kids assumed the waiver rule would be voided but you know what they say about "assume."  It's like Mickey Pearson of Lincoln, Al., playing in front of grandma in Texas.  

    As for CB Fan .... while I understand and sanction your sentiment on getting out of a so-called pandemic 'hot spot'and would gladly accept any and all under that banner, Landers Nolley going from countryside  Blacksburg, Va., to city metro Memphis, Tn., seems a reversal at least in that case.  Not picking on Lolley, just saying.  

    What I also don't get is the NCAA announcing these transfer waivers individually.  Seems like quite an addition to the sham.   If it is as you say, why the grand performance to grant these waivers individually ---- just do it.  Give it to them all as some say it is.  As is and from a distance, it gives the appearance that someone at the NCAA is looking over these individual waiver applications and weighing them against some sort of qualifying criteria and then making a pronouncement.  That adds to the 'behind the curtain' suspense that is the NCAA and just adds to the ongoing sham.  

    Kids have wanted out of situations since the beginning of time.  I am all for open transfers if the coach they signed with leaves the program or is fired.  No issues with the 'grandma' clause.  No questions asked; immediate eligibility.  I'd even open the door for kids that are recruited over but I doubt any coach would ever admit that.  Otherwise, learn to choose better and more wisely.  

    Now I'll let it die.


    Sheldon never lets anything die. 

  7. 4 hours ago, DoctorB said:

    Lorentssen is still not enrolled, from what I understand. Not sure what's up with all that, but in the immortal words of Coach Norman Dale, "My team is on the floor..."

    Don’t know if it’s accurate but Durando said he was enrolled and taking classes online. 

  8. 1 hour ago, MichaelC said:

    I can definitely see the P6 looking to avoid any dangerous mid majors, unfortunately I don't think there is anything the NCAA could do to prevent this. The biggest challenge for a college bubble may be personnel. I would think that many of the people involved in game day operations (refs, scoreboard operators, security, etc.) are part timers who may not be willing or able to stay in a bubble for any length of time. Would the NCAA be comfortable with those folks going in and out of the bubble on a regular basis? Not a problem for the NBA, they have the money to compensate all needed staff at a level that allows them to stay in the bubble. 

    Small point of correction. Most refs are not part time during the season. They may even embrace not having to travel. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, JMM28 said:

    I clicked on this thread assuming it was about Canada’s greatest singer songwriter Gordon Lightfoot. After scrolling through 12 pages of drivel about some former basketball player, I’m quite disappointed. 


    I was a fan of Gordon Lightfoot 

  10. 42 minutes ago, Aquinas said:

    I think keeping all of these guys happy and motivated may be Fords biggest challenge  this year. First,  it would be very unusual if we keep all of the players healthy and eligible for a whole season. Second, we have players with such different  strengths.  Ford can adjust his game plan and personnel to exploit each opponents weakness.  We could see players with 29+ minutes one game and 5 the next.

    BIG IF HERE. If they play with Covid you may need a full roster. Players A B And C test positive and are required to isolate for 2 weeks. If the infection hasn’t spread to everyone games could continue. I believe baseball wants to try this model with their taxi squad. I believe this type of situation would be more likely if there was a vaccine. 

  11. 1 hour ago, HoosierPal said:

    I acknowledge your opinion but totally disagree.  

    Let's keep hands off the bar hopping 20 - 29 year old's and their still legal softball leagues, right, who have three times the increase in incident rates since late June as does the 10 -19 group and oh by the way, can vote.  Let's blame the teenagers, who yes are equally irresponsible out in society, but it isn't because of the sports.  It's because their parents/guardians haven't set the right example.  The episode Page cited with a HS + football player causing 14 others to be quarantined was because the player was out party hopping with his buddies over July 4.  The player and several of his buddies all tested positive.  Who set up this party and who chaperoned it?  The incident was not because of youth sports.  That group contracts the virus with or without sports.  The number count is the same with or without sports.  Page has missed the mark and is looking for a scape goat. 

    We have friends whose teenage son contracted the virus while working at a golf course.  There is no talk of shutting down golf courses.  (Too much $$.)  If we want to protect our teens, let's eliminate them from the work force.

    I am done b*tching about what I feel was a blatant political move.  Let's get back to hoops.  And I apologize for a political rant on a basketball forum.

    Help me contract tracing experts. How do we know Hoosier’s friends son caught it at a golf course. Did he get it from someone at the course who was positive? Was the kid  totally isolated between work and home? I want to believe that doing stuff outside is relatively safe. 

  12. 25 minutes ago, almaman said:

    not to be confused with the Late Globe columnist    good article here about LT. easy under 21 liquor store there was my main experience personally with it.


    Thanks for the article. I lived in Laclede Park for a few years while in school . Wasn’t a regular but subbed in a few softball games. Several of my law school friends lived in Laclede Town . By about 73-74 things had gotten pretty rough. Several Cardinal football players lived in Laclede Park. Actually socialized with a couple of them. Lot of fun. 

  13. 1 hour ago, papal said:

    There used to be a baseball(actually softball) field at Laclede and Compton- site of a current place called Chaifetz arena.  Very diversified group of players that included Percy Green, Jerry Berger, Martin Quigley, Thornhill (basketball player for St. Louis Hawks).  Don't know if this was the site for the earlier stadium.

    Jerry Berger. The “God” of Laclede Town. He controlled who could live there. Kept a racial ,age and economic balance. The utopian community worked for awhile but when Berger left it fell apart. 

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