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  1. I've been a Bills fan for more than 50 years, so I have to add a note of skepticism: Is Ford doing a little bit too well? Or might this be perversely attributable to Crews, which gave Ford the tactic: "Hey, the current team is so crappy that you're guaranteed to be an immediate starter, and hey, SLU proved it can go to the Dance with the right coaching?" I'm not slamming Ford in any way. I'd just love to hear the pitch he's using to land so many great players after two horrible SLU seasons.
  2. You know the drill for the ranking "experts." Those guys chose us, so their rankings will go down.
  3. Well played.
  4. This is going to get lost in today's news, but Iceland’s No. 1 Dating Rule: Make Sure You’re Not Cousins
  5. I'd be very hesitant to be the next company that takes naming rights for that place.
  6. Google isn't. SLMPD is. And it really isn't that hard to find the map.
  7. I looked at the crime map. Google is your friend.
  8. The assumption of 100 new students net is more than a little flawed as well.
  9. That train left the station a very long time ago and ain't never comin' back. (There are, by the way, private railcars that do currently operate out of Union Station.)
  10. The band could have a lot of fun if we sign that guy. (But, as noted, Guy won't.)
  11. Oh, this board's raison d'être is offending people. (And eff anyone who doesn't know what that means. Where'd you go to school? Dayton? ) But we prefer to keep the discussion centered on SLU athletics.
  12. Union Station is already moving well along in terms of "revitalization." The occasional soccer games would help, but they won't tip the scales very much in terms of Union Station's success. For example, Scottrade is all of three blocks from Union Station's eastern boundary, and we can see what fabulous support that's provided for Union Station (and for any other hospitality business within about a six-block radius).
  13. That links to the exact same thing as the one I posted above. I was hoping that we could post just the video without Twitter intervening. (I'm not sure anyone without a Twitter account can even see that tweet if they click on either of our links.) I also find it odd that neither the NCAA nor the A-10 has the source video posted, although I bet it's probably behind the A-10 Network paywall.
  14. That is erroneous. UNC has cleverly asserted that the NCAA has no jurisdiction in the matter because it's covered by UNC's academic accreditation agency. I predict that UNC will be punished just as severely as Louisville, if not less so.
  15. Being both an MBM and a Twilliterate, I can't figure out how to link the video Pestello had out there, nor can I find the link to the original. But if you've got Twitter, here it is. Perhaps there are Twilliterati on this board who can grab the actual video and post it.