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  1. A10 media day 2017

    I hope that's it, but he also didn't mention Graves or Bishop. Although, he did name Henriquez. Probably a little bit of Billiken paranoia on my part.
  2. A10 media day 2017

    When asked to name individuals: High praise for Bess and French. Briefly mentioned transfers Foreman and Henriquez. Mentioned the returnees. No mention of Jordan. Obviously, that creates some anxiety since Goodwin's probably the highest rated FR in the league.
  3. Recruiting - 2018 class

    It's never easy being a Bills fan. Insecurity is part of our DNA.
  4. Recruiting - 2018 class

    It's in Billiken fans' DNA to always expect the worst, while we pray to Buddhist Billie for the best. That's why every word uttered or tweeted by the media is analyzed to the nth degree. The word "if" is especially upsetting to us true Billiken fans.
  5. Roster updated

    Wellmer is definitely the type player that causes mismatches for opponents, but I don't see where he'll be a major contributor this year. No Crews bias here either. But he's had foot problems over the 3 years he's been a Billiken. I'm no MD but from everything I've ever read athletes dread foot problems above all other body parts, save for the head. As I understand it, he's not practiced much this summer and am not sure what his current status is now that regular season workouts have begun. This cannot have helped his game improve. I'd love to be proved wrong and see him be a Cody Ellis 2, just not holding my breath that it's going to happen.
  6. Mickey Pearson Commits

    If he's 1/2 the player Harry "Big Bird" Rogers was, we'll be very pleased. Leaving Harry off the HOF team was a huge mistake. If we'd had the 3 pt shot back then Harry would have avg 25 ppg a game his whole career. I was in a couple of classes with him. He was a really nice guy that played on some good teams. A 3 yr starter who was ahead of his time. One of his problems was he never did seem to put on any muscle or weight, but training methods for hoops players back then were totally different from today and weight lifting was somewhat frowned upon. Congrats to Mickey Pearson. Welcome to the Billikens! You won't be sorry.
  7. North Carolina vs NCAA

    Well, as one of North Carolina's most distinguished citizens used to say, "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!"
  8. If there is no current investigation in process, shouldn't the STL PD inform the press that there was no basis for the accusation and the case has been dropped? Since it was reported in the press the day after the accusation was made, it seems only fair to report that there's no there there.
  9. NBC Sports A10 Preview

    True. Mea Culpa. Just some wishful thinking on my part.
  10. So far we don't know what the hell's happened regarding charges filed and/or later dropped. I doubt Frank does either. If the investigation is ongoing and results in charges being filed, it's pretty much game over and playing basketball will be the least of their concerns. Recall in '11, the players involved were never charged criminally, but the school determined rules of student conduct were violated that required a "trial" which eventually resulted in the suspensions.
  11. NBC Sports A10 Preview

    This was written on 10/09 w/ no mention of our "situation". Does the guy just scan Athalon's or Street and Smith and rearrange it to fit his style? Or, did he contact Travis or the AD to find out what's up with the guy he's projecting as one of the A10's top newcomers and get the "there's no there" answer? I'm guessing it's based on previous publications' view of the Billikens.
  12. This. Although, from everything we know they had never been charged with anything by the authorities. I guess you could read a suspension as being "charged" by the school. If it was totally consensual followed up by false charges, time to put this to rest. Let Travis punish them with violating team rules.
  13. Recruiting - 2018 class

    What's good for the A10 is good for the Bills. As long as we rank in the top 8 conferences we should always be a 3-5 bid conference.
  14. Recruiting - 2018 class

    Don't forget about spring signings. My guess (hope) is since Decarte has not seemed to waver about SLU, he'll sign on the dotted line come Nov.
  15. I feel your pain. Seems to hurt more when you're wearing jeans. And I'm talking mom jeans.