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    Luke Meyer

    I am not a troll. Think what you will, but I will continue to profess my fandom for the Billikens. My friends in Columbia make fun of me because I am always paying attention to the Billikens. Being that I have just started posting I understand that many of you will question my loyalty to the Bills, but, hopefully over time you will realize that I am not trolling, but rather just trying to talk some Billiken basketball like everyone else.
  2. Me too. How awesome would it be to go into New Mexico undefeated? I think that game is much more winnable seeing them play yesterday. Man can you imagine us going into Dayton unblemished. That would be too sweet.

    But, for real, I would rather talk some Billiken basketball. I have a Mizzou board for Tiger Basketball. This is the most excited I have ever been about a Billiken team maybe ever! Who does everyone want to draw Sunday? I say Oklahoma so we can go for another scalp. Then we would just be missing the SEC for a full house.

    Not really. Haith has brought a high pressure, half-court defense to Columbia with him. It has worked better so far.

    No arguments there. Fans only show up for conference play. No one wants to go watch the Tigers play opponents like SEMO, Binghampton and Mercer. They had a nice turnout at the Sprint Center this week though.

    I am a broke college student. I can't afford beer for myself. Will the facepainting do?

    Haha I said that I know people don't like Mizzou and I am fine with that. I can be a fan of both teams. And I will gladly take the BS that comes with it. It is only fair. All I ask is that my fandom for the Bills is not called into question. Because that is something that has been around long before I even knew what Mizzou was.

    My title in no way denotes my preference or fandom of one team over another. I have been a SLU fan way longer than a Mizzou fan and quite frankly live and die with every SLU game a bit more than Mizzou. Haha. I can take the shiznit for being a Tiger fan as long as people realize I am a SLU fan too. So, getting back to the whole Top 25 thing, who thinks we are ranked if we win? Haha. GO BILLS!

    Jeeze. I am not trolling. No need to hate. I decided to post because I love SLU basketball and wanted to talk about it. If you are going to judge me based off the fact that I attend Mizzou and, therefore, root for them too that's fine, but it does not diminish my undying love for the Billikens. The only reason I am cautious as a Billikens fan is that I have gotten overly excited about a team before only to have my hopes dashed. I try and keep a level head about my teams. I think they will make the Tournament and have a great chance to do damage. But as a SLU fan, wouldn't you say that we should keep our expectations in check this early in the season? Let's win Sunday before we start punching our ticket to the dance.

    Haha I told you my situation was a precarious one. But for real, I am a die-hard fan of both teams so you can't fault me there. If they ended up playing each other, I don't know what I would do though. I would be pissed and happy with the result at the same time.
  11. When was the last time?

    Weren't those just round robin tournaments with the winner taking all though?

    For me the start of the College Basketball season has been awesome. There haven't been two teams to play much better than Mizzou and SLU to start the season. How awesome would it be to see the two meet up in a Sweet 16 matchup in Saint Louis? That game would be nuts.

    Hey. Long time reader. First time poster. I have been a huge SLU fan my whole life. My dad had season tickets when I was growing up and I have been a diehard ever since. However, due to their Journalism school, I decided to attend Mizzou and am now a diehard Tiger fan. It is a difficult position to be in as I know many on this forum despise the Tigers and their refusal to play SLU, which irks me as well. Hopefully under Frank Haith that will change. First let me say that there is no way Villanova beat Mizzou. I don't know if anyone has been watching the Tigers play this year, but they have blown everyone out of the water. They just won the CBE championship dismantling Notre Dame and Cal. Mizzou is too quick and too good on both ends of the court for Villanova to beat Mizzou. However, this is a SLU board so I want to stick to talking SLU basketball. I think to even have a chance to be ranked come Monday we must win on Sunday. Hopefully it is Oklahoma. Then SLU not only has a chance for another BCS "scalp", but they have a chance to put a beatdown on the Sooners who I despise. However, even with a win I still think we will be just outside the top 25 (somewhere in the 26-30 range). That puts us in a very precarious position. We will be coming off a huge tournament win and will have to go to a very scary "trap" game against Loyola Marymount. I hate that this game is scheduled as I think winning the tournament will cause us to overlook them. However, it is still a game they should win. If they are still undefeated after next week I think you will see the Bills in the top 25, which is uncharted territory for me as a SLU fan. I was alive in 93-94, but I surely don't remember it (my first memories of SLU were Larry's year). Also, if SLU wins out in California, we have a very good chance to finish our out of conference schedule UNDEFEATED. New Mexico will be a tough game, but we saw last night that they are very beatable. How amazing would it be to go into A10 play undefeated?! That would be unbelievable and would put us in a position with a good conference record (12-3, 11-2) to not only go to the tournament, but to get a very favorable seed. It's a great day to be a Bills fan, but let's not get over excited. As Bills fans we know disappointment and heartbreak greater than everyone. I will not be satisfied until I see our name called in March. But, for now, let's enjoy the win and come ready to play against whoever we play on Sunday!