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  1. So if the women win they get the number 1 seed, correct?
  2. It is going to take at least a five year run of making the tournament every season and at least a couple times playing on the second weekend before the Big East even thinks about adding us as a member on equal terms.
  3. Didn't he blow some fireworks up in his hand, too?
  4. Loe brought a lot more to the table. He was an excellent passer out of the high post. He saw the floor so well and really understood the importance of spacing. I don't see any of that right now with Welmer. Loe could handle the ball well for a big man and was a much better defender than Welmer.
  5. I think Tatum was slow at of the gate do to all the time he missed. It takes a while to get both you timing back and to get into game shape after a foot injury takes you down for a month. Over his last 3 games against ranked opponents he is averaging 22 points and over 10 rebounds. Two of those games were on the road.
  6. Bess is listed as a guard/forward on SLU's website. ESPN rated him a 4 star shooting guard coming out of high school. Scout had him a a sg, too. I would agree with you about the PGs if we were going to be running Rickma's offense. I would like to add some bigs with some ball handling ability and passing ability.
  7. Welmer couldn't handle the physical play in the Big 10. He couldn't handle what Dayton brought last night. He pretty much dissappeared in the games against Dayton, Davidson, Alabama, KSU, BYU and Wichita St. The teams we have played with legit front courts.
  8. I see Bess as more of a guard. How many guys on a roster do you need to help with the point guard load? Even if Bishop leaves, you have Goodwin, Graves and it is one of the roles Roby has been filling most of the season.
  9. Bishop is a a guard. With Bishop we are going to have seven guards on the roster for next season and eight if you add in Hines as a walk on. It would mean seven guards on the roster the following year, too. How deep are you willing to go loading up your roster with guards for two seasons? None of the three in a row tournament teams had rosters that heavy with guards. It really is a roster management issue.
  10. This Neither of them are good enough long term. Why would you keep around the one that might cost you a roster spot for 3 more seasons? The team will take a while to gel next year, so you want to keep around the guy that will limit the number of turnovers in that transition period.
  11. I have seen that. If I was Archie I would stay away from that job. I think the expectations from the fan base for that job are just a little too high for what the program can realistically be in modern college basketball and the modern ACC in particular. The influx of the old Big East programs has made it much harder to stay in the top part of the ACC.
  12. We already have a better recruiting class for 2017 than the exalted Marquette program and we have a big jump start on them when it comes to 2018. It seems like the image has already been turned around.
  13. I would think that Dayton will be able to find the money to match most offers. I think the speculation is that he is making as much as Shaka was at VCU. That was around $1.8 million. I guess the big questions are does he like living in Dayton and does he think he can keep it going there? He is losing a lot after this season, but the Greek Freak's brother Kostas Antetokoumpo will be eligible. I don't think he has had the overall recruiting success that his brother did at X. Dayton is harder to recruit to than X was when Sean was there, but I thought there would have been a bigger bump in their recruiting after the Elite 8 run. A total of one 4 star in the 3 classes since. You would think the Illini would definitely be interested. If IU goes the way they have been going, Crean will be out. They would be interested. If Matta gets fired at OSU and it would be interesting. Matta and the Millers have a long history. You got to figure names like Mack and Cronin will be high on all those lists, too.