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  1. Clearly SLU doesn't, because this morning's email from "The Official Online Store of the Saint Louis University Billikens" still has the fothermucking old logo at the top.
  2. Yup. I'll speculate that what happened is that the final design(s) were put to a vote, which almost guarantees a least common denominator.
  3. Depends. I've seen it done where a very select group of people (yeah, sure, a committee, but a tiny one) did it for a billion-dollar corporation, and the ultimate decision was made by one person. Plus, um, Apple until a few years ago. At universities, the presidents should just sign off. Best case, they have good, competent marketing departments that shepherd but also keep a tight rein on the process and provide the ultimate recommendation. As for focus groups, I can't find a really great article I just saw within the past few days, but here's a weaker version of the same concept.
  4. Ahh, yes, Minneapolis. Must...resist...reviving...rant...against "Saint Louis" University.
  5. Now, play nice, you two. You're most probably both right. If we dig into the original redesign thread we can find the name of the out-of-town design firm that did the full AD rebranding. At very worst the AD took the design standards book to Kincaid (or whomever) and said, "Make it match this." I'd bet (although I feel sorry for them if this is the outcome) that someone from the design firm had input into the mascot. In any event, it reeks of design-by-commitee (or worse, "this is what the consultant ultimately recommended") where no one on the committee thought to say "Why would we use an effect meant to make a 2-D design simulate 3-D on something that's actually 3-D?" Also, for some reason I've seen a lot of commentary (not necessarily here) implying that Biondi wouldn't have let this happen. Which is funny, because this is pretty much all Biondi's doing. BTW we even made "Donnybrook" last night for the several dozen over-55 viewers who still watch it.
  6. Well, lookie here. We already have the perfect beer for next season at the 'Fetz.
  7. Perhaps not as much functionality as safety. As 05 pointed out, previous iterations without the mouth open were dangerous in the context of unlevel surfaces and going up and down stairs, which are pretty much required for the Billiken. I'm pretty sure, however, that there are now fabrics that are similar to what they use for advertisements on bus windows (you can't see in, but you can see out). My wife works with this stuff -- I'll ask her.
  8. Courtesy of 05, the modified LongLiveLisch mascot has been tweeted out by Pestello himself. As he's said in some of his tweets, "Stay tuned."
  9. The Billiken Beelzebub actually does have a nose that protrudes enough that I think it'll be visible even in an all-white modification. That marvelous Photoshop by LongLiveLisch looks like he needed to brush it out -- and, as he said, he didn't want to spend too much time on it yet. I did take the liberty of Tweeting it to the prez because, shortly after I posted that suggestion, someone else had put that "classic" seated Billiken in my feed. (And he and I are already, you know, such great buds on Twitter.)
  10. I think the fix above actually sticks with tradition.
  11. On Twitter. As the Post article and anyone who follows him on social media confirms, he's a whiz.
  12. Another alum of my vintage, another one of the 12 who sat in the student section with me and BRoy (and, ironically, whose name is also Roy), posted this on my Facebook.
  13. Dr. Pestello has been having a freakin' field day with this. (As have I. Or at least he's validated my miserable existence.) Anyway, as SignGuy says above, the social media has been exemplary. Fred P. Pestello ‏@SLUPresident 2h2 hours ago Fred P. Pestello Retweeted Joe Bonwich You haven't heard? @The_Billiken is in the next season of Stranger Things. Fred P. Pestello added, Joe Bonwich @JoeBonwich I think at least 1 of original Exorcists is still alive and might even live on campus. @SLUPresident @SLU_Official
  14. More national pub. Hey, at least they're using "Saint Louis University." SBNATION