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  1. This isn't a bad strategy. At a minimum it puts you in a strong position for when Groce gets fired and they release the recruits from their NLI.
  2. Ahh, the glory days.
  3. If we are going to be taking on project with upside, I would go with the 7'1" kid from Iceland before a 6'6" kid. Here is a Bissianthe highlight video. It seems strange to start a highlight video with a missed dunked, but he does have some hops.
  4. Kind of hard to do that when the top recruit the program will sign since Hughes was promised the point guard spot.
  5. We should probably see how those guys perform before we count them all as depth for next season. I think at least a couple of those guys will be encouraged to move on or will see the writing on the wall when it comes to playing time.
  6. The better we finish this season, the easier recruiting will be for 2018. I don't expect a good season, but beating expectations would help.
  7. Houston has Texas Southern football as a tenant that plays on their grass field.
  8. Yeah, the footwork is pretty good for a guy that is over seven feet.
  9. SLU's billion dollar endowment is twice the size of Dayton's and Villanova's. It is 800 million more than Butler's. All those schools have football. We aren't talking about an expensive scholarship program. This would be a realatively cheap non scholarship program. It would actually add 100 plus tuition paying students to the schools enrollment. Paying students the school needs.
  10. The teams in the Pioneer Football League don't give out scholarships. Davidson and Dayton are, also, in that conference. Dayton went to the FCS playoffs last season.
  11. What is it with Nordic countries and death metal?
  12. A few things....... At a time when SLU is looking for ways to attract students, non-scholarship football is one way to attract them. Butler's football program has 113 players on it's roster. That is 113 students paying tuition and the costs to live on campus. I saw the other day that after aid the average student at SLU pays around $37,000 a year to attend SLU and live on campus. The biggest facility cost would normally be the stadium, but in this case those cost are being picked up by others. You could probably work out a deal where the team plays in the soccer stadium rent free. I bet that is what the situation would be for SLU's soccer team. Butler's football team operates at a loss. That said, is it really operating at a loss if it gets you 113 more students paying to go to school?
  13. Won't take a donation that big. Butler's football program has expenses of $850,000 a year.