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  1. Plus, he made a pitch in there for SLU to join the Valley.
  2. In the last few months, SLU has really upped its social media game. This includes the athletic department. They have come along way from that crappy Jim Crews MS Paint tweet.
  3. Can we change the thread title to "New Billiken to be reviled"?
  4. I am not saying it would make the mascot great, but the two-tone really screws up the whole thing.
  5. This makes the horn frog look really cool.
  6. Time to start drug testing in the athletic department.
  7. I missed typed. You aren't mistaken and you are right about the Baby Billiken.
  8. You aren't mistaken. That version of the tuxedo Billiken was Grawer era.
  9. The tuxedo one isn't the 60's-70's as the picture suggests. That picture is the mid or early 80's.
  10. New renderings for this project.
  11. I am actually supposed to leave Vegas the day the tournament starts. Might have to try to extend the stay by at least a day.
  12. It's the Pentaverate
  13. Every school is located in sizable metro area. It seems French is one of those kids Ford was talking about who prefer the city schools.
  14. People talk about me, baby