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  1. Interesting. How would a mere mortal, or even an MBM, manage to stumble on that page when searching for season tickets?
  2. The tantrum from Wake #4 is priceless.
  3. Rockin'. Now, among other things, I can show board members Nark's true lineage. Silly me, I always thought he was a fellow Pole.
  4. The screen grab I posted is from the "official online store's" regular emails, whose template is also apparently too sophisticated for our athletic department to manage.
  5. Hey, Steve: Any luck figuring out how to drag files and attach them, as prompted at the bottom of new posts?
  6. Well, if that's true, it's also unbelievably incompetent. But again, it's irrelevant to the point, which since I'm now on a Mac I can illustrate:
  7. I'm sorry, blacking out the entire bottom bowl is ridiculous. Someone is looking for new season tix and they can't even look at what's probably available? Hell, at least 1/4 of the seats end court aren't sold, and even if someone's going to "upgrade," it's not likely that's where they'll pick. Just more fabulous stupidity. (BTW, when people visit the season ticket site, is there any way for them to see what the various seat licenses cost?)
  8. A bunch of overthinking going on. Yeah, they need to sell off existing stock so as not to take a complete loss. But that's irrelevant to the point. No, there ain't no other possible freakin' explanation for having an electronic version of the old logo on top of an email from the official "Online Store" other than someone has no freakin' idea what they're doing.
  9. So, speaking of the usual incompetence (as I just did in a season ticket upgrade thread): Sometime during the past week I got an email from the "Saint Louis Billikens Online Store." Guess which logo was at the top? (No, really, I suppose you don't have to guess.)
  10. I upgraded once and moved from behind the basket to roughly endcourt in the no-fee seats. Then I dropped one of our seats because my daughter went away to school. Then I managed to get it back thanks to excellent service from the ticket department. I think a week is a bit optimistic given that they often have to call like me who don't get in their renewals on time. Perhaps someone could cross-check me on this, but when I log into the season-ticket purchase site, it shows the entire lower bowl as unavailable, which, if true, is either a miracle or typical incompetence.
  11. Let it go. His Edsel has driven off into the sunset. Look ahead to where our new Mustang Shelby is already taking us.
  12. The SLU version of the "I Have a Dream" speech. Take us to the mountaintop, dude, with the content of your character. Or, if you wish, averaging 24 ppg would be cool, too.
  13. Or perhaps even more so, in Midtown Alley.
  14. It appears that while listening to the streets, he was run over by a driverless car.
  15. This is a preference for board membership, not a disqualification.