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  1. It is crazy, but it is completely true. Honest Abe might be the best vampire slayer ever, but he never could slay tang like Duritz.
  2. Adam Duritz went to UC Davis. Nobody in the history of the whole state of Illinois has bagged as much quality talent as that guy has.
  3. The stories from East St. Louis should be fun when Jontay averages more MPG than Tilmon.
  4. It isn't Melissa Click specifically that upset people that I have heard question sending their kids to Mizzou. It has more to do with a school losing total control over an issue that should have been dealt with before it ever got to that point. Click is just one of the representations of the school losing complete control over the situation.
  5. The point I'm a least trying to make is that Roby can help Gordon with running the offense at the beginning of the season as Gordon adjusts to the college game. Last season Roby lead the team in both assists and assist to turnover ratio.
  6. What games that Bess played at MSU convinced you that Bess can help play the point?
  7. You would think a guy that Izzo thought good play every position beside center would have averaged more than 11 mpg game for Izzo. I really like Bess. He may even be a starter before conference play starts. Roby just offers something that Bess doesn't when you are trying to put your star recruit in the best position to succeed at the start of the season.
  8. There is no way that Goodwin only plays 20 minutes a game. He is the most talented player we have had on our roster in almost 20 years.
  9. Roby will be starting at the beginning of the year. The thing Roby has going for over Bess is that he can help with the ball handling duties and help run the offense. ThAt is important when you will be starting a freshman at PG who is not a prototypical PG. The starters at the beginning of the season will be Goodwin, AD, Roby, French and Foreman.
  10. I am over wanting to play Mizzou. I don't really see the upside for us anymore. Why give Mizzou another game every other year in St. Louis? The best thing we have going for us on the local recruiting front is the chance to play in front of your family and friends multiple times without them having to travel. No need for SLU to provide more games in the city for Mizzou to offer local kids. I would rather play Butler, X, K State, Vandy, etc.
  11. When you are one of nine your chances aren't great. That said, I don't think Anthony's commitment says anything about how they feel about their chances with Rooks good or bad. The roster needs healthy bigs. They have two bigs coming off injuries and one of them is showing signs he might be prone to injuries. If Rooks would have committed yesterday, I think they still would have took Anthony's commitment today.
  12. It is probably the last player new addition for next season, but if someone like Kameron Rooks wants to come here they will find a spot for him.
  13. I believe we have an offer out to Nik Bonitto. He is a 6'4 210# g/sf out of St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale. He is, also, a 4 star top 150/200 football recruit with offers from some of the top football programs in the country. Would love to land this guy, but i think football night be his first love.
  14. According to this we are one of the 9 teams in play for Kameron Rooks.
  15. Jeter to Arizona.