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  1. that's good enough for me. ++++
  2. didn't pulley go to the same juco that got ricky clemons like 2 years worth of credits in one year?
  3. exactly. mi$$ouri needs this game more than we do. if we would agree to such a game it should at least be 2 at chaifetz and one at mi$$ouri
  4. just that we know an easy W when we see it. it will probably hurt our rpi, but at least it will be an attendance draw at chaifetz for the delusional mi$$iouri fans in the area.
  5. we have the example of the kid that played like 2 games for us then transferred to valpo and then valpo tried to get the medical redshirt and was denied. like I said, I don't know of any players that played and was granted the extra year. I am sure there are examples, but I don't know of any.
  6. if rumors are to hold water, (I haven't personally seen Henriquez play) Henriquez supposedly will bring back memories of Erwin claggett and h waldman. if he is halfway as good of a shooter I will be happy as we haven't really had that kind of a shooter for awhile.
  7. can you cite an example of a player that played that many games and indeed was granted a 5th year? I don't know of any and in fact there are more examples of players that only played like a game or two and then were denied the medical red shirt season.
  8. that wont be decided until after his senior year whether he is granted an additonal year of eligibility.
  9. interesting. whenever i remind the board of your love for all thoughts for crews you seem to reply within minutes. yet i am on your ignore. amazing.
  10. it is my understanding he has a billiken offer. He had an Illini offer from Groce, no idea if that is still out there. Doesn't matter, with two years to go and as good as he is, it will be more of a "who doesn't he have an offer from?" by 2019.
  11. probably whoever was paying said they were not paying for it anymore.
  12. Jett was bigger, stronger faster and more athletic as a freshman than bishop will ever be. Jett was the prototype of recruiting potential. And credit jett's work ethic for 4 years to maximize that potential. Bishop a far better shooter, but unfortunately somebody guarding the shooter sometimes minimizes that one dimension of basketball.
  13. roby is from Memphis. I am sure he is used to some inland water overflow
  14. tatum was a first round pick no matter what assuming no disabling injury. however he probably cemented a top 5 pick the way he played in the acc tourney and the beginning of the ncaa tourney imo.
  15. the one thing playing at the dukes or UNC or Kentucky guarantees is the national spotlight. I would guess tatum's last two weeks of the season moved up a couple of notches and made him millions. it resolved the question marks that might have been lurking in nba minds. that said, did going to duke cost harry giles the opposite?