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  1. There is not much going on right now so they probably don't feel a sense of urgency.I don't know if Costas is involved but his HBO series is about over. He's probably been in NY. They also just went through graduation. My guess is they have been soliciting applications.
  2. What did Floys Irons say to defend his indefensible actions??? The shows on too late for this old man.
  3. I think all of you guys are crazy. Here is an 18 year old kid with an NBA body with flashes of great talent. Everybody on this board thinks Brad is the greatest coach this side of Phil Jackson and you wouldn't want to give him a chance with this kid. As I said you guys are crazy.
  4. The last time SLU had a celebrity AD was when they hired Jim Bakken. What a disaster. SLU paid for a membership at Algonquin CC for him to entertain and raise money from big wigs . All he did was play golf by himself,never was in the office and brought in no money.
  5. I think you make a good point about calling Debbie Yow. She would have a good feel for who would be a good fit for SLU."good better best,never let it rest,untill your good becomes your better and your better becomes your best"
  6. I would think that Meyer's redshirting would depend on what he wants to study. The kid is suppose to be a soph. in credits when he enrolls. He might not want to stick around for 5 years especially if he wants to be a doctor or lawyer or indian chief.
  7. I am not advocating Ken but I will say that our game management and promotions were far better when he was in charge. The last couple of years have been awfull. {Please can the Hardy's race].
  8. I would guess that Ken Bottoff[sp] would apply.
  9. I was told early on by a finance guy with experience in sports arenas that it could be built in 18 mo. Therefore my calculator says they could be ready by the fall of 2006.
  10. Sutton's a bum. It really galled me that he was being treated as this beloved grandfather figure during the NCAA Tourney. He is a cheat,always has been and probably always will be.
  11. Mike Shanahan spoke briefly about the arena at the golf tournament. I think he was like the rest of us and had a cocktail to many but I think he said lead gifts were progressing. He expressed confidence that eveything was going forward and we would all be contacted in the near future. Brad spoke forcefully about the need to get the arena done and everyones expectations should go up when it is done. I found it encouraging that Brad mentioned Tommy as a future Billiken. Brad said he had a very good weekend. You could tell he was very happy.
  12. I agree Doug has done a very good job on the big picture items. The rap has been that he's hard to work for. He's supposedly a micro manager. We have had a lot of turnover especially in area like promotion. I think he'd like to move on if he can find a better job, especially one with football. This is probably the 4th or 5th time his name has been mentioned for a new job.
  13. Roy I think your a little harsh on Claiborne. For whatever reason he has crawled on the band wagon. It might have something to do with Floyd and Polk but he's said some pretty nice things about Brad and our program. He attended the banquet and was cordial to the crowd. My guess is he'll play this up.
  14. Who are we going to play exhibition games against? Wash U -UMSL nobody? Are will they play real games against other schools but just not count? Anybody know?
  15. You might find 1000 donors willing to pledge $1000 for 5 years. Thats some real money. I also think there are some $10,000 to $100,000 gifts out there. My point is this thing needs to fly. We can not back off this project. You ever tell your kids you will give this something or allow them to do something and then say no. Not a pretty sight.
  16. My complaint on the fund raising is I don't know who has been contacted. How do they know how much support is out there? I don't know anyone who has been contacted . How do they know I haven't won the lottery or my great aunt Minnie just died and left me $100 mill. Maybe they have some secret formula that hasn't been met but from my eyes they haven't been very out front in the money game. I just hope this doesn't hurt recruiting.
  17. Who ever said that his mother needs to sign the loa is correct. He had to send it home.
  18. I totally agree. Met him a few times a very nice guy. Can't stand his sport spots.
  19. From reading Roy over the years I believe he is of the opinion that most teams cheat. I'm curious as to whether most people agree with that. Are we really one step from sainthood compared to everyone else.I do believe we try to play by the rules but what about everybody else? I do believe everybody in the SEC cheats. Always have always will. But what about the Kansas State's-the Boston College's-the Ohio States of the world. My own opinion is that about one half of all teams cheat with about 1/4 of them giving hard enducments.But I certainly believe you can be clean and still win at the highes
  20. Roy you may be a realist but that is one of the problems with our program. Too many people believe that we can't compete with the big boys. If Brad is ever going to achieve his goal of going to a final 4 we have to be able to sign the best local talent regardless of who's after them. I for one have faith in Brad and believe TL will be a Billiken
  21. When you say move on I hope your talking about this years scholarship. To give up on Tommie playing for SLU in the future would be stupid. You won him once you can win him again.
  22. Where have you been Clancy? I figured you had forgotten how to turn on your computer.
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