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  1. Yes. If they would say those things today they would be idiots. One would be an idiot if they ignored science and statistical proof that vaccines work.
  2. If you wear a Billiken mask it will make it all right.
  3. Sorry they are an idiot. This has nothing to do with politics. It’s pure science. And social responsibility. Politics has nothing to do with it .
  4. I will predict the future. The surge will be over by October one way or the other. Either the idiots will get vaccinated or they will get infected . One way or the other there will be some type of herd immunity.
  5. Hope you are all right on Nesbitt. If he starts as a freshman from day one over the likes of Thatch he's a pretty good player.
  6. So is he an exceptional coach because he is at Dayton (mid-major) and not at Alabama. Not too many coaches have succeeded at a high level at the football powerhouses. If he were the coach at Kentucky or Louisville would he not be exceptional? The Zags are categorized as a mid-major. I guess Few could not be successful at a major program. Yes I know that is ridiculous but my “bone” is how you put everything in tiers and it’s not that simple.
  7. I can be totally misreading Star but I don’t think that is how he is slotting his terms. I am sure he would not call Villanova a mid major.
  8. Three Star I have a bone to pick with you. You put everything into perceived categories. Major. Mid-Major etc. Grant is a good coach period not a good mid-major coach. You stick every recruit into your categories. Are you a good basketball analyst or a good 3 star analyst. I appreciate you knowledge but think you overdo your slotting.
  9. If this was a public company I would short it. For Corey’s sake I hope my instincts are wrong.
  10. Unseld will right the ship. Right Earl.
  11. Brian Roberts,CEO of Comcast was on CNBC this morning. He said they may merge Hulu into Peacock in the future.
  12. The popularity of the tournament would shrink greatly if the size were reduced by the big schools leaving. The tournament is a ratings success because everybody has a team. Whether it's your school your city or your town or your favorite mascot everyone has a team. To many of us the first weekend is what makes the tournament special. TV would not pay a billion dollars to watch Kentucky play Duke for the 3rd time. Cinderella is what makes it special.
  13. In the article he said he was shooting with more elevation. Said his form was always good.
  14. I would also like to see a super league but don’t agree that it’s necessary for the private schools to remain relevant. The Zags Nova Hoyas Blue Jays Flyers Bills Johnies Bull Dogs Gales will be relevant.
  15. The NCAA Tournament is the cash cow. I can't see them doing anything to change that. If anything the change would be adding more teams.
  16. I am totally in agreement with this. As I have said before you need at least one for a midterm transfer.
  17. My wife and I have stayed in touch with Rasheed Malik. Rasheed has stayed in touch with Larry Simmons and Sekeue. I believe they are all in the Houston area. Rasheed who lost his senior year to a heart condition is a school teacher.
  18. I saw this but question whether it was just Saban using it for recruiting. Come to Alabama where you can make a million. This whole thing is a bad idea. You talk about how alums can “legally recruit “.
  19. Sounds like they need Willie Reed.
  20. You sound like an old man saying back in my day things were always better. If anything the new players are too good. There is no such thing as a shot out of range. The skill level is incredible.
  21. Not to speak for the Wiz but I believe he is involved in finance at a higher level.
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