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  1. I'd bet Rick addressed the press in some of his practices. Just in case. Agree, his D would not likely have get NCS get that far ahead, but if they did, he would have countered w/ something that resemble a press.
  2. Can't speak for B'roy, but I think his main complaint is whoever were to get in now would be treated like second class passengers. I agree that doesn't seem fair, but second class on a luxury cruise ship has to be better than first class on a tramp steamer.
  3. The greatest game Dim Crews never coached. I think it was the players who decided to press even though a press was never part of Dim's practice venue. What coach wouldn't dedicate some time to practicing a press?
  4. If May got a call today from the BE and said be here in two hours or else you're out, he'd find a way to do it. Just think about this for a minute, you're going to play your geographical rivals again, X, MU, Creighton, Butler, and Rue Paul (admittedly not much to get excited about the last one). Then add to that mix visits by Nova, GU, Providence, St. John's, etc. and the Fetz would be rocking every night. Especially, if we had a Rick Majerus like product on the floor t that could actually compete against these teams. A SLU ticket would truly be one of the harder tickets in town. I don't mind us being in the A10 for the time being, but if the opportunity ever arose again to gain entry, you can bet SLU would do everything in it's power to gain entrance. The advantages are just too great. And, I think the general consensus at the time they admitted X, Butler, and Creighton was that Biondi just never played the political game like he should have. I seem to recall that Dr.C even did a promotional video hoping to convince the BE we'd be a good choice.
  5. Having no inside knowledge on what the powers that be think about being in the BE, you have to assume they'll want to pull out all the stops if the opportunity arises. While I wouldn't call the hiring of Ford a splash hire ala Majerus, we could easily have taken a cheaper route. One has to think the Admin + deep pocket donors were saying we've got to show the BE we want to be a BB power like we were under Rick. I'm hoping that for the immediate future, say 3 years, the BE is shelving the idea of expansion. That said if a power house like UConn says they want in, the BE is going to have to add an additional member. Face it, as of today they're not going to look to favorably on SLU. They probably consider us to be a DePaul, some history but can't sustain it. Whereas, other A10 schools, most notably Dayton and VCU, are solid year in and year out. The only way we'd get in over Dayton would be if X blocks them, or Fox Sports demands it. If UConn does enter, that would likely rule out VCU since it's another East Coast school, and they need to fill in the Mid West for cost purposes. There isn't one of us on here who wouldn't give their eye teeth to be invited into the BE, especially if DU leaves the A10. DU is the A10's signature program and their leaving would definitely dilute the conference's appeal unless the A10 got Wichita St to replace them. Therefore, I'm hoping the BE is not considering an expansion at this time. Hopefully, we get some time to right the ship and get back into the national hoops picture.
  6. I've always thought that Athletic Dept budgets might drive the BE to expand. When you look at the non revenue sports and see Creighton out there in no man's land you'd think it would make sense they add another Midwest team or two and go to a two division set up solely to reduce expenses for other sports. Still, even if they do expand SLU's no shoo in especially if we have to go head to head w/ Dayton. Dayton's got us beat from just about every metric they would assess; winning tradition, NCAA appearances, fan base, etc. The only advantages we have over them is market size, we're far removed from XU, and closer to DePaul, MU, and Creighton. II wouldn't say the BE ship has sailed because the overall economics of college athletics will eventually rule the day. But for us to capitalize on any opportunity they might present, we'd better get our basketball ship in seaworthy shape. Right now they can't be overly impressed by what they've seen from us over the past three seasons vs a Dayton, Richmond, or VCU.
  7. Driving on any highway in the far north west corner of NY State in the winter time is definitely white knuckle time. Now I'm sure from time to time a few of us have taken the risk of not passing a DUI test, but to be driving a massive vehicle with your trusty box of wine jammed into your drink holder, being 5 sheets to the wind, on icy slick roads is akin to challenging the Grim Reaper to a duel you know you cannot win. Thank God she didn't kill anyone.
  8. I think we should all be grateful she didn't stick around w/ her box of wine being 5 times over the legal limit to drive the Bills to PA. Can't imagine a much worse road trip than a huge bus barreling down a snowy highway w/ a higher than a kite 56 year old bus driver. This story could have turned out sooo much worse than a 2-3 hour delay. Olean once again proves to be a major headache for SLU. Wish those guys would move to the Patriot Conference. Bills do seem to have problems w/ busses though. After we won the A10 in 12-13 didn't the team bus get stuck in NJ and have to watch selection Sunday from a Best Buy? Can't remember exactly what the problem was, ie a break down, traffic jam, but thought it was kind of humorous they were handed a high seed from the comfort of a Best Buy w/ numerous TV screens.
  9. Mo Jeffers dunk against St. B's was Dr. J esque. He started his leap from just ahead of the FT line and soared over the guy. That one play may have got him drafted in the second round, although he had a pretty good all around SR year at SLU.
  10. To be a really solid squad throughout a full D1 season, a team needs to have at least 4-5 reliable players on the bench. Injuries, player screw-ups, academics, etc are not rare incidents these days. They should be, and probably are, anticipated by most coaches. Once our top 6 players become eligible, Travis has to back them up with those guys he can insert into a game and expect them to provide quality minutes. Not star like minutes just solid play on D, limited miscues on O, and, at times, some heroics. It seems Johnson, Wellmer, and Roby fill those requirements at present time. I don't think we've seen enough of Moore to pass judgement on where he might fit in next year. Something to watch over these final games. Bishop's a guy who has proven he can play at this level, just not at PG, so, if he decides to stick around, he'd also be a very capable backup or even emergency starter. Same goes for Roby. Ford will likely keep those 5 off this year's roster. They know his systems, work hard, and have shown potential at times. That gives him eleven players and more options depending upon matchups, injuries, etc. Still would like to see him nab a big this spring. Guy doesn't have to be the next Anthony Davis, but a guy who can be a D force on the inside and provide some muscle on the boards. Just not a project big, since we've had little success with those types over the years; Husak, Manning, Jollymon, and Gillman. Was hoping Neufeld might fill that bill this season, but, like most of our former coach's recruits, sadly he's not the answer.
  11. Really impressed with French from the videos and that article. As I recall, he was under everyone's radar until he started strutting his stuff in AAU ball. Still, I think he had some offers from a few bigs and a lot of interest from our A10 brethren. He strikes me as the type of athletic PFs we see a lot of in the A10. Nice get, Travis. Despite our recent "small" successes in recent games, it's the anticipation about next year that keeps us going. Here's hoping Goodwin's recovery goes smoothly. As Old Guy said, every person's recovery timetable is unique, but I expect young Mr. Goodwin to treat rehab with dedication and resolve. Just don't overdo it and set yourself back further. I know nothing about shoulder injuries, but it strikes me they tend to linger. Wasn't it shoulder injuries that both Grandy and Reggie wrestled with over their time at SLU? Getting way ahead of myself here and recognizing starting's for HS, but my way too early prediction for a starting 5 next year is, Goodwin, Henriquez, Bess, French, and, dare I say it, Wellmer. Still hoping Travis can find a decent big this spring, hopefully from the JUCO ranks ala Kenny Brown, a 5th year transfer, or an international. Can't see where a graduating senior project at 5 will help much next season. We had that in Gillman and Neufeld and am hoping those days are behind us.
  12. After posting the above, I sure hope Ricky P isn't making inroads into St. Louis. When was the last time UL landed one of St. Louis's big time players?
  13. Anyone else thinking dealing w/his dad on a daily basis might have been a factor in the kid's decision? I know nothing about this situation, but, from what I can gather from the board, we were never on his radar anyways. He wanted the bright lights and he got it w/ Louisville.
  14. Why are we so concerned about Ramey. We're not even in the running are we? I thought he had his sights set on the like of KU, Duke, KY etc.
  15. Just relieved to see Johnson and Wellmer coming on strong here of late. That eases the mind that we're not going into next year w/ just 6 D1 level talents. Also, Roby is showing that he can contribute in Ford's system and would expect more when he's surrounded by the talent upgrade. Don't want to get too far ahead of myself here, but given the fact the A10 is down this year and not much better next year (although, there's no good reason to make that claim) we might be in for a selection Sunday surprise. That's assuming the transfers and our two prized FR are as good as advertised. Even if we don't reach that lofty goal, at a minimum we'll field a team that we can once again take some pride in and bring this 3 year nightmare to a merciful end.