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  1. Don't follow soccer that closely but In basketball it's common. Recall when Syracuse lost to Lemoyne 91=48 and they still won 27 games for the season and advanced in the NCAAs.
  2. +1 Crews was a far worse coach then Johnny Jones. Abas, since this argument is based on hypothetical situation, we will never know. Just be grateful Crews is gone.
  3. Didn't help Sodie with Ryan Hollins.
  4. Are you talking about the talent hypothetically Tatum would been playing with for the 16-17 season with Crews coaching? I hate to break it to you the talent you are going to witness this next season is totally awful. Hopefully they will show some heart, play hard and maybe beat out another 11 win season. Tatum would had no support and with Crews coaching, with his lack of preparation and coaching strategy, the problem would been compounded. As far getting Tatum for the 17-18 season over Goodwin, I am leaning for a player that would be with us 4 years were we can build around rather then one and done. We are not Kentucky or a Duke were they reload every year with mickeyD all-Americans.
  5. Back in the day, Romer had a weekly coaches show on KMOX. I used to get the show on my car radio in my driveway near Asheville. One show he brought on Mo Jeffers. Jeffers during the show indicated he was re-recruited and played hard-to-get. I don't know he was joking but for some reason I recall that show.
  6. 2 reasons for Goodwin: First reason, if Crews got Tatum to sign, he would not have been fired. Second, if Tatum came for just the 16-17 season, I don't think it would done any good. Teams would just doubled and tripled up on him and shut him down. It would have looked like that NCAA game when Hughes played UK with a far worse supporting cast. For the season we would had more wins then the previous 2 seasons but, at best, a NIT or CBI invite. Now if Tatum came for 17-18 season and TF was coach, I have to give that some thought.
  7. I maybe mistaken on this, but didn't Crews only get a twitter handle just last season?
  8. Too bad TF could not have been in the mix with this transfer: http://www.a10talk.com/vcu-in-the-mix-for-nebraska-transfer-andrew-white-iii/
  9. Happy to see we can be choosy.
  10. Good for Marque. Website is very well done. Nice to see our basketball player alums become entrepreneurs. Best of luck Marque, wish you success.
  11. I always liked this youtube on SLU. Too bad the two players featured bailed. Happy to see they trying to improve the image through media and the internet.
  12. Talking about crazy coaches with poor impulse control, I see Mike Rice, the old Rutgers coach, is back. He's coaching at the Patrick School. A prep school in Northern NJ. When the old St Patrick's HS closed it seems that parents of students got together and created this school and they hired Rice. Independent of the diocese or any religious order. The old St Patrick's was HS basketball powerhouse with several alum NBA players. No doubt they want to bring back the glory days of the past. I believe Rice signed several highly ranked players.
  13. Here is his bio: http://www.gofrogs.com/sports/m-baskbl/mtt/chris_tifft_810116.html Seemed he went when Dixon cleaned house. That's normal but this is demotion since he was an Asst at TCU. Looking at his playing history, he went to Columbia, an Ivy league school, to 3 Rivers. Interesting. Has a lot of JC HC coaching experience. I don't know if that experience is as valuable as it was 20 years ago with most players now needing either further basketball playing development and/or academic improvement going on to prep schools.
  14. Kyle Cassidy, better not let backhand hear that. maybe if we had a 'tied to the whipping post' HOF.
  15. Didn't Deane back in the 90s at Marquette have similar issues?