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  1. Dierberg's has a great sale today.
  2. This list doesn't break it down by city, but as a state MO still produces the most MLS players relative to it's population. This other one ranks MO second
  3. Here is Scout's list of players that have at least a medium interest in us.
  4. Because the athletic department has refused to hire you.
  5. I think the Aussies might have hung out with Lochte last night.
  6. I was only a kid when Roland played, but the extra distance wouldn't have made much or any difference in his percentage. Roland's game was a couple of decades ahead of his time. The way the game is played now he would have put up even bigger numbers.
  8. We never have had a backcourt of two four star top 100 recruits.
  9. Their will be some bad blood in the Serbia-Croatia game.
  10. So was I. Even then I thought the guy could recruit, but I am surprised by how well he has recruited here so far.
  11. It is taller than average and definitely taller than the Billiken norm. I just don't think it is tall enough to qualify as match up nightmare. Also, he wasn't the strongest specimen either.
  12. It wasn't like Bartley was 6'6". Did Crews think he was going to grow?
  13. I am sure Bartley saw his minutes hard to come by with the addition of Goodwin commitment his senior season. I think Bartley sees himself as a point guard. With Bishop already on the roster and Goodwin getting the keys to the program and promised the Marcus Smart role that he wouldn't be getting time at the position envisions himself playing.
  14. I think I actually had the timing wrong on when Goodman backed out at LaSalle. It didn't happen until June.