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  1. Bills by 18 over Santa Clara

    Steve Nash is an SC alum. The memory of Steve Nash two decades later counts for 5 points. Bills by 15. Getting Cory back helps the good guys though. One would think Carter gets better by the day. I'm expected us to play better than the Upstate game. We need incremental progress each game. Beast mode in conference.
  2. I'm sure these boards are controlled by Father Biondi. They have to be. They are on university property.
  3. GDT: SLU v. USC Upstate

    Grandymama's energy is awesome.
  4. USC-Upstate Game Preview

    Grandymama in the starting lineup! Rather surprising.
  5. Jordair

    We'll deserved!
  6. USC-Upstate Game Preview

    That really sucks. He rebounds and defends ... which this team will need on the interior. We'll get a glimpse then as to what John Manning is about under game pressure. Perhaps more Grandymama.
  7. Willie Reed signs with Sac-town

    Textbook example of "ain't playing with a full deck"! This could turn into an internet meme.
  8. A10 MSOC Championship

    Love it. The coach getting a yellow!
  9. Crews coming on 590 5/5 11:20

    Crews have anything interesting to say?
  10. Bills by 12 over USC Upstate

    I picked Cory as my sleeper inside player last week. Glad to hear the solid report on him from the pregame. He might be our best rebounder outside of Dwayne but I was impressed with the way Cody improved on the defensive glass as the season progressed last year. Jett is a beast of a rebounder of guard. He'll help the bigs.
  11. Bills by 12 over USC Upstate

    I'd rather go this route given the talent we have rather than scheduling a 250+ gooey cupcake for the first game. Even without Mitchell, our entire starting lineup will be upperclassmen. They'll take care of business.
  12. Bills by 12 over USC Upstate

    That's a fair ranking. The Majerus factor, losing Conk and Mitchell out with a broken foot throw a fair amount of uncertainty into this team. I'm concerned we will stumble out of the gate before finding our footing. If we start strong, look out. We'll only get better as the year progresses.
  13. Bills by 12 over USC Upstate

    Where do you have us ranked going into the season Wiz? Just curious.
  14. I was trying to come up with that one as well. If the person exposed to the show was not a minor, I'm guessing some claim that negligent action (or intentional indifference) on the part of the university led to the kid's emotional distress. Been a long while since I was engaged in the tort game but that claim may require physical injury to make. Maybe they go for some catch all like "outrageous conduct". In all likelihood the claimants are banking on the fact that they will be paid to go away based on the media coverage alone.