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  1. Compared to what we've pulled in the previous two years forget the numbers. Travis Ford is building a solid team. SLU is on the rebound, when we could have been buried beneath a mound of Mississippi mud forever. I'm excited.
  2. Way to go Ford and Staff. Great decision young Mr. French. We welcome you with open arms.
  3. Neufeld and Wellmer, Wiz, how'd they look?
  4. As Gomer Pyle used to say, Surprise... Surprise... Surprise. From the NCAA's to the toilet in just two short years. Thanks J. Crews and company.
  5. Or what candidates mean. Impossible to cipher. UMass had a really good recruiting class this year.
  6. Hurley's the guy to go after. Cry baby.
  7. You guys do realize that many coaches who were verbally hard on their players got more out of them than the player thought they could deliver. Plus, many "old players" still admire these guys, because they taught them life ain't easy. I'm not supportive of Lonegran's style. Mostly, because times have changed, and he should have known it. But I don't want my grandsons getting trophies for just showing up, or their mom brought the bean dip for after game snacks. Not saying sports should be like Paris Island. It's just that at this stage, ie D1 sports, winning is the only thing that counts. And these coaches are trying to get their players to a winning level. You shouldn't denigrate a player's personal life choice or style to do that, but getting in someone's face about why you think he or she can do more than they are showing is not really a bad thing. If Lonegran slurred a gay or a transgender over his life choice, that's wrong. But if that player took his criticism the wrong way, ie "he's all over me because I'm gay", that may be a cop out on the player's part. I guess that's where a coach these days walks a very fine line. Still, there should be no safety zones or special treatment when it comes to sports at any level.
  8. Next thing you know locker rooms will have safe zones. Eastwood's right, we've become a nation of pu*&%es.
  9. And just about every sportswriter and broadcaster was lobbying for this game to be an annual event. Well, here we are 15 years after it was last played, and Mizzery still won't take our call. As I recall all three games were well attended which meant there was money to be made there. I'm sure we could use the bucks, and Mizzery as well. As both programs have nose dived the last two years, Mizzery probably doesn't want to risk the nothing to gain everything to lose game at this time. And if Ford gets us headed in the right direction sooner that will only make it more difficult to get SPUMAC to belly up to the bar. Bottom line, Mizzery just doesn't want this game to take hold and become an annual rivalry.
  10. Well, then unless Tilmon fails to sign in November, his ship may truly have left port.
  11. Isn't there some kind of rule that if the coach who recruited you is canned or leaves for whatever reason, the recruit is permitted to opt out of his LOI?
  12. Seems to me Tilmon may wait it out to see what happens to Groce at season's end. If Groce's canned he could then opt out w/o hurting anyone's feelings except Illini fans. But really I know less than nothing about this situation. It just appears he's committed to Groce and doesn't want to go back on his verbal.
  13. Even with a fair number of cupcakes, I still think we'll be fortunate to crack double digit Ws. Hope I'm wrong, but we are woefully short of D1 caliber players. Here's hoping and praying I'm totally wrong.
  14. Just read it. No games on FSMW? That can't be right, can it?
  15. Not surprising and will likely continue. Kids, and their parents, are starting to think about going deep in debt and then not landing a job to pay for it.