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  1. Oh I thought he meant even scrubs can start on good teams
  2. if the equal of seniors Jett, McCall, Loe and Evans are on the floor, you have a good point and the Roby love is well taken. just sayin.
  3. I have two separate autographed pictures of my son when he was very young with Anthony Bonner and Justin love. two of my all time favorite billikens.
  4. I will be disappointed if roby plays before bess.
  5. spoon was the all time champion of embellishment. I sat with Donnie Dobbs family at the conference tourney in Cincinnati and Donnie would come to talk to us after every game, i.e. I stood next to Donnie Dobbs on a number of occasions that week. he was closer to 6'4" than 6'1".
  6. Dobbs never played in the A10. we were in a much tougher conference usa at that time. the A10 is no where near the conference CUSA was back in those days. Donnie was bigger than 6'2" but probably wasn't 6'5". cant compare most anyone to Dobbs as he was an extremely savvy player that knew how to use his body and positioning to do the job like just about no one I have ever seen since. I would love Bess to compare and play like Donnie Dobbs.
  7. but it also takes our beast away from the basket. Henriquez can handle the outside shooting needs. elemental stuff.
  8. why would you ever want a player like French straying from the lane?
  9. someone on this board said we would be in the top 25 next year? I agree that wont happen since we will pretty much have no bench worthy of playing double digit minutes.
  10. who do you think Roby would start over? Henriquez and Goodwin are for sure starters. personally, I cant see roby playing ahead of bess.
  11. houston?
  12. Yes, the sooner we erase the crews DNA on this program the better. Next year it's almost eradicated.
  13. Those of you enthralled with our existing talent, we just got handled easily by Fordham. Fordham. Let that sink in.
  14. Doctor B, it seems for the most part you are agreeing with me. to everyone else, dont judge via games against north carolina at&t or duquesne. judge on the game vs dayton. my points were to combat the thoughts we are an ncaa tourney team next year. to be that, we need to at least be dayton who is likely a 7-10 seed this year. i.e. barely getting an at large berth. had miller played his main rotation to the end of the game we would have lost by 50. this roster is not good. what success we have had has been versus other bad teams. not sure wher you are going with telling me about our newbies. i have been nothing but positive about our newbies. i was the first to champion goodwin. i have nothing but awesome about the transfers. and now we get amazing stats coming from french high school games. thus, i predict exhausted 35+ mpg newbies will be more productive than any of our current players. i.e. 10 mpg for our current roster max. Hey if i am wrong, either our current roster improved way more than i expect it to, or our newbies arent as good as i expect.