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  1. Oops, I left out one important player in my 8 man rotation, Johnson. I really think he will challenge a lot of players for minutes at the 3 and 4. Just makes the picture a little more confusing but in the right way, hopefully a lot of talent competing for minutes. That always makes teams better. This upcoming season should be fun to watch just to see how all the pieces fit together. Sooooo different from the Dead to Me years, where it was a hodge podge of lesser talents who could be yanked after one mistake.
  2. I thought Roby had a decent season this year considering his supporting cast. He definitely appears to have matured as he struck me as being the leader of the team. That said, the only way he's going to beat out a transfer for a starting role is if the transfer just ain't playing up to the coach's level of intensity. I do expect, however, he'll get 10-15 mpg off the bench. Someone posted Ford prefers an 8 man rotation. If that's true, then at first blush here's who appears to be the first 9 (not listed high to low); Henriquez, Goodwin, French, Bess, Foreman, Graves, Roby, and Wellmer/Anthony. That's nine names to cover an 8 man rotation. My crystal ball tells me Wellmer will not start the season fully recovered, foot injuries are tricky things, and may in fact struggle all season with it. This was probably the reason Ford was willing to take a shot at Anthony, ie he would need more height on the inside because Wellmer's availability is dicey. Big question is where does Bishop figure into this mix, if at all? I think we tend to overlook the fact he was a first team A10 FR who showed some promise his FR year, albeit very inconsistent promise. I don't know if his inconsistency was due to a lack of intensity on his part or just piss poor coaching by Coach Dead to Me. At this point my best guess is he's going to be the odd man out and garner only limited minutes this year. If that is indeed how it goes for him, I expect he'll be checking out at season's end.
  3. "Starting is only important in HS ball."- Rick Majerus Here's what I'm hoping for; that our high expectations for these new guys are met. If they are, I can see Travis crafting a team that will push the ball constantly in an attempt to wear down opponents. The concern with this is you have to rebound the ball before you can push it. Given that two of our bigs will be in recovery mode, one is an untested FR, and the other a low MPG guy from a team that wasn't exactly loaded w/ 4 and 5 stars raises questions about how good we'll be at pulling down boards. Supposedly Goodwin like to rebound, and Bess is coming from MSU where Izzo puts a lot of emphasis on rebounding, it wouldn't surprise me if these two, along with French, are our best bets on the boards.
  4. Just go independent and forget all this conference nonsense.
  5. Getting 18 hrs of correspondence courses and doing the President's wife are only 2 of the 4 entry requirements at Mizzery. He also has to wreck the President's ATV and then receive bundles of free athletic gear from Cuonzo. Getting into Mizzery ain't as easy as it might seem. God, I miss the Mighty Quinn days.
  6. It's 50-50 on this. Fair enough?
  7. Every hoops guru had Duke winning it all this year w/ the loaded FR class they had on campus. Am sure Tatum felt the same. Injuries, dissent, and the learning curve all came into play and destroyed the Dukies. Still, come draft time I don't think young Mr. Tatum will have any regrets how things turned out for him. Time and truckloads of cash heals all wounds.
  8. More likely Harry Giles two surgically repaired knees have caused some angst w/ NBA teams. The fact that Coach K went to a 6 man rotation, though, should cause the rest of his 4 and 5 stars riding the pine to have second thoughts about seeking their fortunes in Durham. The reason for there being something like 700 players changing schools every year is mostly due to kids seeking better playing time opportunities. Not the only reason for sure, but I'd wager it's the primary reason. Take Zeke Moore for example. He got his chance at lots of minutes for a FR, but he knew Travis had recruited over him and his court time would likely be trimmed. I actually thought he did ok for a FR and would provide some solid bench support going forward. That's not what he wanted obviously, and you can't fault him for it.
  9. I'll admit that I don't pay much attention to the NBA these days, but whenever I did occasionally watch it there would be American players that I'd never heard of during their college days. Guys like Rodman, Malone, Pippen didn't play for Duke, KY, or UNC, yet were stars in the NBA. Even today on the rare occasion when I catch part of a game, I hear names that weren't household names from watching a fair amount of college ball. Take Willie Reed for example. I'll wager there aren't many casual NBA fans who know he attended SLU. Sure the Dukes, UK's, UNC's, et al will facilitate you being scouted, but only if you get the playing time to demonstrate you have skills that translate into what the NBA requires. Point being, NBA scouts know what it takes to play in the NBA and don't care if those skills and talents are found in a guy who plays for Podunk U in Backhills, ND. That's why it's always a mystery to me why a highly rated kid say, in the 25 to 100 ranking, will opt to take a Duke or UK offer and run the risk of being practice fodder for 4 years or seeking a transfer after a year or two of being recruited over. Yeah, it would be nice to have a good shot at winning an NCAA championship ring, but I'd prefer actually playing for a lesser team than being a pine riding cheerleader.
  10. For sure he's going to have the sweetest ride in Appleby's parking lot.
  11. Agreed, David, especially about the 3 point shot and add to that the quickness some of these guards have is amazing. Still, talented big men ala Jabbar, Walton, and, most recently, Davis gives a team a real advantage. First, it makes a good guard who can dish look better via assists or scoring points off the dribble drive because the big's being doubled. The 3's the biggest advantage and made good guards a must. I'll always believe we could have done something special had Willie stuck it out, but Kwamain was still the key guy on those teams. With Willie we had a strong inside presence, two bigs that could pop from the outside and help inside, plus the Conk, and a team that played hellacious defense, and an outstanding PG. You can't ask for more than that from any team.
  12. Our own Rob Loe was an effective big, especially his SR year. I think we all naively thought or hoped maybe Jolly Folly and Gillman could become a Loe type. Sadly, they never came close. Everyone believes these days that college ball is a guard's game, but that can change in a heartbeat if you can find a talented big like an Anthony Davis. I know it's ancient history but talented 5's dominated college hoops back in the 60s and 70s. Problem is there's not many of them these days. Think how good we might have been back in '11-'12 and '12 and '13 had Willie stuck it out. .
  13. Hey, trust the staff. They know what they're doing.
  14. And don't forget So Carolina. Uh, they made the final 4, and Martin has a pretty good class coming in.
  15. Jeez, this board has gone off the track. Why don't you ponder something important, like if Martin had been hired a year earlier would Justin Tatum have been offered an AC job?