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  1. What about the Jack Schneider, the guy who caught the first forward pass, for the hof? Eddie Cochems (coach) and Brad Robinson (QB) are already in.
  2. I like the fact that there is new blood at the the Post, but stuff like this is a result of that new blood. Frederickson has no memory of SLU playing Duncan. He was a 5 year old kid in Sedalia. Guy grew up a Mizzou fan and everyone he grew up around was a Mizzou fan. His instinct when given the assignment to find a local angle for the Duncan story is to see if Mizzou ever played against him.
  3. Tulane was one of the schools invited to make a pitch when TCU and West Virginia were added.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if Tulane gets an invite. After the state of Texas, Louisiana has been the Longhorns main recruiting ground. If it is four teams, I would think they will probably be Cincy, Memphis, Tulane and one of the Florida schools. Cincy is the strongest athletic program and it opens up a prime recruiting ground. The other three schools give the conference a foothold in SEC country and bring their own prime recruiting areas.
  5. A Costco membership is worth it just for diapers, wipes and formula alone.
  6. All power to the Billikens.
  7. You only offer players that you think can get you to the tournament and you take the first that accept. We can't afford to hold out for plan A and then get stuck with only plan D left on the table.
  8. It isn't just the Big East. It happens in the A10, too. Duquesne has 27 offers out for 17, GM has 24, LaSalle has 26, RI has 25, Richmond has 21, St Joes has 20, the Bonnies 27 and VCU has 44. VCU already has 30 offers out for the class of 2018. We have 25 offers out for that same class.
  9. Duke is another example. If you are Duke would you pick DC or the NYC area? DC is 3 hour shorter drive, but the NYC area is basically Cameron north when Duke plays there. Do you want to play at a site that is a shorter drive for your students or do you want to pack the building with rich alumni and basically use those two games as a huge fund raising opportunity?
  10. It is nice news to drop right before your new football coach takes the podium at SEC Media Days.
  11. Mack Rhoades is supposedly stepping down as Mizzou AD to take the Baylor job. How bad do things have to be in Columbia to go running to take part in the train wreck at Baylor?
  12. Ramey picked up an offer from Florida today.
  13. So Romar doesn't get credit for re-recruiting Perry and then Romar gets dinged because Brad couldn't do the same with Hollins? The fact of the matter is that Romar left Brad with a roster that included Perry, Fisher, Brown, Diener and Sloan. Those players helped Brad produce his only two post season appearances (NIT) and his two best Sagarin rankings.
  14. I don't think you have to be generous to call Romar successful. He led the team to the NCAA Tournament, won the first conference tournament championship in the program's history, had a better conference winning percentage than Spoon and he did those things in a top flight basketball conference with the worst on campus facilities in the conference.
  15. Wade, who Ford brought in as Director of Student-Athlete Development, has took an assistant position at Jacksonville St.. Also, it appears that Cam Biedscheid still hasn't found a landing spot after leaving JSU.