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  1. I can be dead wrong but I think everyone is looking at this from the wrong side. The business side. I don’t think this will provide a return on investment but will allow avid boosters to legally buy players. Instead of hiring players to do sham work you can have them do legal promotion work. Let’s do a hypothetical. Aufenbergh (sp) Motors is an east side auto dealership. What’s to keep him from getting Goodwin to do a commercial for one of his dealerships. Might actually be a good investment. My point is I don’t see us having enough Aufenbergh’s in our program to compete with the Kentucky’s or Missouri’s for players like Jordan or Yuri. Kentucky may be a bad example as we don’t typically recruit against them but there are a lot of wealthy Missouri alumni in this area who give big bucks to their football program.
  2. I'm not sure what your point is but we do not have the top corporate support you may find in a lot of cities. With the exception of Doc I don't know of any deep pocket backers sitting at courtside.
  3. I don't agree. There are what 25-30 one and doners. Somebody like Jordan I believe would command money. Take an Okoro. Lots of teams would like a player of that size and potential . I believe it's that next level player that the bidding will center around.
  4. I am all for paying the kids a reasonable salary[few hundred dollars a month] but opening up a free market for endorsements is a terrible idea. Yes I know some kids are already being bought but this just makes it very difficult for mid sized programs like ours. I doubt Doc and Rex want to get in the player buying business.
  5. My guess,and I do mean guess, is there is no date. Start of school.
  6. I am sure all that ticket money went into the budget for the year. Even if they had the luxury of investing it at today rates that might add about $1.50 to your account.
  7. True. I won’t even pick one up.
  8. I am not really questioning what you are saying about Strickland but unless you have had the opportunity to see him at practice I’m not sure how you can make those statements. If you have had access I will buy your analysis. Point is we didn’t see enough to make any judgements except he can jump out of the gym.
  9. I am a huge Hargrove fan but man you are selling Evans short. There was very little Evans couldn’t do. Bigs couldn’t stay with him, smalls couldn’t keep him from the hoop. TJ lacks strength. That’s why he has trouble rebounding in a crowd. Evans was a very good athlete.
  10. Get with it. You have to use bitcoin.
  11. TJ was exposed defensively when he had to guard a 4. Doesn’t have the strength to defend or rebound at that position. Agree he needs to work on ball handling to get those 2-3 minutes.
  12. I don’t want either one out shooting 3’s . Linssen was a very effective scorer in the paint. Jimmie just needs to finish. His footwork is good for a big man but just didn’t finish.
  13. TJ played more his freshman year due to injuries and the fact that Thatch came back. I am in the camp that he would be more productive if he played more regular minutes.
  14. GameStop is a better option.
  15. Pretty sure Wendelprof is or was a professor there.
  16. So your point is you have to be a hall of fame coach to make the tournament almost every year? Maybe it's the other way around. Make the tournament almost every year and you become a hall of fame coach. How many years has Xavier made the tournament? Who is their hall of famer? Is Lon Krueger a famer? How about Miller?
  17. My unresearched guess is that about 30 teams make it just about every year. If you kick out the bottom 100 teams that would only make it they win their championship that leaves your 99% a tad high. Yes we could be a top 30 program every year. We should have made it 3 years in a row looking at the 4th.
  18. I don't agree that you can't make it every year. Rick talked about building a program. Before he got ill he was doing that. You reload every year. We want to become a Gonzaga ,a Nova,a Xavier. Sure you might have a bad year every now and then but if you build program you should be there every year.
  19. I am not trying to be cute but I think we need to make the tournament every year.
  20. No problem with including him but I would be reasonable happy with the Thatch I saw the last 10 games. He just needs more minutes.
  21. I think a good litmus test of whether Ford can develop talent will be the 3 current Bills you mention. Yuri-TJ-Jimerson. We all think the have a lot of ability. Can they become really productive players behind what they have currently done. I think the will but time will tell.
  22. Maybe the university sees the hammer coming.
  23. But can he bring the bring the ball up the floor?
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