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  1. My '70s-vintage windbreaker with the logo "St. Louis University."
  2. If he was still on the team at the time I'm reasonably sure that was an NCAA violation. Edit: Apologies to NextYearBill, whose post I hadn't yet scrolled down to.
  3. Given that the Fresh Market in Creve Coeur closed in about 20 minutes, I'm guessing it's out of the picture for the Foundry. Esquire was probably at the aforementioned Los Tacos. To go a bit further into tangents, Whole Foods in Brentwood now operates a taqueria. Haven't been yet.
  4. So how the fork would he know that you can't get a good meal in St. Louis? He most likely never left a 40-square-block area downtown when he was here (other than, of course, his regular trips to Brooklyn). And as for all of that lovely bresaola and coppa and prosciutto he's only now just discovering, perhaps he should have spent more time in the neighborhoods here than in the strip clubs. Perhaps he would have found all those meats and more at the home of the "best salami in America." What an .
  5. I would take exception to your description of "boring food choices." I'm no expert (oh, wait), but I've been eating at The Lobster Place for about 10 years and still manage to find new stuff every time I go there -- and have to wait in line anytime after about 10:30. There are lots of great places throughout, but also (Del Posto, one of the best restaurants in NYC, and Morimoto, as in Iron Chef Morimoto, which may actually be considered to be in Chelsea Market. I think there's also a Colicchio restaurant across the street.) Some of the stuff I've stumbled across inside -- and sometimes you just need to wander the side aisles to find interesting stuff) include Los Tacos, Buddakan. Num Pang and Mokbar, plus a few other walk-up bars in the right-side branch when you enter from 10th Avenue. I'm pleased that you'll hold the Foundry to such high standards.
  7. I'm more into the narrative that he just didn't give a sh!te and/or had no comprehension of the importance of his role as a lobbyist to other U. presidents and league influentials.
  8. Chris May's liability for us not getting into the Big East is negligible.
  9. We ought to just move to the Valley. Natural geographic rivalries, easier travel. It's where we've always belonged.
  10. Christ, everyone, mellow out. We played an athletic 19-5 team on two days' rest (they had three days' rest). We're still exactly where we were before the game -- slightly overperforming suckiness. If we're similarly blown out by Fordham, then we will have regressed.
  11. They all pee, don't they?
  12. Did anyone else think that Davell was channeling Kwamain with his shot Saturday night?
  13. NBA

    You are at least the equal of Travis as an in-game coach.
  14. If you're talking about the private cars, they're already running in and out of there. If you're talking about Amtrak, ain't happening in our lifetimes.
  15. "In fact, Rams owner Stan Kroenke's new sports facility is a fairly new addition to a huge mixed-use development that has been in the works for more than a decade."