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  1. Major Majerus and I are experts in the many UC-Davis grads who have gone pro and made names for themselves, Just ask.
  2. Shouldn't we all be Justin Love is freakin' 38 years old. Jesus Freakin' Christ.
  3. They should change their name to the Opioids -- they'd have JeffCo recruiting locked up. They wouldn't even have to think about a mascot. Edit: Instant home-and-home with SIUC.
  4. Can Danny himself be a grad transfer?
  5. Question 22 on this year's BAT.
  6. Did you mean player or playa?
  7. This story should be oft repeated, first because it's arguably a presaging of the horrid administrative oversight in Columbia that culminated in the demonstrations, and second because SPUMAC. 24 hours in a summer. Some sources now say it was all at Barton CC, but this one is even more of an indictment of Mi$$ouri. 12 hours at Barton, nine hours at BYU through distance learning, and "three hours more in a study-by-mail course from a college in Colorado." And no one in the compliance department even raised an eyebrow, or it they did, it was quickly smacked down by a higher-up. Tell your children as a cautionary tale.
  8. They only have had questionable academic sleight-of-hand with players named "Ricky." Otherwise they're clear. There. I fixed it for myself.
  9. If any of the SLU undergrad or grad students on this board are psych or org-theory majors, there's a fabulous thesis project here on Meyers-Briggs analysis just waiting for a researcher.
  10. They only have had questionable academic sleight-of-hand with players named "Ricky." Otherwise they're clear. Taj may or may not remember if this is true, but it seems to me that when Frazier transferred, we were able to determine that he had the same grade point average as Bluto, leading us to a metaphysical discussion of whether or not that was really a transfer.
  11. Hey, it wasn't their fault who coached them. And at least they get to have Coach Ford standing with them at the very end of their academic careers. (Plus the women deserve a ton of appreciation!)
  12. They've seen a lot of us play. We're probably better in the dark.
  13. I just shot an elephant in my pajamas.
  14. S/he wouldn't be sitting in the student section. And in our section, we tend to stand up more than the students do, anyway.
  15. What do you expect from a bunch of MBMs?