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  1. "Following tomorrow's (Sunday) competition day-off, No. 1 Robert Morris will face No. 4 Concordia and No. 2 Oklahoma City will meet up with Faulkner in the semifinals on Monday, March 19th at Municipal Auditorium. Game times are 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., respectively." http://naia.cstv.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/031707abm.html CSTV is scheduled to televise the semis and title game.
  2. AA IL Boys quarterfinals

    Go O-Town Panthers.
  3. Does SLU have a game tonight?

    I thought these things had a "blackout rule." But not tonight anyway. Good news for out-of-towners. http://www.kfns.com/Multimedia/ListenLive790.aspx
  4. SIUE wants to go D1

    I remember driving up there one year for a High School playoff sectional. Not the easiest place to find at night if you don't know where it is. Got lost and turned around a few times. And once you arrive on the campus area, finding the gym isn't all that easy either. I'm still not sure I would know the way. And the parking situation wasn't the best. They would have to expand seating in the gym. I don't think the place could hold more than 5k. Though it has been a long time so my memory might be a bit sketchy on the details. I do remember it's not easy to find if you don't know the route.
  5. STL Post - tv coverage - more bad news

    I'm told CSTV put a price tag on Charter Cable they couldn't afford to pick up. Here's the portion of the P-D story concering SLU: __________________________________ >>While Mizzou and the Big 12 are all over the airwaves (most of the Tigers' other games are carried on FSN Midwest), SLU remains a relative unknown on local television. In recent years, many of the Billikens' games were carried by Charter cable. But the Atlantic 10 Conference, of which the Billikens are a member, has sold its TV rights to CSTV (College Sports Television). That cable-satellite network did not reach an agreement this season with Charter. "It was up to CSTV to renew it, but it didn't get it done,'' SLU acting senior associate director of athletics Doug McIlhagga said. Five Bills games from the league's syndicated package will be picked up by KPLR (Channel 11) starting with the Jan. 20 contest at Fordham. Also, the Feb. 1 game, at 7:30 p.m. vs. St. Joseph's, will be on ESPN2. But that's piddling compared to the TV schedule in recent years. "St. Louis U. did its best to try to save the local package,'' said Frank Cusumano, who did the play-by-play on the Charter games. "It's devastating in this special year not to have any local telecasts. I feel really bad for the players and the program that they're not getting the exposure they deserve. But I'm confident we'll be back next year.''<<
  6. Here's the press release: CELEBRATE THE PAST AND PRESENT OF ST. LOUIS AREA BASKETBALL AS "Mr. Basketball" Earl Austin Jr. shares with you 20 years of Metro St. Louis Area Basketball Coverage The special publication will include: * A Preview of the upcoming 2006-07 season * A look of each conference in the St. Louis metro area * List of key players to watch in each conference * Earl's conference predictions * Earl's string of pearls (preseason team rankings) * 20 year commemorative anniversary section. Earl celebrates two decades of covering high school basketball in St. Louis with a 20 year trip down memory lane that includes: * Earl's 20 year dream team (15 member boys & girls All-Stars) * 20 year all conference all star teams (boys & girls) * 20 year all star teams for nearly every school in the area(boys & girls) * Earl's list of great moments (best games, most dramatic shots, etc.) * Earl's top 15 moments as the color analyst of the SLU Billikens. Purchases can be made at www.earlaustinjr.com Cost is $9 dollars each.
  7. I feel bad for Romar

    >>I would disagree for this year, hands down over B.E. comments from Molina...<< I didn't say it was better. Only that I would root for the SEC over Big East. I don't like them as a conference. Not as much as I dislike the ACC (basketball). But Big East is a close second.
  8. I feel bad for Romar

    Up to this point, it's been a very exciting tournament. Lots of upsets and fantastic finishes. But this one tonight was the first one that made me physically sick to my stomach. At least there's one upside. The ACC is done! Push comes to shove, I'll take the SEC over the Big East anyday. For LSU to emerge after all that happened with them and hurricane Katrina is admirable.
  9. From the latest Bernie Bits. ONLINE now. www.STLtoday.com/sports "St. Louis U. basketball coach Brad Soderberg has offered a scholarship to Lance Stemler, a 6-foot-8 sophomore at Southwestern Illinois College. Stemler is averaging 22 points this season for SWIC. He's also being recruited by, among others, Marquette, Nebraska and Georgia. He's a grad of Gibault High."

    I see that now. Misread the BND story and thought it was today. Thanks.

    Scheduled for a 2 pm game.
  12. naia

  13. Wisconsin, Mich St., Iowa, Indiana and Illinois. Thanks for playing. We need more "power conference" representation in this tournament. LMAO!!! I can't wait for the Hoyas/Buckeyes game. Either way, another big boy goes down. C'mon Bradley, beat Pitt.
  14. http://forums.stltoday.com/viewtopic.php?t=340595&start=40 BernieM Staff Moderator Joined: 10 May 2001 Posts: 8656 Posted: 04 Mar 2006 13:05 pm Post subject: About Liddell.... I don't mean to be rude, but SLU fans have no idea what they're talking about. What do you think his parents are going to say to SLU fans? Of course they're going to be upbeat. They're going to spill their guts to a virtual stranger who is wearing the SLU blue/white? Oh, sure. Let me tell you this: his father was ready to file the transfer papers when Soderberg yanked Liddell off the court. Maurice Scott calmed things down -- and to the point where he actually told Mr. Liddell that Tommy needs strong coaching and direction, and that he should just let Soderberg coach. --B