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  1. STL hoops insider..

    I will try slufan.... I'd hold that jock too.. if it gets you a job a Nike..
  2. STL hoops insider..

    Resend to just Griffster? Thanks!!! Cg
  3. St. Louis Recruiting

    Hmm... I guess I can see that logic. Thanks for the insight..
  4. St. Louis Recruiting

    OJ left... he is in West Bend or Lafayette IN now.. forgot which one though... I guess he could still post occasionally though. I'm curious as to how my posting here occasionally... factors in to the SLU fans perceptions of TG? Not sure I follow that logic. I'm a bball fan. I would post here occasionally even if TG did not play ball. I did play and love the game. If Bryant Allen had a family member post here would that make him a better or more attractive recruit? I'm very careful to stay away from posting my feelings on other players and anything that would get back to TG. I don't really mention TG either for that matter. (except in this post) So far.. I've been a pretty good boy. Now I have gotten into it on a couple fishing forums from time to time.. lol... I even do some bragging on those... but figure it's pretty harmless on a fishing forum? Yea I bite my tongue some and when TG is gone... I can get on here and let everyone know how I feel... boy I can't wait for those days. Cg
  5. St. Louis Recruiting

    (whoops...sorry about that... See below)
  6. It was fun Roy... not much of anything just a quick trip to check out the practice, and watch RM at work.
  7. Got to watch a little of the practice on Sat. RM does not discriminate in practice.. Lots of running for all the guys when they don't hustle, miss a pass, make a silly mistake. Fun to watch. RM never stops teaching..the entire practice he was teaching every minute of it.
  8. Continuing Shootout thread

    I just got some bad news regarding the shootout.. should know more next week.

    Just got word the Stl shootout is in jeopardy. May not happen now. Should know more next week. Nate you hear anything about this?

    Just got word the Stl shootout is in jeopardy. May not happen now. Should know more next week.

    There is a Stl Shootout Dec. 6th Marshalltown KY Dec 8th. Pepsi one is Dec 22nd in Cape. 3 total. Maybe another for LHS in Peoria Ill too. ?? Not sure yet on that one though.

    pretty sure the stl shoot out is on too. LHS has tough game too. should be fun though. Cg
  13. Griffey

    I wish I knew... ??
  14. Floyd Irons Pleads Guilty

    Cheese.. It was explained to me that .....MSHSAA was dragged into this because he used the US postal service and lied to MSHSAA about where kids lived. That is where the Mail fraud is coming in. I had the same questions you did, how and why would MSHSAA be remotely involved in this.. well.. that is what was explained to me. Anytime you lie or knowingly falsify documents and use the US postal service.. your looking at Mail fraud.. ?? Best answer I got so far anyway. Cg
  15. Floyd Irons Pleads Guilty

    I was wondering when someone would comment on that last part of the KSDK report.