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  1. JO responses like this is why I don't post much anymore. that M. O. is well renown not just my words. im going back to the secret society.
  2. Oh its exciting. probably the most excited I've been as a billiken since lisch committed to the billikens. we all knew ford would up our talent and recruit well, but this has exceeded my wildest imagination That said, we also know that ford's reputation was a poor to mediocre at best floor and practice coach so pardon me if I wait 2 years (won't get much insight this coming season. thanks to crewsplatt) to weigh in on how that looks. Probably the neatest thing is the local connection recruiting success. that continues with some floor success, we will ignite this city. The second neatest thing I saw today was larry legend participating. my seats are close to Larry's and I have seen it in larry hughes eyes his love of the billikens . now we see him throwing his two cents in......that's exciting. the best local player from St louis since 1950 tells young high school recruits to become billikens it's gonna make a mark. plus let's not forget larry's son is coming in what 5 years? just adds to the vision. NOW ford needs to keep at least the talent infusion going. watson, ramey, young eric liddell (only a high school sophomore right now). let's get em all. thus far ford hasn't missed a thing and the word I get is he has worked tirelessly. Last thing, I have been told our three transfers in waiting are the best players on the team by far. so no matter what, we only have to wait one more painful year before at least being competitive again. and if goodwin and french are the players we all are hoping for, our completely new starting five November 2017 is going to make us forget crews platt forever.
  3. have we ever determined old guy has actual medical credentials or does he just stay at a holiday inn express a lot? what is the basis behind this "knowledge".
  4. I call it like I see it. Geography says I'll always see more illinois players but I get to some of the Missouri schools games.
  5. Helems having a huge year at Chaminade would not surprise me at all. Playing in the shadow of one of the greatest high school talents in the history of St louis has a way of hiding one's skills. But he's a player.
  6. Just don't point out notre dame's horrible academic and graduation rate for their men's athletics. He really gets mad then.
  7. Just ignore the guy. I destroyed him in threads at the post forums and as mentioned above he just moves the goal posts and ignores he was defeated in that debate. His sole purpose is nothing more than to upset billiken fans. Just let him post and don't respond to him. Eventually he will just talk to himself.
  8. ive never seen goodwin play point guard. he is physically strong, a smart player and has decent handles. if ford thinks he can be a point guard and compares him to marcus smart i say give it a try. if after his freshmen season both goodwin and ford dont think it is the right spot they can adjust things thereafter. but i am all for the chance. as to rebounding, i guess it depends how much ford will ask his point guard to play away from the basket when he doesnt have the ball. obviously offensive reboundingwise, that would hamper that attribute. defensively, jordan should still be the rebounding fiend he has always been. as to havoc, the way to break full court pressure defense should only resort to a player dribbling through the defense as a last resort. the way to beat the pressure is to pass out in front of the pressure and great spacing. if we arent doing that, yeah we'll have trouble regardless of who is playing point guard. i look at the point guard effectiveness as the player that can initiate the offense once they get past the half line. baryley would pick up his dribble 2 steps past the line and pass to a wing 30 feet from the basket. he circled around screens such that his defender had no problem staying in front of him. this and slow reactions to defensive shifts made bartley ineffective as a point guard. if goodwin does the same thing, he wont be a point guard. we will just have to see how he performs.
  9. speaking of Teresa Lisch. Teresa and her husband, Trent Meacham (Former Illinois Guard who know plays professionally in France) recently became parents of twins. Hopefully Teresa can get the boys to wear blue not orange.
  10. what ive heard is that between tate and ford convincing goodwin he was capable of being a point guard that would lead the return of the program is what turned goodwin. NO ONE else touched that button. to get back in the game with goodwin after crews totally f'd that up is nothing short of incredible. for that he gets nothing but kudos. as to disillusioned, ford has exceeded my expectations thus far. as good as i thought he would recruit, i didnt think he could assemble what appears to be such a good group of incoming players this quickly. but as i said in my original thoughts, i will wait till spring 2018 to start weighing in on the entire body of work. a coach cannot succeed (well maybe calipari has) on recruiting alone. it's definitely important. maybe most important. but you have to be able to maximize that talent. that's yet to be seen. hope he's learned and will also exceed expectations in practice and games as well.
  11. I always expected good recruiting from ford. It's been his M.O. everywhere he's been. That said he has succeeded, it appears, far beyond expectations and I am thrilled with what we've seen so far because of his recruiting gets. It couldn't have been easy selling the shambles of a program he walked into. In about a month and a half ford's real test starts. While recruiting has always been his strong point (and again it appears he is getting an A++ in recruiting) ford teams have never been notated for development and floor play. It will become Ford's make or break. He definitely gets a complete mulligan for the upcoming season. But we need to see a night and day difference when his talent takes over. Especially considering the bulk of the expected lineup will have practiced as billikens for a year. So we wait for about two years to really comment on what our whole coaching talent really is. But for the meantime I must admit I'm as excited about billiken basketball as I've been for a long time. It sure has been fun beaming about Goodwin to the Illinois fans I know. 😄
  12. ive been cheering/pining for goodwin here for 3 years. people said i was nuts. crews said he wasnt good enough. all i know is thank god we got a coach that wouldnt take no for an answer and went out the last few months and took off the radar to the rumored top choice. folks. goodwin is our point guard. i have been wondering why ford wasnt chasing a point guard hard, well here's your answer. give kudos to ford for answering the question "why the billikens?" for goodwin. he found the key and hammered it home. lets just pray we now close the deal. we are far too used to being this close in the past and having it yanked out last second. stay positive all.
  13. Bauman I say he is closer to 6'2" than 6' 5". However this is one of those rare kids that doesn't fit in the box. Goodwin is probably the most ferocious rebounder I've ever seen. He is extremely strong and athletic. Granted His ball handling and outside shooting isn't special, but it is far better now than jordair was at any point as a billiken. The kid is a lion that just wins and dominates. There have been plenty of under sized pf's that have succeeded because of their overwhelming efforts. Think of Barkley or our own donnie Dobbs. But honestly he is better all around than Dobbs. This kid is for real. And the list of suitors is proof of his ability. You need to go see him play this winter.
  14. Majerus had a bigger hole? Rickma inherited a team that had won 20 games and had Lisch and Liddell returning. Who is "lisch and liddell" on our current roster? Crews f'd saint Louis university badly. Ford inherited the worst roster in my nearly 40 years of following the billikens.
  15. This is a remarkable get. Ford is definitely a salesman.