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  1. Did Brett Jolly just say goodbye?

    The tourney teams Rick had were more talented, with or without Bess. No Kwamaine yet.
  2. Wichita St. Considering Move

    They made a rather seamless transition from Turgeon to Marshall. Strong leadership, great fan support and Koch Brothers money will keep them competitive.
  3. Wichita St. Considering Move

    Well, they do have a lot of Koch money to get the program going. It will never be profitable though.
  4. Welcome, Jalen Johnson

    Not finding a lot of info on him but an across the board 3 star prospect https://future150.com/hs/basketball-profiles/jalen-johnson-sf-inniswold-la-2016 https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/maple/184593
  5. Wichita St. Considering Move

    Exactly. No way the MWC takes them even if they add football, Which is highly doubtful. This is about as realistic as the "Gonzaga to the Big East" chatter
  6. Recruiting - 2016

  7. Coaching Candidates

    Actually they do care about money. They notoriously underpay coaches. Lavin was very interested in UNLV but they wouldn't come close to his asking price. As for Beard, it seems like he could use this episode to show just how committed he is to Tech - he paid $1 million to go there.
  8. Coaching Candidates

    Maybe not. It appears everyone wanted TJ at UWM but was vetoed by one person (kind of like Biondi vetoing Gregory in 2002). Per Deadspin "The search for a new coach seems to have been a disaster as well. The school hired Michigan assistant LaVall Jordan, but according to a report both Braun and the search committee wanted to hire Iowa State assistant TJ Otzelberger—and told Otzelberger the job was his—but were overruled at the last minute by UW-Milwaukee chancellor Mark Mone." The link: http://www.wtmj.com/sports/college/exclusive-uwm-had-milwaukee-native-tj-otzelberger-tabbed-but-hired-lavall-jackson Be thankful SLI has moved beyond this crap.
  9. Coaching changes and vacancies

    Those rumors usually permeate from the schools, not the conference. Cincy is spending a lot of money to lobby for Big 12 membership. Great move for both Memphis and Tubby.
  10. Coaching Candidates

    My guess is at least $100K. Sounds like he's going to replace our old friend Bobby Lutz.
  11. Current Player Transfer Rumors

    Thank you. It takes a lot of guts to anonymously rip 18-21 year old kids.
  12. Whitt from Arkansas leaving

    That's not uncommon for instate schools when there are only a few.
  13. GW wins the NIT.

    If he met the requirements for a medical hardship waiver, having played before the halfway point of the season and in fewer than 30% of the games in the season and was ruled out medically he'll get it. The medical records are key, they have to say he had to shut down because of the injury.
  14. Coaching Candidates

    the PE thing hasn't been the case for years. There has been a limit on the number of PE credits that can be transferred. Any JUCO with a history of placing kids at D1 schools knows the rules. The core is the issue because JUCO's have to have 40% of their degree requirements completed upon entering so the core courses are outstanding which adds to the number of credits needed to be completed to graduate. It's not the number of credits they transfer in it's what they need to get their degree. As for freshmen, if SLU is not admitting athletes based on qualifier status only that's a nice change from the past when ability to actually succeed in school if admitted was taken into consideration.
  15. What happened??

    Yeah, but he got the hell out of Columbia after a year