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  1. we will not be asked to upgrade conferences until the program proves it is back to where it was 3 years ago. until then we are lucky we are in the A-10.
  2. im all about the billiken kids that did the right thing. not the ones that didnt make the effort to live up to their very nice saint louis university scholarship. do the job academically, be a good citizen and teamate and i indeed will cheer till the end of time.
  3. most of the former billikens in my billiken lifetime lived up to "my high standards". our record of degrees is remarkable and outstanding post billiken job careers is great. the number of former players that have gotten into trouble can be counted on your hands and the non degrees probably can as well. you say willie matured. didnt he just walk off his nba team just last year? and by accomplishing his goals, you mean making the nba was his goal? nothing about graduating from college and contributing to society? what are we giving kids scholarships to college if finishing college isnt their goal? thanks for the SRP compliment. coming from the likes of you that is just fine.
  4. well excuse me if id rather follow the life after billiken baasketball of the careers of the players that did things right. stayed out of trouble, got their degrees, merged successfully with society, etc. If you all want to dedicate threads every month or so idolizing willie reed who didnt do much of anything right while a billiken beyond some nice dunks and blocked shots, more power to you. personally i think you have your priorities mixed up. i have no vendetta towards willie reed. i just couldnt care less about him due to his failure as a total student athlete at slu and cant see the need to follow his life thereafter. those that want to state he's done so much right thereafter and deserves all this attention, i say if you want to idolize a former player that made the mistakes but then did all the right things and deserves the attention and praise for his life thereafter, i'd look more to kwamaine than willie. i was very down on mitchell for the mess he put himself (and the billikens) in at the time. he then accepted his responsibility, did all the things he needed to do to come back and had a nice senior season. there is the player to watch and admire after going through his adversity.
  5. and even more than that, he let us down big time. had he taken care of things and graduated with mitchell that might have been a shot at a final four team. i blame him for keeping the billikens from that once in a lifetime chance. so i couldnt care less what happens to willie reed.
  6. i should apologize for your wrong post? you are as high (and wrong) as you have always been.
  7. The fact they both indeed played college basketball after their "injury" to me seems the disabled excuse 05 used in this discussion wrong and Taj right.
  8. both reid and john played after they left slu.
  9. Cheese all the years I've debated our players getting cut is wrong I was constantly reminded all scholarships are only one year agreements. You are now saying that isn't the case. Hines was one year everyone else is committed till they graduate. Let's all keep this in mind going forward. Per cheese, scholarships are committed till they graduate.
  10. hoosier, i am never in favor of taking away a scholarship unless the player is a bad student and doing the job in the classroom, or they are a bad citizen and getting in trouble off the floor and outside the classroom and leading to embarrassing our program. that said, ford has already made the move to bring in another scholarshipped player that puts the billikens over the scholarship limit, so there is nothing we can do about it but comply with the ncaa rule and send a player on their way. so regardless of my sentiments on not cutting a player, ford had to take away a scholarship. imo, hines did more than either bartley or roby last year to earn his scholarship. so if one has to pick a player to cut a scholarship from, it wouldnt have been hines. hopefully i typed slow enough you could keep up. tell crewsy hello. and yes someone that takes the program from the highest point in the history of billiken basketball to the lowest point in just a couple of years, i pretty much hate them. you should as well. but then again you are so crazy some think you might actually be platt himself. your unbelieveable loyalty to crewsy makes one wonder.
  11. Figures you are too dense to recognize a correction of your ignorance. What's your hero, crewsy, up to now that he's stolen our money and went on permanent retirement?
  12. No Where Did I Say Run Off Bartley. I said I considered Hines a better player than Bartley or Roby and if a scholarship is to be taken away Hines should be ahead of them. Once again you have shown your idiocy. You should go follow your idol crews into retirement.
  13. the "end of last season" as in one game in the conference tourney? yeah he sure showed us. he still doesnt know how to dribble off a screen. my gosh he should have learned that in 7th grade. and he leads the world in fouls committed per minutes played. but i am glad to hear he has ascended to the designated 3 point gunner. he's probably distantly related to the curry boys
  14. i too would have kept hines on scholarship and told bart;ey or roby they either give up their scholarship or transfer. by year end hines was far more valuable than either of them. but that said, all three are not good enough to be on a roster that is supposed to be top tier of the A-10. so i wont lose sleep over it. physically hines probably was maxing out his potential while ford likely has hope that bartley and/or roby fulfill some of their wasted talents. after two years of plenty of chances, i say move on.