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  1. That writing made me want to hurl. But I thought I heard Willie Sr. say on KFNS maybe, that the conduct board gave him one year for a sexual assault. I do not know if that means the same thing as rape.
  2. Why Expel vs Suspension

    SLU72 does have a point here. I got a two day suspension for smoking in high school. I did not have to reapply. Reapply sounds like expulsion.
  3. "Fair" is a four letter word. Just sayin'
  4. Will KM really stay

    Gotta go w/ Listener on the streets here. Is there something on Facebook about the boys "creeping"?
  5. Diary - LOL We may have hooked up then.
  6. Most Informative Article Yet

    The whole thing just pisses me off. Pissed pissed pissed. If I was Willie's dad I would be pissed too. It is hard to know if the girl is telling a story, but Willie's dad obviously believes him. Everyone agrees the whole process sucked. Willie's dad seemed maddest that the girl had a lawyer and he did not. Kwamain has one of the best lawyers in town. Why would SLU give him a lawyer and not Willy?