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24 January 2015 - 11:31 AM

What I liked the most about this game was the use of the line up of Bartley, McBroom, Ash, Malik, and Gillman.  I think this should be our core lineup substituting in Roby and Crawford at the 1 - 3, and then Manning, Reggie, and Jolley at the 4 - 5.  McBroom was very good last night, but the offense seems to work much better when Bartley is on the floor.  Also, if Reggie can do what he did last night every night - it will help this team a lot.


I have given Crews a hard time (as fans who sit around me can attest) but I think he did a good job last night.  I think the Gillman-Manning substitutions at the end of the game were smart.  I am willing to be patient (and hopefully Jayson Tatum is too).  I just want to see progress, and I think a large part of that is settling on some lineups.

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24 January 2015 - 08:44 AM

To reply more to some points,



It has been a great disappointment that saint louis university hasn’t made a bigger deal about the upcoming retirement of Dr Mike Beczkala.   mike pretty much started the billiken pep band and it has grown in size and talent over the years to the point it truly is the greatest pep band in all of college basketball.   Plus, not only are they “the band", most games, they do a better job of being the typical student body than the student body.  mike’s involvement has been minimized greatly this year as new director, austin turner  takes over.   Over the Christmas break when the students were gone, mike brought a number of us alumni musicians back one more time to be the band while the students were out.   if you run into mike, you should make an effort to thank him for a wonderful job over the years and congratulate him on his upcoming retirement (he is also retiring as the columbia grade school principal as well after this current school year.)   meanwhile the band plays on as great as ever.   thanks mike for starting it all.  it was great to see you leading the band last night.   austin is doing a great job stepping into your shoes, but an old traditionalist like myself just feels more comfortable seeing the "same ole" leading the way.


It was neat to see Mike lead the band last night.  I cannot speak to how SLU has treated Mike.  There were some rumblings of unhappyness, but the band he developed is the core of the Billiken atmosphere we see at Fetz.



all century team when first announced seemed like a neat idea.   that said, the end of it was really somewhat of a trainwreck.   it went from what everyone was assuming was going to be a 5 man team with a coach selected to a 16 player roster and three coaches and mysteriously the great harry rogers, jimmy irving, and david burns were all left off.   coach grawer, who saved the program from falling into division III status, and who had some wonderful teams advance deep into the NIT , was not amongst the three coaches selected.  then to top it off, there wasn’t an actual moment where the players live were presented to the crowd, just an announcement from the PA announcer and a flash on the video screen.   what a let down.


I agree I was a little disappointed in the all century team.  I would have done 5 players, and one coach.  And then make every effort to get those 5 players to the game.  People know where I stand with Grawer.  However, regarding the actual moment, I am pretty certain SLU announced they were going to do an event at a game in February.



slu fan support has been a lot better thus far than i expected.   we have had some games where the seats were filled far more than i would have ever dreamed considering how much this team has dropped off this year.   got to love that.  that said, i have been disappointed with the students thus far.   they just sit there as much as i do.   i’m an old tired guy with a bad ticker.   i got an excuse.   they don’t.   far too often you look over and they are sitting there staring at their phones.   like i said above, the band does a better job of being a student section than the student section.    while many hate to admit it, the days that 05 and 13 were involved in the student section were fantastic.   Those student sections rocked.   whoever is the current head of the group needs to step it up.   and you students that aren’t going crazy, you are missing out on creating some great memory.   the likes of myself and taj and bonwich, when we were at slu there weren’t but about 10 of us sitting in the stands.   and honestly i think we did more than this current section (that is packed to the top most games).   quit trying to be joe cool smooth and get crazy.  that is what students do.   skip and i will yell at the refs.   you just need to be constant noise and motion.


I agree that I am surprised by general game turnout, but I think the student section deserves a little more credit.  Everyone walked into Chaifetz last night expecting a loss, and the student section was full to the brim.  This was something we did not see in Scott Trade or the early games of Chaifetz.  Every student is not going to get crazy in any student section, but we had Cookie Monster and Big Bird from the student section in the dance off.  Students are having fun with it.  Also, I think the promotions are nicely organized this year.  I sometimes I find relive the Billiken moment to be "relive last season," but still a nice promotion,

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24 January 2015 - 07:44 AM

First, Welcome Back Roy.  Or should I say: welcome back roy.   I am glad you decided to return to the Billikens.com community.  I know you have kept in touch with many via private messaging, but Billikens.com isn’t quite the same without billiken_roy.

As many posters know, Roy took a self-imposed hiatus for the last year or so.  Roy is one of many who have not liked how the Billikens.com has changed over the years.  I cannot say I share this sentiment.  The tone of the message board has definitely changed, but I think some fantastic posters have emerged.  The “old boys club” and new posters (or one poster would likely refer to them: MBMs) don’t always get along, but I think both groups make great contributions.  Roy and I discussed his coming back, and I hope the approach Roy is taking with doing a post a week can emerge as a feature of Billikens.com similar to Wiz’s pre-game predictions or Taj’s post-game thoughts from the couch.

I encourage people to reply and even challenge Roy.  While Roy is one of my favorite posters, I don’t always agree with him (e.g. on Majerus).  However, this message board is like a local bar where you can go and talk Billikens.  There will be the occasional bar fight, but we are all on the same team.  You will be hard pressed to find a more passionate Billiken fan than Roy (however his grandson Drew will likely give him a run for the money), and there is a reason why he is a legend in the Billikens.com community.

So welcome back Roy.

In Topic: Students: tickets for Friday?

21 January 2015 - 10:17 PM

This is me just being dumb, but why does the Athletic Department hand out tickets?


At GW, the system was there was a door designated for students.  We all line up outside before the game, they scanned our ID, and then we filtered into the student section.  With GW's student section though, ushers could reasonable separate the student section from paid tickets.

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17 January 2015 - 11:45 PM



I almost forgot about you....