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  1. Alex Legion

    He would dominate the A10 but I seriously doubt it would ever happen. I assume he would probably go to Michigan where he was once committed at before Kentucky and where he is from. Or somewhere close to Michigan. He does not play much for Kentucky so I wouldn't be surprised if he indeed transferred.
  2. Willie Reed

    I am coming in town to see this event. Should be good.
  3. Furman - SLU Thread

    Score please
  4. I have no problem saying who I am I have admited to supporting Ramey, because of what he has done for my son over the years. My son has played with him for the past 3 years and is set to graduate this year from Chaminade. My history goes back way further than you with the Bills. So whats your point? I have nothing to hide but I will expose a wannabe guru/basketball player that never played the game.As you can see I did my research on you also and you over hype a lot of players that turn out to be nothing ala Curtis Muse and so many others. So for you to come on here like you really know what is going on and have a clue about what level these kids will end up on is absurd, your opinion is not valid because of all the wrong ones you have given. You very very very much so want to be liked, but V-Time I like you, but I also feel sorry for a young man that lives to post on a message board. You are missing the prime years of your life. Take your wife/fiance whatever you have out to dinner or a movie for a change and try and give her as much attention as you do this message board before someone else does.
  5. You really don't have a clue about judging basketball talent do you V-time. Keep up the great work V-time as you make us so proud to know that you have a grasp on the areas talent. Has RM contacted you yet for some of your opinions. just curious. PS. You never answered my question about Milestone from earlier. Have you seen them play and have you seen the non st. louis area kids play on that team, if so when and what did you think. Also Marcel Taylor, Ed Jamerson, and Jayme Donnolly should not be mentioned in the same breath as some of the best HS players in the state.
  6. I think you guys are giving the Milestone team too much credit. They only have 2-3 proven players: Willie Reed for sure and Richard Anderson and maybe Ron Waller. How many offers does Waller and Anderson have, NONE. Also those Vashon kids that went up their are not major players or recruits. We will see how they play against stiff competition. They have not played a single threat yet. Their schedule lists Oak Hill, Harmony and others but it is their B-teams that they have played thus far. I cannot wait to see all the fuss on December 8th at UMSL in Rameys Shootout when they play agaist a strong national team in person. V-time you are high on Milestone please tell me why have you seen them play this year and have you seen the non st. louis players play before and for that matter have you even seen Willie Reed play in person or are you doing what you normally do jump on band wagons and over hype. I also read on another board that Milestone was having problems and few players were kicked off the team. (I read this on another board, not sure it is true). Mccluer North has a consensus top 50 kid in Anthony Booker, the areas player of the year in Torres Roundtree, and a diamond in the ruff that Nate has pointed out might be the best in the billikens class in Femi John. Throw in good players like the Peebles kid, Reed's son, the pg that is back Deon Hemphill, and I say they beat the overhyped Milestone team 70-64.
  7. Milestone is not more talented than Mccluer North.
  8. Harrellson

    McCrary plays the wing and is strictly a shooter. Harrellson will probably not be guarding him while on the court.
  9. Redshirt for DM

    I try real hard most of the time to make an A** out of myself thanks for pointing that out. My bad.
  10. Redshirt for DM

    WOW V-time you think DM could be a stud for SLU. This again shows your great basketball knowledge. You crack me up on here.

    List of Local Shootouts in December for the area: St. Louis Shootout December 6th at Scottrade www.stlshootout.com Midwest Showdown Shoototut, December 8th at UMSL www.midwestshowdownshootout.com Pepsi Showcase December 22nd, Cape www.pepsishowcase.com Should be some good hoops for the holidays, this is not even counting the x-mas tourneys.

    I read on another board that Mccluer North, Waynesville, Lafayette, Veinna, American Christian, PA, South Kent, CT, were some of the schools in this years shootout on December 6th. Sorry haven't heard about the rest. Their are other shootouts around that time that should be good: The Midwest Showdown SHootout by Rameybasketball.com at UMSL here is an article by Earl Austin: High school basketball fans will be treated to an all-day feast of hoops at the Midwest Showdown High School Basketball Shootout. The seven-game event is being presented by Rameybasketball.com. It will be held on Saturday, Dec. 8 at the Mark Twain Building on the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The first game will feature Springfield (Ill.) Lanphier vs. Hancock, which should be one of the top small schools in town. The game is scheduled for 11 a.m. At 12:30, Oakville High will take on Bloomington (Ill.) High. The following game at 2 p.m will feature prep schools Milestone Christian Academy in Kansas City against Nashville (Tenn.) Christian. Milestone features former Beaumont standout Richard Anderson and 6’11” Saint Louis University-bound forward Willie Reed. At 3:30p.m., Normandy High will take on Memphis Melrose Academy. Normandy features one of the area’s top shooting guards in senior Anthony James. At 5 p.m., McCluer South-Berkeley will face Memphis Mitchell. Berkeley should be one of the state’s top contenders for the Class 4 title this season. The 6:30 contest is another national game featuring IMG Academy from Florida against Urban Christian (Ga.) Academy. IMG features 6’7” Jared Swopshire, who played his first two years at Fort Zumwalt West in St. Charles. The final game of the evening will be Public High League power Gateway Tech against Chicago Foreman. The Jaguars will have two of the area’s top seniors in forwards Jesse Perry and Kenneth Harris. For more information on the event, you can visit www.midwestshowdownshootout.com or www.rameybasketball.com for more high school basketball scoop. Also the Pepsi Showcase in Columbia, MO on December 22nd should be a good one. www.pepsishowcase.com Here are the games: 10 a.m. -- De Soto HS vs. Farmington 11:45 a.m. -- St. Charles Fort Zumwalt South vs. Poplar Bluff 1:30 p.m. -- Vienna (Ill.) vs. Cape Central 3:15 p.m. -- St. Louis Lafayette vs. Pinckneyville (Ill.) 5 p.m. -- St. Louis Gateway Tech vs. Cape Notre Dame 6:45 p.m. -- St. Louis McCluer North vs. Memphis (Tenn.) White Station 8:30 p.m. -- Webster Groves vs. Jackson SLU recruit Brett Thompson will be playing.
  13. OT: Boxing

    Taylor should have took his time and finished Pavlick off in the 2nd as he had the fight over after knocking Pavlick down in the 2nd. Pavlick looked totally out that entire round but Taylor wasted a lot of energy and let him escape. The judges also had Taylor up by 3 rounds (on 2 judges card) and 4 (on the other judges card). I had it a draw before Pavlick caught Taylor with a good one. Also Taylor did beat Hopkins both times IMO. I think Hopkins also lost to Winkie Wright. I would love to see Hopkins fight Pavlick. This Pavlick kid hits hard and doesn't do anything fancy but come after you and fight. It was a good fight but I would not be surprised if Taylor beat Pavlick in the rematch. Back to basketball.
  14. I agree Brian, Weber is a great X and O's coach. Smith will not be playing this year. He will redshirt this year.