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  1. Tarheel's got it. I do recall people saying on here that Rick went to SWCC to visit him a few times. Then Gillespie showed up and Jorts left for the much brighter lights of Lexington.
  2. I think Majerus was recruiting Harrelson when all that went down. Brad had his shot at Harrelson but told him he was going to wait until the spring. That's when Harrelson signed w/ the mid major. Not sure about this but if the coach that recruited you leaves before you start school doesn't the player have the option to opt out of his LOI?
  3. Kind of hoping he wouldn't do that, but he's an athlete.
  4. Doc B, if Travis turns this train wreck around into a multi year tourney team, yes, he will be offered even by UK. We are in such dire straits that he will be viewed as a miracle worker. There are very few guys I could see that would challenge him. Maybe a Brad Stevens of the Celts, a Sharp type guy, Marshall if you could pull him out of WSU. But SLU hoops is in the sewer of college hoops today. And this season is probably going to be hard to take as well. But if he lands who he's after beyond what he's already done, then we will be a turnaround story. That will only make him look very attractive to other schools. Plus he's got that UK connection thing going for him. We'll all be OK with that as long as he doesn't leave us a Jim Crews type to take over.
  5. If Travis Ford can get us in the dance like VCU and Dayton seem to do he'll be considered successful at SLU. OKS expected a final 4 or a national championship. When you have Boone Pickens money behind you, you better come thru big time. Our sights are set a little lower. What he has to do here is fill the Fetz, be a top 3 program in the A10, make the dance on a regular basis, win his first rd games, and get us into a sweet 16 or an elite 8 once in a while. It's doable here as Rick Majerus proved. If he does the above then in about year 4 or 5, he'll be sought after by a BCS program and likely leave. I just hope he leaves with a succession plan in place, as not having one in the past has dogged this program after every successful coach we've had. The X and Butler models work. VCU brought back a former AC and they haven't missed a beat. Travis is likely not a Marshall or a Few type who are perfectly content in their mid major conferences which they dominate year after year after year. If he is great for us, but I strongly doubt that's not his career objective. For example if he reaches the above level of success here, and UK comes a knocking after Calipari departs, he'll be on the first plane to Lexington.
  6. Looks good, Sterverino!
  7. I recall Rick praising Kevin as a really good kid. Think he said one time if he had a son, he'd want him to be like Kevin. That said, both Kevin and Lidell didn't seem to take well to Rick's system or teaching methods. Too drastic a change for such a short period of time was just too much to ask of all involved. Rick could have adapted his methods to suit Kevin and Tommie, but evidently he felt it was better for the long term if he put his stamp on the program from day one. I know Lidell's father bristled at this approach. Didn't hear much from the Lisch camp. Broy would know best what they were thinking that season. It certainly was a shame that two of the best players in Billiken history never made it to a dance. I remember going to the UNC game in Chapel Hill, and UNC fans were impressed w/ both of our star Frosh.
  8. A .500 season with this roster would mean Travis Ford is a better game coach and teacher than Rick Majerus. I don't think God could coach this year's team to a .500 record. Sorry, God, I haven't lost faith but somethings, well, let's just say are not even divinely possible.
  9. Let's wait and see before we judge his in game coaching abilities. Granted, it's going to be difficult, if not impossible, to match Majerus in this aspect of the game, but he seems to be bringing in talent that can offset this deficiency. I'd give him an A+ for the simple reason Crews drove this program over the cliff into the abyss of irrelevance, yet Ford's gone out and landed what appears to be 3 quality transfers and the most highly recruited local kid this year. That's kind of like selling Jeff Gordon a beat up old Dodge Dart promising that you're going to do some work on it and turn it in into a Daytona winner.
  10. Neufeld definitely has the body to be an effective 5. Here's hoping he put in the work this summer to up his skills. With most bigs you walk before you run. He'll definitely be a priotity player to watch this year for development.
  11. The recruitment of Jayson and Goodwin is an apples to oranges comparison. Jayson being pursued by hoops royalty and a stone cold one and doner. Mc D AA and member of USA world team. This type of recruit is typically out of SLU's league. See Beals and Lee. Goodwin's resume, while a very good get for any program, does not compare to Jayson's. Primary competitors are BCS programs that are struggling to find their way. Way more realistic get for us. Still, he's a stretch for us given the lure of the BCS programs. I always thought Tatum was a pipe dream once he took the in home w/ Coach K, who had just won a national championship. Coach K v Jim Crews, you want to drive a Ferrari or a used VW Passat for a year?
  12. I think we know why he was fired, the FR class he'd recruited for the upcoming season sucked. Yes, he came off a 20 W season, but we can only speculate how bad the upcoming season would have been. Only Relphorde was a legit D1 player. The rest of those guys were D2 or worse. Chaifetz had just anted up $12mm for the new arena, and he, and others, didn't want to see mediocre hoops in his sparkling new arena, which is pretty much what Soderberg was delivering. His pipeline to the Eagles was his son, Kramer. The Suggs kid wasn't coming here because he and Kramer were best buds. He was following Zo to UW. Brad just plain missed on too many of his targets and made mistakes w/ others. The infamous Blake Ahern was rejected in favor of that f*&%er from MN, Shaw of SIUC was ignored because of the PF that went to Mizzery (name escapes me), Harrelson, who played well for UK, was sloughed off. All these kids wanted to come to SLU but Brad misread their talent. I'd venture to say had he pulled in Ahern, Shaw, and Harrelson he might well have had us in the dance along w/ Kevin and Tommy. But didn't happen.
  13. Agree on Johnson who appears to have an upside. I'm more curious about Wellmer. Prior to the Bahama Mama Cruise/Tourney, folks on here were saying he looked better than expected. Now, considering he's a CrewsPlatt guy, that may not be saying much, still I'm looking forward to seeing where he fits into the scheme of things. I know it's way too early to forecast a starting lineup buy my guess is Bishop-PG, Roby-2, Crawford-3, Agbeko-4, Gillman-5. Not exactly a lineup that'll be sending shivers down opponents' spines, is it?
  14. Aussies win going away. Solid minutes and play from Kevin. I didn't see the T Parker play, but who hasn't he blown by. Miss that left hand shot. SLU got mentioned a couple of times. Can't hurt, eh? Surprised w/ Kevin and Cody playing down under we can't tap into that pipeline more. Did Mills play for Zaga, St.Mary's, or neither?
  15. The Aussies have 5 NBA players on their roster. Don't know how this affects Kevin's playing time, but am hoping to see him get some solid minutes.